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Tiki-Toki News: News and 2014 in review

30th Dec 2014 | Tasha G
Screenshot showing longer titles on Tiki-Toki 3d timelines

Another year is drawing to a close - where did 2014 go? This is a perfect time for some reflection about the year past at Tiki-Toki, and to tell you about a couple of new features.

First up, new features: Teachers can now remove all pupil accounts with the click of a button and can reset their pupils' passwords. This is great news for our teacher account holders and will make their lives easier. In the past, teachers would need to remove each pupil account individually, but now teachers can simply click the 'Remove all pupils' button on their pupil account list - done! Please note that removing a pupil account from a teacher account downgrades it to a free account. And if a pupil needs their password reset, the teacher can now use the 'Password' option on their pupil account list to reset the password rather than having to deal with email.

What else has changed this year? Tiki-Toki has seen lots of improvements and changes. We've made Tiki-Toki more mobile and touchscreen friendly, added support for longer titles on 3d timelines, and added Turkish and Slovenian to our list of supported languages, among many other things.

And of course there's been the great content we've added to the blog! We did some posts detailing all you could ever want to know about date formatting, plus some posts with tutorial videos such as 'Getting started with Tiki-Toki', 'Avoiding clutter' and 'Creating the Tower of London 3d timeline'. We've also featured some fabulous timelines this year, including the HCSS Nuclear timeline, the Art Institute of Chicago's Irving Penn timeline and the Royal Court Theatre's timeline for Adler and Gibb.

Now for the year ahead: we hope to have some exciting news very soon, so watch this space! We're always working on Tiki-Toki, adding and tweaking things to make it better. If you have any questions about the new features, or even have some suggestions for future changes, get in touch with us at blog@tiki-toki.com.

Thanks for reading!