Our Lads - heroes of Heigham

This timeline takes you through the major local, regional and international events of WW1.

The children of Wensum Junior School prepared all the content for this timeline during the summer term of 2017. A small group of children worked through the autumn of 2017 to get all the information onto the interactive timeline. Thanks to Miss Lewis, Mr Hubery, Mr Wickens and Mr Storey who worked behind the scenes as 'editors in chief' to check for errors (of which there were very few!). Thanks to all involved - you truly 'worked as historians';xNLx;;xNLx;The background to the timeline is a map of Heigham and locates with a red dot the homes of the men who fell, month by month, through the war. Thanks to the National Library of Scotland who created the map to our specifications, and the Archive Centre in Norwich who provided invaluable help in understanding the layout of the area 100 years ago.

Private Alfred John Farrow

Died on this day.

Lance Corporal Archibald Henry Gilbert

Died on this day

8th Service Battalion

8th Service Battalion, Norfolk Regiment set off to France from Folkestone.

Private Herbert Francis Browne

Died on this day.

Private Henry William Middleton

Died on this day

Recruitment surge

On August 31, there was a recruitment surge in the Norfolk, Norwich in the market place area. By Hana

Private Harry Frank Impson

Died on this day.

Private Herbert George Blackburn

Died on this day

Peace Day celebrated

Ernie Seaman wins his VC

Holiday to celebrate the armistice

Holiday to celebrate the signing of the Armistice.

Arthur Cross wins his VC

Battle of Gaza

Lieut. Gordon Flowerdew wins his VC

Only Norfolk Regiment VC of WW1 won on this day

Wilfred Edwards wins his VC

Second Battle of Arras

Enter story info here

First day of the Battle of the Somme

Enter story info here

Private George John Green

Died on this day.

Driver Bertie James Earley

Died on this day.

Norfolk's most decorated war hero

First major gas attack of the First World War

Enter story info here

Private George Naven

Died on this day.

Private John Moore

Died on this day.

Heavy rain forces early closure

A very heavy downpour of rain just before 2 o'clock resulted in the majority of the children coming into school almost wet through and altho attempts were made to take off the soaked garments and boots it was found to be impossible to keep the children in school.

German Zeppelin L48 shot down

On the 17th of June 1917, the German Zeppelin L48 got shot down.

Private Fredrick Kett

Died on this day.

School closed for Whitsun and Empire Day celebrations

First Norfolk Regiment in action

On the 24th of August, the first Norfolk regiment fought in the Battle of Mons.

First Flamethrower

First Flamethrower ever used in war.

LEA updates air raid instructions for schools

Private George Edward Drake

Died on this day.

Private William A. Goffin

Died on this day

School holiday

Holiday to celebrate the signing of the armistice. Percentage for week 76.2.

Children visit Woodland Park

The children have been able to visit Woodlands Park. Every day this week each class in twice for the purpose of observation and language training.

First Battle of Ypres

The First battle of Ypres starts.

Edith Cavell arrested

Edith Cavell is arrested by the Germans.

Private Horace Ernest Browne

Died on this day.

The Lusitania

The Lusitania gets hit by German torpedo.

Sidney Day wins his VC

Miss Gurney attends mother's funeral

Miss Gurney still absent owning to the death of her mother, the funeral taking place today.

Children work outdoors this week

The classes in turn have been able to work part of each day out of doors this week. Percentage 89.1.

Trainee teachers join the school

Four students from the training college commenced practice in this school. They will remain for two weeks.

School closed for Midsummer Holiday

School closed today for the Midsummer Holiday.

Trainee teachers finish their placement

15 cases of mumps announced

Attendance affected by outbreak of mumps

Enter story info here

Attendance drops to 73.1% due to mumps epidemic

Private Walter Barnes

Died on this day.

Cruises sink

This was when submarines sank a cruise.

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