12 Monkeys

The following is a timeline of events for 12 Monkeys, a Syfy Original Series. Due to the nature of the time travel on the series, events can be rewritten or changed. This singular timeline contains all events under separate headings to help differentiate what's happened...and what's been changed. Information has been drawn from the television series primarily, as well as Syfy.com's timeline and www.syfy.com/12monkeys/wall. ;xNLx;;xNLx;Header Key:;xNLx;Character Backstories - Events related to characters that have been referenced but not seen on screen.;xNLx;;xNLx;Mythology Backstories - Events related to the show's culture that have been referenced but not seen on screen.;xNLx;;xNLx;Season - Events that occurred in a season ;xNLx;;xNLx;Erased - Events that occurred at one point but were overwritten.

0894-01-01 00:00:00

Olivia Dies

Olivia's torso is splintered from 2043 to 894, where she dies in the Himalayas. Her corpse, which contains a dormant strain of the Kalavirus, goes on to be the origin of the plague.

1491-08-02 00:00:00

Climb the Steps, Ring the Bell

Following the clue inscribed on the bell recovered from the Nazi gala, all time travelers converge on a small medieval village. Led by a Primary girl named Chorus and her father, the team enters a church to discover the weapon...a time machine powered by paradoxing the present day bell with its future self. Before Cole can enter the machine, Titan splinters and disrupts the process. Deacon is killed just before Cole is able to use the splinter suit to save the others. Titan destroys the church and splinters away. Unable to use Titan's temporal signature as a tether, Cole is unable to return on another long-range splinter and save Deacon.

1610-01-01 16:32:12

Athan Spends Time in Rome

Athan spends some time in Rome during this year.

1750-01-01 08:50:13

Cole and Cassie Pursue Athan

After splintering from the church in 1891, Cassie & Cole pursue Athan through the streets.

1840-01-01 16:32:12

Athan Spends Time in Paris

Athan spends some time in Paris during this year.

1852-05-11 00:00:00

Titan Under Construction

Following the clue from the Ouroboros Puzzle, Cassie, Cole, Jennifer, and Hannah travel to Blackleaf, Montana. There, they discover that the Army of the 12 Monkeys is building Titan in the past, away from prying eyes, by splintering all the necessarily components of the city. Also present: Elliot Jones. The team recruits Jones to their cause. The plan is stopped by Deacon and the Pallid Man, with Jones killed in the process. The facility splinters away, but not before the team steals the machine's blueprints. The team also receives an ominous clue regarding a weapon to defeat The Witness from an Indian chieftain: "Climb the steps, ring the bell."

1856-01-01 16:32:12

Eliza Wakefield is Born

Eliza Wakefield is born at some point during this year.

1879-01-01 16:32:12

The Word of the Witness is Written

Athan and Sebastian take up hiding in 1879 to avoid detection by those looking to harm them. Athan has visions and, at Sebastian's urging, writes them down to clear his mind. His writings culminate in The Word of the Witness.

1891-01-01 05:58:43

Athan Meets Eliza

Athan's splinter suit breaks down, trapping him in 1891. He meets Eliza and soon falls in love. After fixing his suit, he desperately tries over and over to prevent her from dying, but fails.

1891-02-01 04:37:30

Family Reunion

Cassie and Cole track down Athan as he is mourning Eliza. The confrontation turns violent and the three splinter throughout time.

1899-02-12 07:47:49

The Red Death Masquerade

Following a lead from The Word of the Witness, Cassie and Cole venture to 1899. They discover a masquerade that is referenced on the Word. The rest of the team tracks the temporal signature from the vests and crashes the party. Sebastian is killed in the resulting fight, but not before leading Cassie and Cole to the place Athan has called home for the last 20 years.

1917-06-03 16:32:12

Jennifer Arrives During WWI

Following the incident at Titan, Jennifer finds herself in the trenches of World War I.

1921-01-01 08:06:45

Athan Arrives

Athan is brought back to 1921 by The Guardians. He stays in France until 1922.

1922-01-01 08:06:45

Jennifer Lives in France

Jennifer makes a life for herself in France. She begins working at a theater, hoping that her plays and music will catch the attention of Jones and Cole in the future, resulting in her rescue.

1922-07-01 08:06:45

Athan is Taken Away

Athan is brought back to 1921 by The Guardians. A later version of Magdalena arrives warning The Guardians that their location will be compromised in four months, causing the Guardians and Athan to flee 1922.

