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Timeline showcase: Ten amazing online timeline designs

Updated 24th April 2023 | Tiki-Toki Editorial

You won't find any ugly PowerPoint timelines in this list. We have searched the web and can now present to you the ten most beautiful online timeline designs we could find.

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New feature: Game mode

10th May 2022 | Tiki-Toki Editorial

Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker's new game mode transforms your timeline into an engaging, interactive sorting game. Perfect for memorising the order of historical events.

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All about: Embedding your timeline

3rd March 2022| Tasha G

So you've created your amazing timeline on Tiki-Toki - now what? Put the timeline on your own website for your readers to enjoy, of course! That way your readers can view and interact with your timeline without ever leaving your website. Brilliant!

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All about: Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker's Bronze subscription

28th December 2021 | Tasha G

Tiki-Toki is an amazing tool for creating beautiful interactive timelines (if we do say so ourselves!). There is loads you can do with a free account, but there's even more you can do with a Bronze subscription.

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Overview: Just how interactive are timelines created using Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker

9th December 2020 | Tiki-Toki Editorial

Timelines created using Tiki-Toki are fully interactive experiences. Here, we explain what makes Tiki-Toki timelines the most interactive on the web.

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Featured timeline: El patrimoni català any a any (Catalan heritage year after year)

6th Oct 2020 | Tasha G

Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker is delighted to feature a timeline made by Sàpiens magazine showcasing one hundred important sites in Catalonia.

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Featured timeline: History of Weather Research

24th Feb 2020 | Tasha G

A beautiful and fascinating timeline all about the weather, and how modern weather forecasting developed, created by the World Meteorological Organization to mark the 20th anniversary of its World Weather Research Programme.

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Did you know how to: Link stories on Tiki-Toki timelines

8th Feb 2019 | Tasha G

We've had a few queries of late asking whether you can link stories on your Tiki-Toki timeline. Short answer: Yes, you can! For the full details, keep reading...

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Featured timeline: The Evolution of Genres

28th Sept 2018 | Tasha G

Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker is delighted to feature The Evolution of Genres: A Sideways Look at Literature. This lovely timeline is about the development of genres in fiction, set in the wider context of history, and was created by Ken Pelham as a companion to a book he is working on.

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Did you know how to: Find Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker tutorials

20th June 2018 | Alex K

We have made it easy to access Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker tutorials by compiling them into a useful list.

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Featured timeline: Rock the ARK

15th Nov 2017 | Tasha G

Tiki-Toki is delighted to feature the Rock the ARK timeline! It's a brilliant timeline all about the music scene in Knowsley, a region next to Liverpool in the UK.

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Featured timeline: Gifted Education

14th Sept 2017 | Tasha G

Tiki-Toki is pleased to feature a timeline all about the History of Gifted Education, just in time for the start of a new academic year! This timeline was created by Bonnie Cramond of the University of Georgia and her students.

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Did you know how to: Use images with Tiki-Toki

31st July 2017 | Tasha G

Images can really make your Tiki-Toki timeline shine! But how do you get the most out of your images? We've got some tips and tricks to share with you.

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Featured timeline: Personal Computers

23rd May 2017 | Tasha G

We've got a real gem of a timeline to feature this time, folks: all about the history of the personal computer! This well-researched and incredibly detailed timeline has a staggering amount of content, and includes lots of images and videos.

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Did you know how to: Use categories and tagging

29th Mar 2017 | Tasha G

You've created your fabulous Tiki-Toki timeline, but boy, does it have a lot of content. Perhaps a rather overwhelming amount of content... What can you do to make it more accessible for your readers? You can use categories and tagging to help organise it all, of course!

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Featured Timeline: History of Fish Creek

25th Jan 2017 | Tasha G

We're delighted to feature the History of Fish Creek timeline. It is a nicely-designed and informative timeline about the area surrounding Fish Creek, on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia, and was put together by Hilder Road State School parents.

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Featured Timeline: First World War - Kent & Medway

29th Nov 2016 | Tasha G

We have a truly spectacular timeline to share with you: First World War - Kent & Medway. It's strikingly simple in design, but the content is fascinating and painstakingly researched.

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Did you know how to: Use links on Tiki-Toki

4th Nov 2016 | Tasha G

Timelines are a great way to present information visually. However, there are many times when you might want to link to other places on the web so your viewers can explore things in more detail. The easiest way to do this is to put a URL in the 'Link' field on your story tab. You can also link to multiple sources by using some special formatting in either the timeline's 'About' field or a story's 'Extra Info' tab.

