PGOLID 25th Anniversary

Curly-Leaf pondweed Reducation

Confirmation of significant density reduction in curly leaf since the treatment program began in 2005.

Calcium Levels Tested

Calcium levels in the lakes are being monitored to determine how suitable the lake is to zebra mussels. Zebra mussels need a certain level (over 25 mg/L) calcium to form their shells.

Speed Limits

PGOLID contacted the sheriff's office in order to lower the speed limit on County Road 9 due to concerns about speeding.

Walleye Watch

PGOLID contacted the DNR to erect signs to prevent fishermen from keeping undersized walleyes.

Tent Caterpillars

Arial Spraying for tent Caterpillars was completed since worms have been sighted at several beaches.

COLA Representation

Mike Ostbye was appointed to be the Otter Tail County COLA representative for Pelican Lake.

Blybergs Point Development

There was a petition concerning the property on Bass Lake known as Blybergs point. An environmental impact study is required before the development of the property can take place.

Start of Lake Monitoring

The board worked with Jack Fredrick from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to get volunteers in place to monitor the lake's water quality.

First PGOLID Concerns Discussed

The Minnesota Fish and Wildlife Officials stated that Flowering Rush, Eurasian Milfoil, and Purple Loose strife are the main concerns for PGOLID, as well as nutrient levels, lawn fertilizers, and septic tanks.

Buoy Program

36 buoys are in place, 8 are in storage.

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