JFK Assassination Timeline

In November 1963 President Kennedy, accompanied by his wife Jacqueline and Vice President Johnson and his wife, went on a five-city tour of Texas to boost his re-election bid and mend a rift in the Texas State Democratic Party.

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1917-05-29 09:45:00

John Fitzgerald Kennedy is Born

John Fitzgerald Kennedy is born in Brookline, Massachusetts to Joseph and Rose Kennedy.

1917-06-02 09:45:00

Childhood in Brookline, MA

JFK resides in Brookline, Massachusetts.

1927-09-02 09:45:00

Kennedy Family Moves

The Kennedy family moves to Riverdale, New York.

1929-07-28 09:45:00

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier is Born

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier is born in Southampton, New York to John and Janet Bouvier.

1930-06-02 09:45:00

Education: Canterbury School

JFK attends the Canterbury School in New Medford, Connecticut.

1931-09-02 09:45:00

Education: Choate School

JFK attends Choate School in Waterbury, Connecticut.

1935-11-21 08:00:00

Education: Princeton University

JFK enrolls at Princeton University but later drops out due to illness.

1936-01-02 09:45:00

Education: Harvard University

JFK begins classes at Harvard University.

1940-06-02 09:45:00

JFK Graduates Harvard

JFK graduates "cum laude" with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from Harvard.

1940-07-21 23:55:00

JFK's Thesis Becomes Best Seller

JFK's Harvard senior thesis "Appeasement in Munich" is formally published under the title "Why England Slept."

1940-09-02 09:45:00

Education: Stanford University

JFK enrolls at Stanford University's School of Business.

1941-05-26 23:50:00

JFK Leaves Stanford for South America

JFK leaves Stanford University to travel with his mother and sister to South America.

1941-09-26 23:50:00

JFK Joins the Navy

JFK enlists in the United States Navy.

1943-03-21 23:55:00

JFK Commands the PT-109

JFK is given command of a patrol torpedo boat, PT-109. He holds the rank of Lieutenant.

1943-08-02 09:45:00

PT-109 Collision

PT-109 collides with the Japanese destroyer "Amagiri" and sinks in the Pacific Ocean.

1944-06-11 07:15:00

JFK Awarded the Purple Heart

JFK is awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal and a Purple Heart for his actions while in command of PT-109.

1945-03-01 07:15:00

JFK Discharged from the Navy

JFK is released from U.S. Naval active duty due to physical disability and retires with the full rank of Lieutenant.

1945-11-22 08:45:00

JFK as a Journalist

JFK becomes a special correspondent for Hearst Newspapers, including the "Chicago Herald-American" and the "New York Journal-American."

1946-11-05 08:50:00

JFK Elected to U.S. House of Representatives

JFK is elected as the Democratic U.S. Representative from the Eleventh District in Massachusetts.

1952-11-05 08:50:00

JFK Elected to the U.S. Senate

JFK defeats Henry Cabot Lodge to become the U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

1953-09-12 08:50:00

JFK Marries Jacqueline Bouvier

At the age of 36, JFK marries 24 year-old Jacqueline Bouvier in Newport, Rhode Island.

1954-10-21 09:45:00

JFK Goes Into Surgery

JFK undergoes special surgery for a back injury he suffered while serving in the Navy.

1955-08-23 09:45:00

JFK Writes "Profiles In Courage"

JFK writes "Profiles in Courage" while recovering from a second back operation.

1956-06-23 09:45:00

JFK Awarded Honorary Degree

JFK receives honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from Harvard University.

1956-08-22 09:45:00

JFK Campaigns for Vice Presidency

Senator Kennedy campaigns unsuccessfully for the vice-presidential nomination.

1956-08-23 09:45:00

A Young Couple's Loss

The Kennedy's daughter, Arabella Kennedy, is stillborn.

1957-05-22 09:45:00

"Profiles In Courage" Wins Pulitzer Prize

"Profiles In Courage" is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for biography.

1957-11-27 09:45:00

First Daughter is Born

John and Jacqueline Kennedy's daughter, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, is born.

1958-11-04 09:45:00

JFK Wins Senate Re-Election

Senator Kennedy is re-elected to the U.S. Senate by 874,608 votes, the largest margin in Massachusetts history.

1960-01-02 09:45:00

JFK Enters the Presidential Race

Senator Kennedy announces his candidacy for President of the United States.

1960-07-15 09:45:00

JFK Accepts Democratic Party Nomination

JFK accepts the Democratic nomination for president in Los Angeles, California.

1960-09-11 12:30:00

JFK Campaigns in Texas

On a 3-day campaign trip, Senator Kennedy and Senator Lyndon Johnson tour the state of Texas to win votes.

1960-09-26 09:45:00

Kennedy-Nixon Debates

JFK participates in the first of four televised debates with Vice President Richard Nixon.

1960-11-08 09:45:00

JFK Wins Presidential Election

JFK is elected the 35th President of the United States. He is the youngest man elected President and the first Roman Catholic.

1960-11-25 15:30:00

First Son is Born

John and Jacqueline Kennedy's son, John F. Kennedy, Jr., is born.

1961-01-20 15:30:00

JFK's Inauguration

John F. Kennedy is officially sworn in as President of the United States.

1961-03-01 13:30:00

Peace Corps

President Kennedy signs an Executive Order establishing the Peace Corps.

1961-04-17 15:30:00

Bay of Pigs

The Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba begins.

1961-05-01 12:30:00

The Situation Room

Following the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, President Kennedy's National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy creates the Situation Room.

1961-05-11 15:30:00


President Kennedy authorizes the deployment of 400 U.S. Army Special Forces troops to Vietnam.

1961-05-25 12:32:00

President Kennedy Commits to Space Exploration

President Kennedy announces his commitment to further the nation's achievement in space exploration.

1961-06-03 12:30:00

Vienna Summit

President Kennedy meets with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna, Austria to discuss Cold War issues.

1961-12-14 12:32:00

Commission on the Status of Women

President Kennedy's Executive Order 10980 establishes the President's Commission on the Status of Women.

1962-01-01 12:30:00

Navy SEALs

The U.S. Navy's Sea, Air, and Land Teams, known as the Navy SEALS, are established by President Kennedy.

1962-02-14 12:32:00

Televised Tour of the White House

The First Lady hosts the first televised tour of the White House for CBS Television.

1962-09-12 15:30:00

Rice University Speech

President Kennedy delivers a speech at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

1962-09-30 15:30:00

Ole Miss Riots

President Kennedy federalizes the National Guard to protect the University of Mississippi's first African-American student, James Meredith.

1962-10-16 15:30:00

Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis and blockade occurs.

1962-11-20 15:15:00

Fair Housing Legislation

President Kennedy issues an executive order mandating an end to discrimination in housing.

1963-04-10 00:00:00

Assassination Attempt on Gen. Edwin A. Walker

Retired Major General Edwin A. Walker, a right-wing political activist, survives an assassination attempt.

JFK Assassination Timeline

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