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Featured Timeline: Cambridge Literature Timeline

20th Jul 2016 | Tasha G

We present to you another great timeline created by one of our users. University of Cambridge's Faculty of English Library's Cambridge Literature Timeline is a brilliant example of what you can create using Tiki-Toki, full of great content and beautifully designed.

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Did you know how to: Use Tiki-Toki in the classroom

29th April 2016 | Tasha G

Using Tiki-Toki in the classroom can be rewarding for both you and your students, but how can you get the most out of the experience?

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Tiki-Toki News: Round up of new features

2nd Mar 2016 | Tasha G

We have launched a raft of new features, including autoplay, improved timeline printing, added Japanese support and updated our desktop apps with loads of the new features.

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Did you know how to: Use Tiki-Toki's new Spans feature

16th Feb 2016 | Tasha G

Have you been curious about Tiki-Toki's new spans functionality, but a bit hesitant to try it out? Fret no more! We will explain how it all works.

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Tiki-Toki News: Tags, spans and much more

20th Oct 2015 | Tasha G

It has been a long time since this blog was updated. This is not because we haven't had anything to report. Far from it, Tiki-Toki has undergone loads of improvements since we last posted.

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Tiki-Toki News: News and 2014 in review

30th Dec 2014 | Tasha G

Another year is drawing to a close - where did 2014 go? This is a perfect time for some reflection about the year past at Tiki-Toki, and to tell you about a couple of new features.

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Featured Timeline: From Symbian to Sailfish

26th Nov 2014 | Tasha G

We've got a fascinating timeline this month about the development of mobile operating systems - From Symbian to Sailfish: The Evolution of the Smartphone OS. It's not only the content that's interesting but also how the timeline was created.

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Did you know how to: Create the Tower of London 3d timeline

6th Nov 2014 | Tasha G

Ever wanted to know how we created our Tower of London 3d timeline? It's all explained here!

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Featured Timeline: Salmon River History, 1849-present

21st Oct 2014 | Tasha G

I'll admit it, at Tiki-Toki, we have a particular fondness for local history timelines, especially those with local/crowdsourced information and images. It is with pleasure that our featured timeline this month is the Salmon River History timeline put together by the Salmon River Restoration Council.

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Featured Timeline: Women mathematicians

23rd Sep 2014 | Tasha G

In honour of the start of another academic year, we are pleased to feature a timeline of women mathematicians. The timeline is part of an ongoing project being put together by Larry Riddle of Agnes Scott College.

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Did you know how to: Avoid clutter on a timeline

9th Sep 2014 | Tasha G

Everybody wants their timeline to be as beautiful as it can be. If you've got a lot of stories, however, it becomes more difficult because stories may overlap each other. This is especially the case with a timeline covering a wide span of time but which has a high concentration of events in a small space of time. So how do you structure the timeline so you've got all your great content visible? Here are a few tips to try!

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Featured Timeline: History of Pevensey

26th Aug 2014 | Tasha G

What should we do when a whole project is formed around making a timeline? Feature it, of course! This month we are delighted to feature the Pevensey timeline, which charts the English village's history from the Roman period to the modern day.

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Tiki-Toki News: Round up of new features

15th Aug 2014 | Tasha G

Even though the team behind Tiki-Toki recently launched a new product, we're still hard at work on Tiki-Toki! Since our last new features round up in May, we've introduced support for longer titles on 3d timelines, the ability to turn url hashing off and on, automatically displaying viewer controls for new timelines and Slovenian language support. We've been busy!

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Featured timeline: Adler & Gibb

25th Jun 2014 | Tasha G

We love theatre at Tiki-Toki! It is a particular pleasure therefore that our featured timeline this month is for the Royal Court Theatre's production of Adler & Gibb.

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Tiki-Toki videos: Getting started with Tiki-Toki

6th Jun 2014 | Tasha G

Ever wanted to use Tiki-Toki timelines but weren't sure how to get started? Check out our new video that walks you through the basics - signing up, creating a timeline, adding a story, image and video, and sharing your timeline. It also mentions our very useful FAQs and the blog (well, I couldn't not mention the blog now, could I?!).

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Timeline of the month: The Rich Coast Project

30th May 2014 | Tasha G

We are pleased to feature the Rich Coast Project's timeline this month. It is an excellent example of visualising and sharing a project plan using Tiki-Toki interactive timelines.

