Frederick The Great Of Prussia

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Frederick The Great Was Born

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Frederick's Family

Frederick was born in a Calvinist and royal family.He lived with 12 siblings, his mother and his father Frederick William I,also known as the "Soldier King" was the king of Prussia.

1716-04-22 11:02:59

Frederick The Great Joins The Army

Frederick was forced into joining the army by his dad at an early age. He showed potential and quickly rose up ranks in the Prussian army.

1740-09-16 18:33:52

Frederick the Great and Voltaire

Frederick The Great was a big fan of Voltaire and the fact that he was fearless of saying his opinion. The couple became friends and wrote to each other on a daily basis, but after a four year stay Voltaire started engaging in multiple shady financial situations and started making fun of Frederick's poems. Eventually he got kicked out of Prussia

1742-09-28 05:51:18

Frederick's Quote

“The greatest and noblest pleasure which men can have in this world is to discover new truths; and the next is to shake off old prejudices.” - Frederick The Great Through this quote Frederick emphasizes the importance of keeping an open mind.

1757-04-25 18:26:28

The Seven Years War

In 1757, Prussia started a series military campaigns with the purpose of expanding the Prussian empire.

1772-08-15 07:05:24

Partition Of Poland

In 1772, Frederick The Great developed the most important foreign policy of his 46 year reign. This foreign policy benefited Prussia in many ways: It increased Prussia's territory, and, it allowed the Prussian empire to build more defensive frontiers

1787-10-10 11:31:52


- 180.000 men died in Germany in Silesia, the Eastern region of the Prussian empire during a battle - Frederick The Great ruled for 46 years

1789-04-01 21:19:20


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1789-05-09 21:19:20

Did you know?

Frederick the Great’s father, Frederick William I, was a closed minded ruler, who ruled using fear and had interest in war and the army, therefore when he found out that his son had interest in painting and acting and other activities that didn’t involve war or army he beat him. After the beating they barely saw each other therefore Frederick The Great was planning to go the Netherlands and managed to convince a guard into helping him. When his father,Frederick William I,found out, he ordered that the guard should be put to death and almost put his own son to death too.

1789-08-17 21:19:20

Frederick's Death

Frederick The Great died of unknown causes in modern day city of Potsdam

1789-08-17 21:19:20

Frederick's Legacy

Frederick The Great was Prussia's third king and will always be remembered for his dedication and care towards the arts. His passion for the arts showed was clear at a very young age.

Frederick The Great Of Prussia

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