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Timeline of the month: Open Badges in 2013

22nd Jan 2014 | Tasha G

The Tiki-Toki team is really pleased to feature the timeline made by the Open Badges team about their work in 2013.

Mozilla's Open Badges is a collaborative project designed to recognise learning and enable people to record and share their skills. You can find out more about the important work they do on the Open Badges website.

The timeline first came to our attention due to all the love the Open Badges project and their timeline were getting on Twitter. And we can see why! It's chock full of all the work they were doing in 2013 to reach out to and make a difference in communities and organisations across the world. Not to mention that it's a lovely-looking timeline, if we do say so ourselves.

But rather than us wittering on about it, go check out the timeline and Open Badges for yourself. We're grateful that Tiki-Toki could play a small role in their story, and wish them the best for 2014!

As ever, if you know of a timeline that should be featured, get in touch with us at blog@tiki-toki.com.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy exploring the timeline!