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Tiki-Toki's free account lets you create a fully-functional timeline that you can share with friends and colleagues. Sign up .

Premium accounts

Our premium accounts allow you to make multiple timelines and embed them on your website. More info can be found .

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FAQs and Tutorials

Our FAQs page has useful information to help you get started. You can learn more about timeline maker software here.

Who uses Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker:


Tiki-Toki's multimedia timelines are a great way to share a company anniversary or milestone with customers and staff.


Organisations in the charity sector make extensive use of our timelines to highlight their achievements.


Timelines are an excellent educational tool for teaching pupils about history. Teachers love our timeline software.


For the legal profession, timelines can be the perfect way to track the often myriad events and people involved in a legal case.

Why use Tiki-Toki?

There are loads of timeline makers out there.
What's so special about Tiki-Toki's timeline maker?

  • Nothing to download

    Tiki-Toki works in your browser. Sign up for our free
    account and you can start creating a timeline now

  • Stunning 3d timelines

    Few other online timeline makers
    allow you to view your timelines in 3d

  • Include images and videos

    Tiki-Toki provides integration with
    YouTube and Vimeo for videos

  • Share timelines with anyone

    Each timeline you create has its own unique url
    that you can send to friends or colleagues

  • Colours and categories

    Tiki-Toki allows you to create different categories
    for stories (events) and colour code them

  • Customizable time spans

    Split your timeline into time periods
    each with their own color and background image

  • Group edit*

    Get your friends or colleagues
    to contribute to your timelines

  • Embed timelines on your site*

    Timelines created using Tiki-Toki can be
    embedded on your own website or blog

*Active premium accounts only

What can I do with Tiki-Toki?

The only limit is your imagination but the following may provide some inspiration

  • The life of a famous person

    Is there an artist or musician whose work you
    love? Why not create a timeline of their life

  • Corporate timeline

    An interactive online timeline is perfect
    for celebrating a company anniversary

  • History timelines

    Tiki-Toki is perfect for teachers and
    their pupils to explore key events in history

  • A personal diary

    Keep track of your thoughts over
    a period of time using Tiki-Toki

  • A history of your family

    You can even include your photo
    albums and videos in the timeline

  • Legal timelines

    Timelines could be used in court
    cases as a presentation tool

Can I see some timelines?

Take a look at these great timelines that have been created using Tiki-Toki

How can I sign up?

Enter your username, email, password and age, agree to our terms and conditions and click the sign-up button. That’s it. You’ll be creating your first timeline in no time.

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What accounts do you have?

We offer several types of account. Pick the one that best meets your needs.


Free account

Basic account that allows you to create a fully-functional timeline

  • Limited to one timeline
  • Multiple timeline views
  • Embed youtube and vimeo vids
  • Share timeline with others
  • Colour-code stories
  • Choose background image

Price: Free



Custom account for a teacher and his/her pupils

  • One silver account for teacher
  • 50 Bronze accounts for pupils
  • Embed timelines on your site
  • Share timelines with others
  • Group editing of timelines
  • No advertisements

Price: $150 a year


Bronze account

For individuals and small community groups only

  • Up to five timelines
  • Group editing of timelines
  • Embed timelines on your site
  • 5,000 monthly embeddable views
  • No advertisements
  • Access to new features

Price: $9.50 a month*


Silver account

Aimed at businesses and professional bloggers

  • Up to 25 timelines
  • Group editing of timelines
  • Embed timelines on your site
  • 20,000/month embeddable views
  • No advertisements
  • Access to new features

Price: $25.00 a month

To buy one of our premium accounts, firstly sign up for our free account using the form above. Please note that our accounts cannot be used commercially to create timelines for other companies. Digital/communications agencies wanting to create timelines for their clients should contact us at hello@tiki-toki.com. If you would like to pay for a full-year's subscription by invoice, please email us at hello@tiki-toki.com. *School and university students can buy the Bronze account for a reduced rate of $7.50 a month. Find out more here