Hinterculture reveals the outlying history, art, technology and business of the high desert through mining sites for social, cultural and aesthetic meaning. We document hidden stories, natural and manufactured, to expand perception and understanding—sharing our discoveries and revealing a new public image of the desert, via collaborations and events, broadcasts and social media.

Founded by:;xNLx;[Karyl Newman](http://karylnewman.com/);xNLx;[Larissa Nickel](http://larissanickel.com/);xNLx;;xNLx;High desert art inclined

2012-12-12 00:00:00

Hinterculture is Born

2013-04-10 08:52:03


DEHSART - Desert Engagement, Hinder Swill, Achieve Recycled Trash awarded funding from the Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task Force to creatively address the problem of trash abandoned in the desert though a series of sculptures made from site waste, a poster campaign and PSA featuring the winning poster message.

2013-05-04 18:14:57

Hinterculture creates the Llano del Rio Mobile Interpretive Unit

Using a recycled crate, research and trash collected on site, the Mobile Interpretive Unit offered an audio introduction to the Llano del Rio Colony in Llano, CA. The utopian experiment existed until 1918 in the Antelope Valley, while comrades began crating their belongings for New Llano in Louisiana in 1917.

2013-06-14 08:52:03


Hinterculture's first project DEHSART is featured in Artbound, a first for the Antelope Valley. Read the article at KCET's Artbound, by clicking the find out more button below.

2013-09-21 00:30:51

The Next Step - A Journey to Llano del Rio

Hinterculture teamed up with Cindy Rehm of Craftswoman House for a Temporary Residence to introduce our call for proposals for the 100th anniversary of the largest non-religious Utopian experiment in Western American history at the ruins of Llano del Rio in Llano, CA.

2013-10-21 21:56:24

Under Construction at the Antelope Valley College Art Gallery

Hinterculture co-founders Karyl Newman and Larissa Nickel share research in progress about the Llano del Rio Colony as part of Under Construction, a group exhibition of works in progress at the Antelope Valley College Art Gallery.

2013-11-07 00:30:51

Volley at Greene Exhibitions

Featuring a screening of Dear Comrade by Mady Schutzman documenting the story of Llano del Rio, Volley at Greene Exhibitions included an installation of photos from the colony with names of the comrades pictured.

2013-11-08 18:44:03

Call for Proposals

Hinterculture and Craftswoman House issued a call for proposals for our project marking the centennial of the Llano del Rio colony on May 3rd, 2014.

2013-11-20 00:30:50

Sonic Trash

Created for an education presentation about Illegal Dumping, and inspired by Alyce Santoro's Sonic Fabric made of re-purposed cassette tape, Karyl Newman collected a couple of e-waste-d tape players (thanks Jason at the Lancaster HHW recycling center!) and hacked the play heads. We find cassettes and VHS media dumped in the desert all the time. An illegal dumping bumper sticker holds the magnetic tape in place while scratching the playhead.

2013-12-03 05:41:25

Illegal Dumping PSA Broadcast in the AV

The final product of DEHSART's first AVIDTF grant, the illegal dumping public service video aired on the city of Palmdale's local access channel 27 and featured the 2013 grant cycle's winning CTA - REPORT.

2014-02-28 10:26:27

Squaring the Circle Participants Selected

Hinterculture and Craftswoman House received amazing proposals from artists, choreographers, dancers, filmmakers, historians and musicians.

2014-03-13 05:41:25

Indiegogo Campaign Launched

Hinterculture and Craftswoman House launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for Squaring the Circle: A Llano del Rio Centennial

2014-04-15 21:20:13

Squaring the Circle: Indiegogo Success

With the help of our comrades, Hinterculture and Craftswoman House raised $2810 to support our temporary exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of the Llano del Rio Cooperative.

2014-04-28 05:41:25

Green Leadership Finalist 2014

Karyl Newman and Larissa Nickel were honored as finalists for the Green Leadership Award and each received a beautiful commendation from Los Angeles County for their eco-art project, DEHSART.

2014-04-30 05:41:25

Squaring the Circle Changes

Larissa Nickel informed Squaring the Circle participants that she would no longer be involved in the project by Hinterculture and Craftswoman House.

