Ancient History Timeline Project-Prehistory

Eighth Grade Ancient History Scholars are each creating a time map across the ages. They will add to this timeline as they encounter new cultures, and will add iconic images to illustrate the information they have learned. They will be able to better understand cause and effect and influences of one culture on another. They will also be able to recognize events happening concurrently around the world. It is hoped they will gain perspective and understand the relevancy of the history they are studying.

The ancient history scholars have create two timelines to demonstrate their understanding of the ancient world, a Prehistory Timeline and a separate Ancient Civilizations Timeline. Please visit both!

12000 BC-09-01 00:00:00

Mesolithic Age (Middle Stone Age)

Shortest Stone Age Period - Ice Ages Ending

1600000 BC-09-19 14:56:53

Paleolithic Age (Old Stone Age(

Homo erectus - name means "Upright Man"

200000 BC-09-18 15:48:27


Hominids - Early homo sapiens

2500000 BC-09-19 14:51:14

Paleolithic Age Begins (Old Stone Age)

Hominids begin using stone tools. Probably Homo Habilis - name means "Man of Skill"

40000 BC-09-18 00:00:00


Hominids - Early homo sapiens

4000000 BC-09-18 15:29:35

First Hominids

*Australopithecines - early bipedal hominid *Mary Leakey finds bipedal footprints of australopithecines *Don Johanson finds Lucy

5300 BC-09-01 00:00:00

Metal working - Otzi

Otzi the Ice Man found with copper ax

8000 BC-09-01 00:00:00

Neolithic Age (New Stone Age)

Neolithic Revolution

Ancient History Timeline Project-Prehistory

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