Programming Language Research Lab, NTHU

ESWEEK 2014 @ New Delhi, India

Optimized Memory Access Support for Data Layout Conversion on Heterogeneous Multi-core Systems, Chia-Chen Hsu, Cheng-Yen Lin, Shin-Kai Chen, Chih-Wei Liu and Jenq-Kuen Lee, ESTIMedia 2014 (ESWeek 2014).


Method for allocating registers for a processor based on cycle information

MPSoC 2013 @ Otsu, Japan

The 13th Internatioal Forum on Embedded MPSoC and Multicore, July 15-19, 2013, Otsu, Japan


Method for instruction pipelining on irregular register files

MPSoC 2011 @ Beaune, France

"Support of C++ Compiler for Embedded Multicore DSP Systems," Jenq Kuen Lee, Chi-Bang Kuan


Method for allocating registers using simulated annealing controlled instruction scheduling


System and generation method of remote objects with network streaming ability

MPSoC 2012 @ Quebec, Canada

OpenCL Support and Applications for Embedded Multi-Core DSP Systems Jenq Kuen Lee, National Tsing-Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

LCPC 2011 @ Colorado, USA

OpenCL Compiler for Embedded Multi-Core DSP Systems Jia-Jhe Li, Chi-Bang Kuan, Tung-Yu Wu, Ming-Yu Hung, and Jenq Kuen Lee

CPC 2013 @ Lyon

"Pointer-Based Divergence Analysis in the SSA Form", Shao-Chung Wang, Ming-Yu Hung, Jenq-Kuen Lee, Yuan-Shin Hwang, Roy Dz-Ching Ju

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