Royal Faberge and Radical Russia

This timeline provides the key moments linking Russian, British and wider European history providing context for these two contrasting exhibitions.

Russia entries are highlighted in RED;xNLx;;xNLx;Fabergé and Sandringham entries are highlighted in GREEN;xNLx;;xNLx;British/ world contextual events are highlighted in BLUE

October Revolution

Weakened by rapid inflation, political opposition and war losses, the Provisional Government narrowly survives a military coup in August. Lenin orchestrates the seizure of critical centres of power on October 25th by armed Bolsheviks in what they proclaim as the October Revolution.

Alexandra and Maria Feodorovna at Sandringham

Alexandra and Maria Feodorovna are together at Sandringham when war breaks out. With Russia and Britain joining forces against Germany, the dowager empress says, “My life’s work is complete”.

Rasputin murdered

In December, the key Romanov confidant Grigorii Rasputin is murdered in Petrograd by nobles concerned about his influence.

First World War ends

In November, an armistice between the Allies and Germany ends the First World War.

Suffrage in Britain

In December, suffrage is extended to all adult men and to women over 30 in Britain .

Civil War erupts

Civil War erupts between the Bolsheviks’ Red Army (led by Leon Trotsky) and their opponents, the Whites, a loose coalition of anti-Bolshevik forces scattered across Russia. In July, Nicholas II, his wife and children are murdered in Ekaterinburg by the Bolsheviks.

Danish Princesses Alexandra and Dagmar

Danish Princesses Alexandra and Dagmar, who will become the British and Russian consorts, will be enemies of the new German state

Tsar Alexander III accedes to the Russian throne

Tsar Alexander III, as a result of his father’s assassination by political terrorists, accedes to the Russian throne and sets about returning Russia to absolutist rule.

Russo-Japanese war

The Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905) causes Fabergé to suspend production of imperial Easter eggs for two years

Funeral of Kazimir Malevich

The funeral of Kazimir Malevich, accompanied by a suprematist procession, brings a symbolic end to the avant-garde in Russian art .

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