Villanova Singers History

Welcome to this digital interactive history of the Villanova Singers. Navigating is self explanatory. Be sure to click on events for more information, videos and audio (when available). The view defaults to 2D but if you really want a mind-blowing experience switch to 3D by clicking on the round "3d" button in the bottom left corner. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the rich and meaningful legacy of the Villanova Singers!

Special thanks to Bill Ippolito who without his multi-decade effort to locate, assemble and curate the 1,000s of materials displayed here, we'd have no record of the Singers storied history and accomplishments.

Spires 2005-06

Singers 1969-70


3rd semi-annual Legacy event took place on campus March 19-21, 2010

Spires 2007-08

Singers 1957-58

Spires 1968-69

Singing Valentines

Singing Valentines

Spires 2015-16

Spires 1970-71

Spires 1962-63

The first Spires

Spires 1980-81

Spires 1979-80

Villanova Spires Alumni Concert

Once every 4 years, the sun, moon, stars, and church spires all align to create an event so epic that even the Greater Great campaign does a double take. This was the Villanova Spires Alumni Concert of 2015! Current members joined forces with many of our alumni from the past decade in a performance of song, laughs, and general debauchery. Featured were many of the Spires' top hits from the past 10 years, as well as some of the current tunes from the current group.

Spires 2017-18

Harold Gill Reuschlein

Dean Reuschlein began a tradition of brotherhood in song that has grown to be one of the strongest, most active, most successful organizations on campus. Dean Reuschlein was known to say that he was "as proud of the Villanova Singers as I am of what the Law School has become."

Spires 1987-88

Spires 1986-87

Spires 2013-14

Spires 2012-13

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Spires 1964-65

Spires 1991-92


6th Legacy event took place at the Doubletree King of Prussia on April 1-3, 2016

Spires 2016-17

John Krystyniak

John Krystyniak assumed the helm of the Singers in June 2015. In his brief two years as Director John infused a new level of enthusiasm into the Brothers In Song and left an enduring impact on both the Singers musicality and spirit of Brotherhood.

Brian Meneely

Brian Meneely became the Singers' director in 1990; the 2011-2012 school year marked his 22nd and final season leading the group. Under his direction, the Singers performed such works as Faure's Requiem, Handel's Messiah, Brahms' Rhapsody for Contralto and Men's Chorus, Schubert's Mass in G, John Rutter's Gloria, and Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, as well as several arrangements by Meneely.

Spires 1976-77

Singers 1953-54

From the Yearbook: "The purpose of the Villanova Singers is to afford undergraduates the opportunity of participation in choral singing. It's activities include choir for chapel once weekly; music for special masses during Junior Week and Holy Week; repertoire of secular music for various public appearances throughout the year."

Spires 1966-67

Spires 1963-64

Singers 1991-92

Singers 1990-91

Spires 1967-68

Spires 1975-76

Spires 1985-86

Spires 1971-72

Spires 2006-07

Singers 1989-90

Singers 1987-88

Singers 1988-89

Spires 1996-97

Spires Go Acapella

Over the years, the Spires evolved from performing with guitars and bass to become an a cappella group. YouTube features many performances by the Spires; search for "Villanova Spires."

Singers 1958-59

From the Yearbook: One of the more active organizations on campus is the men's Glee club. Rehearsals and concert appearances occupy this group of 80 men from Septenber to May. This year, invitations were accepted to sing in New York and Camden in addition to the usual performances at Philadelphia colleges and academies.

Spires 1984-85

Spires 1973-74

Singers 1986-87

Nick Rinaldi, '56


Connie 'Moose' Urban, '56


Norma Fiss


Singers 1979-80

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