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Featured timeline: El patrimoni català any a any (Catalan heritage year after year)

6th Oct 2020 | Tasha G

Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker is delighted to feature a timeline made by Sàpiens magazine showcasing one hundred important sites in Catalonia. Titled 'El patrimoni català any a any' in Catalan, it translates to 'Catalan heritage year after year', and includes sites spanning from 9000BC up to the present day. Below is an edited Q&A with Sàpiens about their timeline.

What is your organisation, and why are you making a timeline?

We are a monthly history magazine called ‘Sàpiens’. It’s based in Barcelona and published in Catalan, and was published for the first time in November 2002. The website, www.sapiens.cat, is the leading history website in Catalonia and is used by many teachers and students. We publish features related to history and recently we have been making many interactive features, like the timeline we have made with Toki-Toki. You can see some here.

What was the most interesting thing you learned researching your timeline?

The most challenging was to do the list of the 100 monuments and then find a date for each one. It’s easy to find the opening day or year of a twentieth century museum but it’s not so easy to find a verified date for a medieval castle, monastery or for a Roman site. That was really interesting and challenging.

Why did you choose Tiki-Toki for your timeline?

I use many interactive tools: Flourish, Storymap, Genial.ly, Timeline JS… I tried different interactive tools and I finally chose Tiki-Toki because it was the best one to navigate along time throughout the history of our heritage, and the best one to show the greatness of Catalan heritage. Besides, the 3D option is a really powerful way to show profoundness, both from a a visual and from an editorial point of view.

If you love the timeline, why not let Sàpiens know? You can find them on Twitter @sapienscat.

As ever, if you know of any timelines that should be featured in future, get in touch with us at blog@tiki-toki.com.

Thanks for reading!