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Featured timeline: Personal Computers

23rd May 2017 | Tasha G

We've got a real gem of a timeline to feature this time, folks: all about the history of the personal computer! This well-researched and incredibly detailed timeline has a staggering amount of content, and includes lots of images and videos.

The idea for the timeline was developed by C. Gordon Bell, Sheridan Sinclaire-Bell and Victoria Rozycki, and fleshed out by Victoria. With over 200 entries, it traces the history and development of the personal computer, starting from the LINC in 1962 (used for biomedical research) through to the Power Mac G4 (discontinued in 2004).

By using the 'Categories' function on the viewer control panel in the bottom right of the timeline, you can display entries for a particular company. This is a great way to compare information, and see the changes of some companies (for example, Apple). You can also search for specific information by using the viewer control panel.

One thing I really enjoyed about this timeline are the videos, especially some of the old advertisements or informational videos. A video that stood out for me was the Xerox Star Professional Workstation Promotional on the Star 8010 'Dandelion' entry around 1981 - absolutely brilliant! Here we can see so many of the features still familiar to us: the inbox, folders, editing documents, even reference to a company network.

This timeline is a great resource, and provides fascinating reading and viewing. It's well worth taking the time to explore.

As ever, if you know of any timelines that should be featured in future, get in touch with us at blog@tiki-toki.com.

Thanks for reading!