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Featured Timeline: Salmon River History, 1849-present

21st Oct 2014 | Tasha G

I'll admit it, at Tiki-Toki, we have a particular fondness for local history timelines, especially those with local/crowdsourced information and images. It is with pleasure that our featured timeline this month is the Salmon River History timeline put together by the Salmon River Restoration Council.

The Salmon River History timeline covers from 1849 to the present. The early part of the timeline focuses on the gold rush, and the interaction between the prospectors and Native American inhabitants. Later the timeline records the changing use of the region and the development of local communities. Altogether, it provides a fascinating look at how a particular part of the United States went from 'frontier' to the modern world in a relatively short space of time.

And of course, there are lots of great features on the timeline itself. We especially love the rich images and content - there are over 100 stories, many of which have multiple images! The timeline also makes great use of Tiki-Toki's categories to organise the stories (you can use the spanner/wrench in the lower right-hand corner to filter by category) and uses the equal spacing view to ensure none of the stories get buried.

All told, it's a great timeline and provides some fascinating stories (read about the first female fire lookout on story 53, or about Beat poet Lew Welch in story 73!). As ever, if you know of a timeline that should be featured, get in touch with us at blog@tiki-toki.com.

Thanks for reading!