Marilynne Robinson

1856-06-16 06:14:55

John Brown in Gilead

In Gilead (2004) Rev. Ames remembers his grandfather's loud conversations with Jesus in the family parlor. He also recalls family lore which maintains that his grandfather sheltered John Brown and his gang when they were on the lam after violent attacks on slaveowners. The attack brought bloody reprisals from vigilante slaveowners. The "Bleeding Kansas" crisis resulted from the Kansas-Nebraska Act directive that popular sovereignty would determine whether the territories entered the Union as slave or free states.

1878-06-01 20:06:20

Rev. Ames' Siblings Die

His brother John and his sister both die in an influenza epidemic. His older brother Robert, who survived, will refer to him as "Second John".

1880-11-03 10:54:44

Rev. Ames is Born

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1922-04-01 17:38:54

Lila is Born

Lila tries to remember her mother in this passage

1926-03-20 07:13:11

Doll Picks Up Lila

Lila, a girl who looks to be four or five, has been deposited in a migrant house, and woman named Doll steals her, and brings her to another house to take care of Lila.

1926-03-21 05:21:43

Doll and Lila's Month in the Woman's House

Lila and Doll stay with the old woman who cares for them for a month while Lila recuperates from a fever

1926-06-01 09:35:34

Lila and Doll Join Doane's People

Doll and Lila meet Doane and his wife Marcell, two migrant workers who travel in pack of other poor white workers. The couple and the others of the group become like family to Lila and Doll.

1929-10-24 14:07:51

Stock Market Crash

October 24, 1929: Stock Market Crash begins the Great Depression.

1931-03-21 05:21:43

Lila Attends School

Doll takes a job in Tammany, Iowa so Lila, at age 10, can attend school for about a year. They are forced to leave town abruptly when Doll sees someone from her past.

1932-08-03 14:07:51

Lila and Doll's Bad Tmes Hit

"Their own bad times started when the mule died, two years or so before everyone else started getting poorer and the wind turned dirty" (15)

1934-05-09 08:31:43

Dust Bowl Storms Hit Great Plains

Beginning on May 9, 1934, a strong, two-day dust storm removed massive amounts of Great Plains topsoil in one of the worst such storms of the Dust Bowl. (Wikipedia)

1934-06-01 00:00:00

Lila and Doll Separate from Doane's People

Due to the breakage of a wagon and the hard times delivered by the stock market crash, Doll and Lila separate from the group, causing their ultimate economic downfall

1937-05-27 10:52:55

Doll Sends Lila Off to Live on Her Own

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1938-05-27 10:52:55

Doll Gets Into A Knife Fight and Kills a Man

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1938-06-27 10:52:55

Lila Goes To Work in a Brothel in St. Louis

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1941-12-07 03:15:31

Pearl Harbor Attacked.

Lila mentions the American Women Pilots who piloted aircraft across the ocean during World War Two.

1944-08-02 15:06:05

Lila Leaves the Brothel in St. Louis

Lila leaves the brothel in St. Louis and finds work cleaning rooms in a hotel.

1947-05-25 03:31:46

Lila Wanders Into Rev. Ames Church

Lila wandered into Rev. Ames' church on the Sunday of the Pentecost, May 25th in 1947

1947-09-15 22:56:15

Lila Is Baptized

Lila undergoes a baptism in order to feel more connected to her faith and rid of the confusion experiences of her childhood. However, the baptism does not disconnect her from her path and she feels the same, even worse after the event

1947-10-13 17:56:01

Lila and Rev. Ames Are Married

Lila and Rev. Ames are married in Rev. Boughton's living room.

1948-05-13 15:58:46

Lila Realizes She Is Pregnant

Lila realizes she is pregnant after six months of marriage to Reverend Ames

1948-11-10 02:26:57

Lila Finds A Runaway at the Cabin

Lila walks out to the cabin to find the money she has saved in a jar, but she finds instead a runaway living there and listens to his story.

1949-03-10 14:33:56

Lila Gives Birth to a Boy Named Robert

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1955-12-05 12:41:27

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Rev. Ames will die later this year.

Marilynne Robinson

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