Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House History

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1950-02-16 06:04:18

Cedar Cottage Boys Club

5 fathers start the Cedar Cottage Boys Club. 75 boys show up on the first night in a field house on the Selkirk School grounds. They rented the space for 50 cents a night. Fathers names: Mr. Casey Jones (president) George Simmons Bob Frezell Charlie Whitworth.

1951-10-27 00:00:00

Award Winning Activities

A variety of activities were offered: woodwork, leather, shell and copper craft, radio, photography, lampshade making, sewing and a variety of sports. Each activity group had its own adult volunteer leader.

1952-01-18 05:18:46

Cedar Cottage Youth Club

Girls are invited to join in the activities and the Club changes its name from Cedar Cottage Boy Club to Cedar Cottage Youth Club.

1953-08-27 06:51:35

Cedar Cottage at the P.N.E.

Another Pacific National Exhibit

1954-06-23 07:34:50

Too many youth?

By 1953 there were 16 men and women on the board of the CCYC. But by 1954, the volume of youth in the club was so large that it was becoming difficult for the volunteer parents in the area.

1960-08-14 02:05:01

Youth Club becomes a Neighbourhood House

In 1960,Cedar Cottage Youth Club officially became the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House. The first E.D. of the neighbourhood House was Mrs. Pat Buckley.

1962-03-14 23:57:19

Youth in the early days of CCNH

Here the youth are gathered outside of the Lord Selkirk school. Cedar cottage Neighbourhood House is still operating out of 4030 Welwyn St. ; a manual training building on located on the school grounds. Youth, during these early times at CCNH, would be involved in...

1963-10-21 16:23:02

Amalgamation sought with Grandview Community Centre

Cedar Cottage seeks a new home. As the Grandview Community Association makes plans with the Parks Board to build a community Centre. CCNH proposes an amalgamation.

1963-12-17 15:17:25

Denied amalgamation with The Grandview Community Centre

The Grandview Community Association rejects Cedar Cottage's proposal to amalgamate.

1965-01-30 00:00:00

CCNH struggles getting New Building

In 1965 Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House acquired funds for its new building. Plans were underway until the first of many barriers were met...

1965-09-07 15:17:25

The Woodland Park Boys Study; How CCNH participated in the founding of the Britannia Centre

From 1964 to 1966, Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House coordinated the Woodland Park Boys program. The boys were referred to the program for social adjustment needs. What was learned from working with these boys contributed one of the earliest studies of the Grandview woodlands area.

1966-10-27 09:51:36

Shift From Recreational Programming to Social Adjustment Services

In 1966, the board decides to make a big shift in programming. A new Executive Director also starts his term. His name is Doug Slight.

1967-09-15 00:00:00

A brand new building for Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House!

After two years of waiting, the new building is finally open!

1968-01-01 20:17:06

Daycare starts at Cedar Cottage

CCNH began offering daycare in 1968, shortly after moving into the brand new building on Victoria Drive. Daycare services have grown over the years to meet the many changing needs of families in the area. In the 70s Daycare expanded to accommodate two groups of 20 children. This growth was overseen by staff as well as a group of parents who acted as an advisory board to the daycare. In 1973, CCNH daycare started providing care for children with special needs. In 1975, regular daycare services were moved to Nanook Daycare on Broadway and Clark.

1971-04-05 20:17:06

Adult Day Program Begins!

1971-07-17 02:09:25

The "Latch Key Program" starts

Before it was called Out of School Care, the "Latch Key" program was started to ensure that kids in the neighbourhood received care after school while their parents worked.

1974-07-17 02:09:25

Breakfast Program Begins

The breakfast program was started at Cedar Cottage by Verna Mooney. It was one of the earliest breakfast programs in the city, modelled after the head start program in the states.

1976-01-01 20:17:06

A preschool with a purpose

It was in 1976, that Verna Mooney worked with a group of parents to start the Cedar Cottage nursery school fashioned after the Head start concept. The reason for the agency re-entering the preschool field after discontiuing the provision of preschool Day Care services in 1974, was this concern over the identifed need for some type of Head-start program for the younsters in this community. This program was not just about breakfast though, it was about working to serve the Cedar Cottage Community...

1976-07-03 21:21:18

Leadership Program run by Dave Stevens Begins at CCNH

Dave Stevens develops a leadership program based on working with youth and teaching outdoors skills. It has been the starting point of lifetime friendships for many youth who grew up in the Kensington- Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood.