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Tiki-Toki News: Round up of new features

16th May 2014 | Tasha G

It's time for another round up of new features for Tiki-Toki! We've been working on mobile and touchscreen improvements, especially for the 3d view. Other changes include Turkish language support and disabling story lightboxes - keep reading to find out more!

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Timeline of the month: Irving Penn Timeline

24th Apr 2014 | Tasha G

The Irving Penn timeline created by the Art Institute of Chicago is everything a timeline should be - interesting, informative and gorgeous! Tiki-Toki is pleased to feature this lovely work.

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Did you know how to: Format dates, part 2

11th Apr 2014 | Tasha G

Ever wanted to customise the format of dates on your timeline? Now you can! As promised in an earlier blog post, this post is all about customised date formatting options.

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Timeline of the month: HCSS Nuclear Timeline

22nd Mar 2014 | Tasha G

The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) has put together a gorgeous and informative timeline about nuclear history, which Tiki-Toki is pleased to feature this month.

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Tiki-Toki News: Tiki-Toki in the classroom

12th Mar 2014 | Tasha G

We've got a special treat for all the teachers out there who use Tiki-Toki! Scott McAnally of Wade Hampton High School has kindly shared some of his insights on using Tiki-Toki and other resources in the classroom.

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Timeline of the month: New England Gravestones

27th Feb 2014 | Tasha G

We are pleased to feature a very unique timeline this month about New England Gravestones and the Iconography of Death which was created by Robin Ness of Brown University.

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Did you know how to: Format dates, part 1

14th Feb 2014 | Tasha G

If ever there was a meaty topic regarding timelines, this is it! We will cover the standard options for date formatting in this blog post. In a later blog post, we'll go over customised date formatting options.

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Timeline of the month: Open Badges in 2013

22nd Jan 2014 | Tasha G

The Mozilla Open Badges project created a lovely timeline about their work in 2013 which the Tiki-Toki team are proud to feature.

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Tiki-Toki News: Review of 2013

30th Dec 2013 | Tasha G

It's almost time to welcome the start of another year. In the spirit of saying good-bye to the old and welcoming the new, here's a brief review of Tiki-Toki over 2013.

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Timeline of the month: JFK Assassination Timeline

26th Nov 2013 | Tasha G

This month we feature a timeline painstakingly put together by the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza about the events leading up to and following JFK's assassination.

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New feature: Scrollable background image

15th Nov 2013 | Tasha G

You can now make the background image scroll with the timeline. Yes, you read that right - the background image can scroll! Check it out on the blog timeline and then read more here.

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Timeline of the month: Philharmonie de Paris

24th Oct 2013 | Tasha G

This month we are pleased to feature a beautiful timeline about the Philharmonie de Paris, which is due to open in 2015!

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Timeline of the month: Banned Books Week

23rd Sept 2013 | Tasha G

Every year, the American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom highlights challenges to library materials and free speech by celebrating Banned Books Week. They have also put together a timeline about banned books using Tiki-Toki.

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Do you know how to: Reposition images

2nd Sept 2013 | Tasha G

So you've started work on your fabulous timeline and it's all looking great. But then you notice that Aunt Mabel's famous pink beehive is getting cropped out of the image - what to do? Fret not, Tiki-Toki allows you to manually reposition story images, to avoid important bits - such as auntie's colourful hair do - from being hidden.

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Timeline of the month: 1913 Armory Show

19th Aug 2013 | Tasha G

On the centennial anniversary of the Armory Show, the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art have put together a fascinating timeline about the exhibition, which we are pleased to feature this month!

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Tiki-Toki News: Round up of new features

5th Aug 2013 | Tasha G

It's time for another round up of new features and Tiki-Toki news! Firstly, the new features: Tiki-Toki now works with DailyMotion videos and is more mobile device friendly. Secondly, the news: timelines can now be viewed in 3d and we have recently released Tiki-Toki Desktop, a downloadable Mac version of Tiki-Toki.

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Timeline of the month: Spiderweb Software

19th Jul 2013 | Tasha G

In the spirit of summertime fun, our timeline this month features the game releases from Spiderweb Software, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

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Tiki-Toki News: TikiToki Desktop for Macs

9th Jul 2013 | Tasha G

We are pleased to announce that TikiToki Desktop - a Mac OSX desktop version of our timeline software - is now available for download in the Mac App Store.