1922-10-17 03:06:42

The Team Closes in on Athan

Cole and Jones arrive from 2046 by following the newspaper clipping given to Cole by his future self in 2163. They unknowingly close in on the location of Athan, but Magdalena escapes back four months, ensuring that he is moved.

1922-10-17 20:18:04

Cole and Jones Track Down Jennifer

Cole and Jones arrive from 2046 by following the newspaper clipping given to Cole by his future self in 2163. The three return to 2046, retaining their memories of their encounter with the Guardians.

1939-06-03 16:32:12

Kyle Slade Born

Kyle Slade, a Primary, is born.

1940-03-01 00:00:00

Abschieds Fürher

The team splinters to a Nazi Gala in France to steal Die Glocke before the 12 Monkeys in 1966. They encounter Deacon, who reveals he is serving as a double agent. In a surprising turn, Adolf Hitler arrives at the gala to view the weapon. Jennifer Goines creates a distraction while the team steals the weapon. It is later replaced by an antique bell that is ultimately acquired by Olivia in the 1966 purchase. On the way out of the gala, Jennifer detonates a bomb set by French Resistance, killing Hitler. Himmler rises to power. With the weapon in their custody, the team discovers yet another clue emblazoned on the back: the year 1491.

1940-09-02 00:00:00

Cole and Cassie Pursue Athan

Cole and Cassie chase after Athan after splintering from 1750.

1940-09-16 05:58:43

Athan Spends Time in 1940

Athan spends some time in 1940.

1944-09-01 12:36:19

The First Paradox

Cole & Cassie track the Messengers in order to stop the first paradox. Cole arrives two months early. Cassie arrives on August 31st. The two attend a party on September 1st. The next day, they fail to prevent the paradox of Jimmy Crawford, Jr. Their tethers are broken in the blast and Ramse arrives two days before the paradox to retrieve them.

1945-05-08 16:32:12

Deacon & Hannah Pursue Cole & Cassie

Deacon and Hannah's pursuit of Cole and Cassie take them to a train in 1945. An all-out brawl ensues but Cassie and Cole escape.

1953-12-22 15:00:00

The Team Steals an EMP

The team sneaks into Raritan National Laboratory to steal an EMP to use in their assault against the Witness's safehouse.

1953-12-22 20:00:00

Athan Makes His Debut

Zalmon Shaw targets victims of tragedies to indoctrinate them into the cult. Cassie & Cole reunite with Agent Gale. Athan, escorted by Magdalena, makes his debut inside a revival tent. He selects a woman to join the Army and murders the rest of the attendees.

1953-12-22 23:00:00

Athans Safehouse Ambushed

Splintering in moments after the massacre in the revival tent, the team raids the mansion where Athan is being held. After looking into his eyes, Cole realizes he can not pull the trigger. Three Guardians are killed in the ambush, with the final Guardian escaping with Athan. Realizing that Cassie & Cole have abandoned their mission, the team is fractured. Cassie & Cole splinter away using two of the Guardians' vests.

1955-12-16 16:32:12

Jonathan Foster Born

Jonathan Foster is born.

1957-01-01 14:54:28

Cole & Cassie Fail to Stop the Final Paradox

Cole and Cassie spend eleven months searching for the final Primary. Their efforts are unsuccessful and the final paradox occurs. Cassie goes into a coma for six months.

1957-11-07 21:47:38

Cole Prevents the Final Paradox

Cole, using the red leaves in 1959, travels back to 1957 to stop the final paradox, erasing the events of the next two years.

1958-05-09 02:53:37

Cassie Hunts for Cole

Cassie awakens from her coma and spends the next year working as a nurse. In the meantime, she searches desperately for Cole.

1958-12-03 16:32:12

Leland Goines Born

Leland Goines is born in Red Bank, New Jersey

1959-09-01 12:05:16

Army Splinters to 2044

A glitch in the time machine in 2044 causes a group of Army soldiers to accidentally splinter from Raritan National Laboratory in 1959 to Raritan in 2044.

1959-11-08 18:44:59

Athan is Conceived

Cassie tracks down Cole to the House of Cedar and Pine. They confess their feelings for each other and make love, unknowingly conceiving Athan. Although this event is later erased, because both Cole and Cassie exist outside of time, the pregnancy, and thus Athan, survives.

