The Room installation

Art installation

"The Room" is a small format installation that combines video, sound and body language.;xNLx;The atmosphere merges with the projections, sound and body language of the actress.;xNLx;Creating a climate where the expression further texturizes the projected colors.;xNLx;The Room is a multidisciplinary work, it is a constant exploration where image, sound and movement are combined.;xNLx;

The Room (Private event)

The first presentation of The Room in Barcelona , Spain.

The Room sound

I'm Sharing a track on The Room Archive. The Room for "En La Tierra De Nod"

The Room Vimeo

Follow The Room on Vimeo

The Room Tumblr

Follow on Tumblr

New Sounds

New sounds of The Room

The Room Archive

The Room on the Internet Archive. Several archives related to this work and other attachments to different projects.

The Room Sound Test

Several tests of sound

New The Room Sound

New section where you can get some sounds "The Room" with a small collaboration.

The Room Sound

Opening of The Room installation sound on Soundcloud.

The Room - Matter and Energy

Video and sound promo

The Room - visual and sound test

Several sound and video tests.

The Room Test

Several tests related to video and lighting.


Making TR video

The Room - visual and sound test

Several video and sound tests.

The Room for Elle Van Tok

Short The Room installation for Elle Van Tok event. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

New The Room Timeline

Making the new timeline

The Room - visual test

Several tests of visual projection.

The Room - visual and sound test

Several tests of video and sound.

The Room - visual test

Several tests of visual effects and projections.

The Room for Ulterior event

Short The Room installation for Ulterior event - by Saba Khandroma. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Room (El Oceanario Club Cultural)

The Room presentation in Buenos Aires, Argentina - El Oceanario Club Cultural

The Room (Espacio Kabuki) Buenos Aires

The Room - Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kabuki Space

The Room in Barcelona

The Room it's now in Barcelona

The Room(La Lunares) Buenos Aires

First presentation of The Room in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

THE ROOM | Event

THE ROOM abre sus puertas en Barcelona los días 27 y 28 de este mes de enero a las 20h. La cita es en la sala ORACLES · Teatre/Studio | Carrer de Tapioles, 12, Poble-sec, Barcelona. Taquilla inversa: En esta ocasión podéis colaborar con el importe que queráis al finalizar la función. Como siempre os espero y disfrutad de este especial momento THE ROOM. THE ROOM opens its doors in Barcelona on the 27th and 28th of this month of January at 8pm. The appointment is in the ORACLES · Theatre/Studio | Carrer de Tapioles, 12, Poble-sec, Barcelona. Reverse ticket office: In this occasion you can collaborate with the amount you want at the end of the function. As always I wait for you and enjoy this special moment THE ROOM.

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