Ludwig Beethoven

1770-12-17 10:10:42

Beeethoven was born

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1775-01-01 10:10:42

Beethoven's family

Beethoven had two younger brothers. Caspar, who was born in 1774, and Johann who was born in 1776. During the times between his brothers births, Beethoven’s father taught him how to play music. His father was very brutal when teaching him how to play the piano. Many neighbours have given accounts on how they remember a little boy crying and his father beating him for every wrong note.

1781-01-01 09:44:13

His first music

Every day, Ludwig Beethoven would be locked in a cellar, deprived of sleep so that he could excel at playing the piano. At the age of 10 Beethoven left school as he said “Music comes to me more readily than words”. He then went to study music full-time and at the age of 12 he published his first composition.

1787-01-01 09:44:13

Beethoven and Mozart

After his father became even more alcohol dependent and was unable to sustain his family, Ludwig Beethoven took over for the family. The court allowed this and later on sent him to Vienna to hopefully study with Mozart, though it is not known whether he did or not.

1800-04-02 09:44:13

His first symphony

Beethoven published his first symphony in Vienna.

1801-06-13 03:42:32

Beethoven's deafness

Around this time, Beethoven suffered from a severe form of tinnitus and began to lose his hearing. Before that he could improvise a lot, however with his loss of hearing he could not do so anymore. Some accounts have said that Beethoven would often have to be turned around to the audience to see the people applauding him.

1804-06-13 03:42:32


Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.

1804-06-13 03:42:32

Beethoven and Napoleon

Beethoven expressed his interest in politics by dedicating his 3rd symphony Bonaparte to Napoleon. However when he found out that Napoleon had named himself “His Imperial Majesty Napoleon the First, Emperor of the French,” Beethoven became very angry and renamed the symphony to Heroic Symphony, composed to celebrate the memory of a great man.

1825-02-10 11:41:57

Beethovens favourites

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1827-03-26 17:20:50

His death

Beethoven died from a cold, which then transformed into an illness. At the time of his death, it was a stormy night however he surrounded by some of his closest friends.

1828-02-10 11:41:57

His legacy

1829-12-18 23:06:46


Ludwig Beethoven

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