1959-12-25 07:37:49

This Was Home

Cassie reveals her pregnancy to Cole. Cole meets Lillian, who tells him how to go back in time and prevent the Primary from being paradoxed. Cole sacrifices his life with Cassie in the House of Cedar and Pine for the greater good of the world.

1959-12-26 00:59:29

Athan Returns Home

Cole and Cassie bring Athan to the House of Cedar and Pine. The rest of the team tracks them to the house. Titan also arrives using information from Olivia. Athan is shot and splinters to 2017.

1959-12-26 11:19:08

The Witness Returns to Titan

Athan returns from 2018 to save his parents. Olivia is crowned as The Witness and murders Athan.

1961-08-13 05:45:26


Cassie, Ramse, and an unwilling Cole, arrive in 1961. They travel to Berlin to find Dr. Albert Kirschner, whom they believe has information about Titan. Robert Gale is shot during the escape. Later, Kirschner takes them to his lab, where he has The Word of the Witness. He also has a small girl, Olivia, who was created using the ova of the Messenger Mantis. Kirschner is killed and the team splinters away. Olivia is taken to live with Mantis and the young boy who becomes the Pallid Man.

1966-07-21 00:00:00

Oops Loop

Jennifer locates a reference to "Climb the Steps, Ring the Bell" in a police report from 1966. The phrase is scrawled on a wall where two Russian agents are found dead. Cassie and Cole are sent back to investigate, where they encounter Salmon Shaw attempting to purchase the weapon. Jennifer Goines splinters back as well, accidentally creating her own lead and writing the message on the wall to preserve the loop. Robert Gale also resurfaces, having worn a bullet proof vest in Berlin. In the end, Deacon steals the weapon for Olivia. The team's only choice is to go back to the last known location of the weapon (courtesy of Gale): a Nazi Gala in 1940.

1971-03-16 19:06:30

Olivia Steps into her Destiny

A young Olivia is on the run from the Army of the 12 Monkeys. While Mantis's faith in The Witness is weakening, Olivia finds her trust to be immensely strong. Olivia is pregnant and determined to give birth to her child. She receives messages and visions from The Witness (her future self) that state she must give birth to this child as a sacrifice. Meanwhile, Cassie arrives from the future to kill Olivia. Olivia (possessed by her future self) mocks Cassie and even taunts her by allowing Cassie to try and kill her. Cassie fails, instead fatally shooting Mantis. Olivia ultimately goes on to give birth to her child and sacrifices it by abandoning it at a tree.

1971-03-17 00:00:00

Mantis dies

Mantis is met on her deathbed by her son, the Pallid Man.

1971-04-01 00:00:00

Cole Returns for Cassie

After meeting with Jennifer in 2018 and unlocking the Ouroboros puzzle, Cole returns for Cassie and vows that together they will break the cycle.

1975-07-02 00:00:23

Ramse and Cole Stop a Paradox

Ramse and Cole successfully prevent Kyle Slade from being paradoxed.

1980-10-03 00:00:00

Cassandra Railly Born

Cassandra Railly is born.

1981-02-01 00:00:00

Markridge Founded

Leland Goines founds Markridge Group, a biomedical engineering firm. The company goes on to become a leading figure in vaccine research. Privately, the company experiments with cloning, as well as researching chemical and biological munitions, most prominently for the CIA and DoD.

1985-01-24 19:00:16

Annapurna Remains Discovered

Human remains are discovered in the Himalayas. It is not known at the time that these remains harbor the greatest virus known to mankind.

1985-08-28 15:48:22

Jennifer Goines Born

Jennifer Goines is born in Tokyo, Japan.

1986-04-12 23:14:57

Cassie Hospitalized

Cassie develops meningitis

1987-01-01 11:28:58

Athan Gets a Tetanus Shot

Athan spends some time in 1987, among other years, following the ambush at the safehouse in 1953. While it is unknown how long he stays in 1987 or where else he travels, he ultimately arrives in 1897 and stays in hiding there.

1987-11-21 19:00:16

Markridge Purchases Annapurna Remains

Jose Ramse arrives in Tokyo, Japan from 2043. He is pursued by James Cole. Leland Goines purchases the Annapurna Remains after learning from Cole it contains a virus. Cole and Ramse get into a brawl. Cole splinters away before being killed while Ramse is detained by the authorities.

1988-01-13 05:41:49

An imprisoned Ramse is contacted by the 12 Monkeys

Unable to provide a valid Social Security Number in order to return to the United States, Ramse spends 8 years in prison. He receives letters from Olivia.

12 Monkeys

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