12 Monkeys

The following is a timeline of events for 12 Monkeys, a Syfy Original Series. Due to the nature of the time travel on the series, events can be rewritten or changed. This singular timeline contains all events under separate headings to help differentiate what's happened...and what's been changed. Information has been drawn from the television series primarily, as well as Syfy.com's timeline and www.syfy.com/12monkeys/wall. ;xNLx;;xNLx;Header Key:;xNLx;Character Backstories - Events related to characters that have been referenced but not seen on screen.;xNLx;;xNLx;Mythology Backstories - Events related to the show's culture that have been referenced but not seen on screen.;xNLx;;xNLx;Season - Events that occurred in a season ;xNLx;;xNLx;Erased - Events that occurred at one point but were overwritten.

Jennifer Begins Having Terrifying Visions

Jennifer begins having terrifying visions of a dead man. She also begins seeing a woman dressed in a plague doctor mask, who guides her through a crypt-like room.

Cassie and Deacon Return

Olivia is interrogated by the science team. Jennifer begins having visions. Cassie and Deacon's tethers from 2047 are activated and they return to 2046.

Samuel Dies

A now grown Samuel is fatally injured in an attack by The Witness's Army. Ramse kills him to put him out of his suffering. He then takes Olivia into custody and brings her to the temporal facility.

The Team Closes in on Athan

Cole and Jones arrive from 2046 by following the newspaper clipping given to Cole by his future self in 2163. They unknowingly close in on the location of Athan, but Magdalena escapes back to 1921, ensuring that he is moved.

Athan is Taken Away

Athan is brought back to 1921 by The Guardians. A later version of Magdalena arrives warning The Guardians that their location will be compromised in four months, causing the Guardians and Athan to flee 1922.

Athan Arrives

Athan is brought back to 1921 by The Guardians. He stays in France until 1922.

Jennifer Lives in France

Jennifer makes a life for herself in France. She begins working at a theater, hoping that her plays and music will catch the attention of Jones and Cole in the future, resulting in her rescue.

Cole and Jones Track Down Jennifer

Cole and Jones arrive from 2046 by following the newspaper clipping given to Cole by his future self in 2163. The three return to 2046, retaining their memories of their encounter with the Guardians.

Timelines Collide

Cole is confronted with a future version of himself, who sends him in search of Jennifer by providing him with a newspaper clipping from 1922. Once Cole splinters back to 2046, a future version of Cassie reveals herself to Future Cole and they have a cryptic conversation about their destinies.

Search for Titan

The team sends Cole, and later Hannah, to try and find Titan in 2163.

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