1977-07-03 21:21:18

The Sunny Hill Children's Program

From 1977 to 1985 Cedar Cottage opened its doors on Tuesday evenings and in the summertime to children who had been spending most of their days at the Sunny Hill Children's Hospital.

1978-03-13 13:43:00

The Cedar Cottage of the 70s!

Watch this video clip to see what Cedar Cottage looked like and sounded like in the 1970s.

1980-02-17 06:17:55

Indigenous Cultural programming begins at CCNH

In 1980, CCNH received the funds to hire a cultural worker to begin programming for the Indigenous community in the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood. Many of these programs started off with artists teaching traditional crafts.

1982-02-17 06:17:55

Henry McKay teaches drum Making at CCNH

Henry McKay started teaching drum making at CCNH in 1982

1984-02-12 06:44:49

First Lunar New Year Celebration!

Lunar New Year has been taking place at CCNH since 1984!

1985-01-11 05:54:33

Native Family Night starts at CCNH

Native Family Night was started by cultural worker Laverne Williams at CCNH. It began as a place for families to gather and share Bannock and jam with some coffee and tea.

1985-05-11 05:54:33

Wally Awasis and Arrows to Freedom

Wally Awasis arrived at Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House to check out the family night. When he arrived he noticed parents relaxing and kids dancing "to a tape recorder." He decided to bring his drum and some of his brothers along.

1985-05-11 05:54:33

The Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House Mother's Day Pow Wow

This traditional intertribal Pow Wow was the first of its kind to be accessible to the Urban Native Community in Vancouver.

1990-04-01 20:17:06

Chocolate Easter Eggs!!!

Under the leadership of Maria Couto, the seniors gather an abundance of chocolate eggs from local chocolate shops and create a Easter egg hunt for hundreds of CCNH children.

1994-09-17 00:42:28

Doug Slight Retires, Donna Chang begins as E.D.

After Serving CCNH as E.D. for 27 years, Doug Slight retires! Here he is pictured with long-time neighborhood House member Alice. Donna Chang begins her term as Executive Director of CCNH.

1997-11-01 10:30:54

Diwali Celebration at CCNH

Diwali celebrations came out of discussions for more multicultural programming in the 1990s.

2004-09-30 19:02:43

Governor General of Canada Visits CCNH

Photo Credit: Alice

2010-02-12 00:00:00

CCNH Cheers on the Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch passes right in front of CCNH along Victoria Dr. CCNH youth were involved in setting up a "Community Living Room" to watch the games.

2010-12-16 02:00:51

CCNH works with Selkirk to get a new playground

On the eve of Selkirk's 100th anniversary, the school receives a new playground! The school's existing playground equipment was dated and rotting and was to be removed by the Vancouver School Board. The provincial government no longer provided funds to school districts for new playgrounds, leaving the responsibility to the parents. "Selkirk's parent advisory committee teamed up with Cedar Cottage Neighborhood House...to summit their proposal to insurance company Aviva" for an Aviva Community fund.

2014-07-10 10:18:15

Tang Chum Turns 100!

Alice had asked the Chinese painting teacher at CCNH to create this beautiful artwork to celebrate Tang Chum 100th birthday! It was the first time a senior turned 100 at CCNH. The painting represents long life. Many of his relatives from China came to celebrate and so did the Providence Maitreya Buddhy Missionary Temple.

2015-05-30 10:00:00

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House 23rd annual carnival

The Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House Carnival is the largest fundraiser of the year and has been happening ever since 1992. The celebration that pulls together all the Neighbourhood House program, is supported by over a hundred local businesses and invites the whole community to partake in the festivities. Videos Curtesy of Khristine Carino

2016-02-01 00:00:00

Lunar New Year 2016

Take a look at the 32nd Lunar New Year Celebration at Cedar Cottage Here! Video Curtesy of Khristine Carino

2017-09-28 06:04:18

Canning for the Salmon Caravan

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2017-10-19 18:12:04

Gifts for Larry!

Larry has been working with Cedar Cottage for 11 years. He picks up seniors and children from the neighbourhood and transports them to and from Cedar Cottage programs! His bus is full of wonderful pictures. Click on "Find out more" to learn about this local moving art exhibit and the man and kids who created it.

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House History

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