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Timeline of the month: The Rich Coast Project

30th May 2014 | Tasha G

We are pleased to feature the Rich Coast Project's timeline this month. It is an excellent example of visualising and sharing a project plan using Tiki-Toki interactive timelines.

The Rich Coast Project is working with the Afro-descendent communities along the coast of Talamanca in Costa Rica who are facing challenges to their land and way of life. It aims to document and protect the community using storytelling, digital archiving and legal research.

The project is using Tiki-Toki timelines to visualise the project timescales. This allows them to communicate not only project plans and key events but also share media. They are using the duration view type so they can display both events that take place over a period of time (such as a period of fieldwork) and one-time events (such as someone joining the project team) clearly. Duration events are shown as a bar, whereas one-time events are shown as a coloured story panel.

We really like the end result, and encourage you to take a moment to explore the timeline and the project's website.

As ever, if you know of a timeline that should be featured in future, please get in touch with us at blog@tiki-toki.com. Thanks for reading!