200 Years of 'Oak Alley'

Oak Alley was established as a Sugar Cane Plantation: built on slavery, designed by wealth, serving White Gold. But its story did not begin when the mansion was built, or end with the Civil War. Here is a brief overview of the history and many people who impacted and were impacted by, this estate. ;xNLx;

1779-09-12 19:53:12

Revolutionary War: The Battle of Baton Rouge

1800-03-22 00:21:06

Jacques Telesphore Roman is born

1804-01-01 00:00:00

Haitian Revolution

1811-01-08 21:32:50

1811 Slave Uprising/German Coast Uprising

1816-06-07 19:24:20

Celina Pilie is Born

1820-06-21 10:28:51

Valcour Aime purchases the property

1828-02-16 00:00:00

Harriet ran away

On this day 21 year old Harriet decided she had enough of Sosthene Roman and took a chance on running away.

1828-07-14 00:00:00

Sam ran away from W. Patin plantation

A notice was submitted by Sosthene announcing that Sam, the blacksmith at Louise Patin’s plantation sought freedom.

1834-06-14 01:14:57

Jacques and Celina Marry

1835-08-16 04:33:59

Louise Josephine Roman is born

1836-04-01 00:00:00

Burial, name unknown

An unknown woman enslaved at Oak Alley was buried at St. James Parish Cemetery.

1836-05-19 21:32:23

Jacques Roman Acquires Oak Alley

1837-01-01 21:32:23

Jacques has mansion built

1837-02-02 06:16:32

Octavie Roman is Born

Marie Therese Octavie Roman, like all of the Roman children, was born in New Orleans.

1837-05-19 16:38:25

Zephyr Freed

On this day in 1837, a judge in the Parish of St. James granted freedom to Jacques Télesphore Roman's slave, Zephyr. The process was quite lengthy, and took months to complete. Zephyr had been brought to Oak Alley in 1836 with his wife, Zaire, and sons Antoine and Bacchus- the property of Jacques' late mother, Louise Patin. Documents were signed with the Sheriff's office in December, additional documentation was drawn up in January, and still the manumission was not completed until May.

1839-03-28 06:16:32

Henri Roman is Born

1840-09-30 00:00:00

Celeste was buried at St. James Parish cemetery

On September 30, 1840, Celeste was buried at St. James Parish cemetery. Her mother was Thalie, the plantation ‘sick nurse’. She was 8.

1843-04-20 04:32:38

Marie Roman is born

1846-11-01 01:19:10

Antoine grafts the first Commercial Pecan tree

1848-04-11 05:59:50

Jacques Telesphore Roman Dies

1849-03-13 00:00:00

Adonis was buried at St. James Parish Cemetery

Adonis was buried at St. James Parish Cemetery. He was a cart driver and teamsteer who worked on Louise Patin’s plantation before being brought to Oak Alley by J.T. Roman.

1853-01-01 03:48:52

Yellow Fever/Cholera Epidemic

1855-02-09 01:30:57

John Williams flees plantation

12 year old John William escaped Alfred Roman and made it as far as St. John the Baptist Parish before he was captured.

1859-05-01 08:22:40

Henri takes control of Oak Alley

1860-07-21 08:22:40

Henri marries Therese Bouligny

1861-04-12 08:22:40

The Civil War Begins

1862-04-28 01:35:08

New Orleans Falls to the Union

1863-01-01 01:35:08

Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation

1865-05-09 01:35:08

Civil War Ends

1866-03-14 01:35:08

Celina Dies in New Orleans

March 14 1866 - Celina Roman died from pneumonia at her residence in New Orleans, at the age of 50.

1866-12-15 01:30:57

Oak Alley sold at auction to John Armstrong

1867-01-01 01:30:57

Valcour Aime Dies

On New Year's Day in 1867 at 3:30 a.m., Valcour Aime died at the age of 69.

1867-02-16 01:30:57

Octavie Dies in New Orleans

Marie Therese “Octavie” Roman Buchanan, second daughter of Jacques & Celina Roman died on February 16, 1867 at just 30 years of age, at 198 North Rampart Street in New Orleans.

1868-09-15 01:30:57

Louise joins the Carmelites

1872-02-27 00:00:00

Andrew Stewart Born

Andrew Stewart was born in New Orleans on February 17, 1872. His father, Andrew Stewart, Sr. was born in Straitaine, Ireland on September 26, 1827.

1882-03-21 01:30:57

A. Sobral buys Oak Alley

1889-02-05 01:30:57

Julia Katherine Armstrong Kaufmann born

Julia Katherine Armstrong Kaufmann, sister of Oak Alley's last resident owner Josephine Armstrong Stewart, was born on this day in 1889.

1891-01-01 12:44:28

The Fietels

Moritz "Morris" Feitel was a 50/50 partner in Oak Alley with A.M Sobrol.

1895-07-19 01:30:57

Louise dies in New Orleans

1905-01-28 01:30:57

Henri Dies in New Orleans

1905-02-03 01:30:57

Pittman & Hotard buy Oak Alley

1911-01-20 01:30:57

E Rosenberg buys Oak Alley

1917-12-28 01:30:57

J.D Hardin Jr. buys Oak Alley

1924-04-19 01:30:57

Hardins turn over Oak Alley to Whitney Bank

1925-06-04 14:59:44

Alice Teplitz buys Oak Alley from Whitney Bank

1925-07-22 01:30:57

Andrew Stewart purchases Oak Alley

1946-10-28 01:30:57

Death of Andrew Stewart

Passed away and buried at Oak Alley.

1966-11-30 01:30:57

Oak Alley Foundation is Established

1972-10-03 01:30:57

Mrs. Stewart dies at Oak Alley

1978-10-01 00:00:00


To be designated as a National Historic Landmark, you must be a nationally significant historic place in the USA, which has been designated by the Secretary of the Interior as having 'exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States.' Less than 2,500 historic places are National Historic Landmarks. Oak Alley was designated in 1978.


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