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Featured Timeline: From Symbian to Sailfish

26th Nov 2014 | Tasha G

We've got a fascinating timeline this month about the development of mobile operating systems - From Symbian to Sailfish: The Evolution of the Smartphone OS. It's not only the content that's interesting but also how the timeline was created.

All the timeline content was created collaboratively in one session by the 'Inquiry in Mobile Technology' class taught by Dr Paul Cesarini at Bowling Green State University. At the end of 75 minutes, the class had 114 stories! Of course, it's not just the quantity that's impressive - the quality of the content is great too.

The timeline tracks key developments in the creation, implementation and evolution of 12 mobile operating systems. It starts with Symbian (or EPOC, as it was originally known) in 1998 and covers up to the present, with the number of events increasing steadily since the iPhone's release in 2007.

With that said, we'll leave you to explore the timeline - enjoy! If you know of any timelines that should be featured in future, get in touch with us at blog@tiki-toki.com.

Thanks for reading!