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Timeline of the month: The History of Existentialism

20th Jun 2013 | Tasha G

If you are interested in philosophy, then this month's timeline is well worth a look! Joe Sackmann has put together a timeline on the History of Existentialism.

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New feature: 3d timelines

6th Jun 2013 | Tasha G

We're really pleased to launch Tiki-Toki's 3d timeline view! Both new and existing timelines can now be viewed in 3d. What's more, you can customise how your timeline will appear in 3d to really make it shine!

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Do you know how to: Use the 'category bands' view

29h May 2013 | Tasha G

As promised in an earlier blog post, this post will be about getting the most out of the 'category band' view for your timeline. This view is really useful if you have lots of stories, or want to display some stories as events and others as duration.

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Timeline of the month: The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

14th May 2013 | Tasha G

We're really pleased to feature the Scholastic Art & Writing Award's timeline this month, and would like to congratulate them on their 90th anniversary!

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Timeline of the month: History of Rockets and Space Travel

16th Apr 2013 | Tasha G

This month's featured timeline is the educational and beautifully designed history of rockets and space travel, put together by Crank Publishing to tie in with their iOS app Junior Astronaut - Breaking through the space barrier.

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Do you know how to: Choose the best view for your timeline

2nd Apr 2013 | Tasha G

Tiki-Toki offers loads of options for customising the look of your timelines. Perhaps the most important is the 'view' option, which allows you to choose between four different ways of displaying a timeline: 'Standard', 'Category Bands', 'Coloured Stories' and 'Duration'. Here, we'll walk you through each of these options so you can pick the one that best meets your needs.

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Tiki-Toki News: Tiki-Toki's Second Anniversary

12th Mar 2013 | Tasha G

Today marks the second anniversary of Tiki-Toki's launch! As you can imagine, we're rather chuffed.

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Timeline of the month: History of Electronic Music

8th Mar 2013 | Tasha G

We've got another fascinating featured timeline this month: Matthew Davidson's timeline of Electronic Music.

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Do you know how to: Embed a timeline in PowerPoint

25th Feb 2013 | Tasha G

We are often asked whether it is possible to embed Tiki-Toki timelines into PowerPoint presentations. We did some digging and discovered that, yes, it is possible, thanks to a free PowerPoint plug-in.

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Timeline of the month: History of Transit in Los Angeles

11th Feb 2013 | Tasha G

This month we've got a real treat for all the transport buffs out there: our timeline of the month is the Metro Transportation Library and Archive's History of Transit in Los Angeles.

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Tiki-Toki News: Roundup of new features

25th Jan 2013 | Tasha G

We've got a whole host of new features to tell you about. First off, there's a bunch of new options for the category band view. You can now order the bands and set the size of each relative to the others. You can also change the story appearance for each band...

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Do you know how to: Set up and use viewer controls

18th Jan 2013 | Tasha G

It's a new year, and now's the time to get started on those New Year resolutions! Perhaps a few of you made a resolution to work on your timeline. Today's topic just might come in handy, as it's all about making it easier for your timeline's viewers.

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Timeline of the month: Crowdsourcing the Best Global Brands

31st Dec 2012 | Tasha G

Every month we showcase a timeline that has interesting content and makes good use of Tiki-Toki's features. This month we have a fantastic timeline by Yannig Roth - Crowdsourcing by World's Best Global Brands.

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Do you know how to: Add audio to your timeline

6th Dec 2012 | Tasha G

Tiki-Toki has loads of great features to help you create unique and attractive timelines. Some of these features are less well known than others. For example, I am sure you already knew that you could add images and videos to your stories but did you know that you can also embed audio? This can be really useful if you have recorded interviews or other audio files you'd like to share on your timeline.

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New features: Password-protection and lazy loading

26th Nov 2012 | Tasha G

The Tiki-Toki team are always hard at work behind the scenes improving the software and making things easier for our users. In future, we'll be covering some of that behind-the-scenes work in the blog. Today, we're pleased to announce the launch of two new features: password-protected timelines and lazy image loading!

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Timeline of the month: The Modernist Art Movement from India

16th Nov 2012 | Tasha G

To inaugurate Tiki-Toki's new blog, we'd like to kick-off what will hopefully become a monthly tradition: featuring one of the beautiful timelines created by our users. Since this is the first time we've done this, we've chosen this month's featured timeline ourselves, but in future months people can submit their own timelines to be featured (more on that below).

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