2014-04-30 13:33:38

KCRW Design & Architecture shares our Squaring the Circle Exhibition

Frances Anderton of KCRW's Design & Architecture writes about our experimental exhibition and Alice Constance Austin. Click on the link below.

2014-05-03 22:54:39

Squaring the Circle: A Llano del Rio Centennial

From 1pm on Saturday, May 3rd, guests from near and far traveled to Llano del Rio, parked and were shuttled to the event, welcomed by Karyl Newman and Cindy Rehm, given a map and program designed by participant Steven Fiche describing where screenings, installations, tours and performances took place throughout the afternoon.

2014-05-16 13:33:38

KQED's California Report on Squaring the Circle

Our friend Avishay Artsy shares his visit to Llano del Rio for Squaring the Circle on KQED's California Report. Click on the link to learn more.

2014-05-21 13:33:38

KCRW Arts & Culture Reports on Squaring the Circle

Avishay Artsy interviewed participating artists and attended Squaring the Circle. Click on the link below to read his article and listen to his piece on KCRW.

2014-06-22 18:44:03

Thank You Party and Screening

Cindy Rehm and Karyl Newman hosted an event at For Your Art in Los Angeles to celebrate and appreciate the contributions of Squaring the Circle's participants. Attendees shared a meal and enjoyed screenings of Judy Branfman’s The Land of Orange Groves and Jails and Mady Schutzman’s Dear Comrade.

2015-06-07 18:44:03

Packrats and Possum Trot: Artists and Collectors of the Desert

For KCET's ARTBOUND, Kim Stringfellow writes about creatures of the desert and our discards. She mentions Hinterculture and includes the DEHSART project.

2016-04-14 18:44:03

Hinterculture Co-Founder Awarded Beinecke Fellowship

To continue research on the Llano del Rio Colony, Hinterculture co-founder Karyl Newman was awarded a Visiting Research Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale.

2016-08-10 19:13:06

Newman Visits with Relatives of Llano Colonists

Hinterculture Co-founder Karyl Newman met with Mary Sweet and Phil Elkins to discuss each of their family's connections to the Llano del Rio Colony.

2016-10-22 23:58:34

Newman Studies the Paul Kagan Utopian Communities Collection at Yale

2016-12-15 19:43:57

The last artists' haven...

Could Curbed LA incline artists to the Antelope Valley?

2017-02-11 13:33:48

Hinterculture Co-Founder Shares Beinecke Research

Hinterculture Co-Founder Karyl Newman was invited to share research from her Beinecke Fellowship at the Llano Community Association's Annual Potluck.

2017-05-06 09:43:57

Karyl Newman Hosts ON ALL Day in Llano, CA

Mark the 100 year anniversary of the Llano del Rio Colony's final May Day celebration by taking a tour of sites with a map created by co-founder Karyl Newman. Exhibits, installations and more with special guests provide a scope of the 2,000 acres of the socialist colony. The event is free but tickets are limited. Click button below to learn more.

2017-05-18 09:43:57

ON ALL Day awarded grant from California Humanities

California Humanities has recently announced the first round of 2017 Humanities For All Quick Grant awards. Arts Connection, the arts council of San Bernardino County, has been awarded $5000 for its fiscally sponsored project entitled ON ALL Day ­—A Desert Reflection at Llano del Rio " The community history and place-making multimedia project in the Mojave Desert", conceived by San Bernardino based project director Karyl Newman of PositionalProjects.org.

2017-06-06 09:43:57

ON ALL Day 2017 Digital Exhibit

Explore the ON ALL Day digital map-based exhibit to learn more about the sites in this year's project - made possible by project fiscal sponsor, Arts Connection, the Arts Council of San Bernardino County.

2017-08-04 17:33:48

ON ALL Eve in Llano, CA

A favorite for guests at ON ALL Day and by request, we offer an evening reprise: ON ALL Eve - Figuring the Volume of a Utopian Cylinder The most intact of all the ruins at Llano del Rio, the silo remains a stalwart sentinel on the Antelope Valley horizon. Join us Friday, August 4th, for an account of the socialist utopian experiment in August 1917 and a special opportunity to contemplate and rejuvenate as sounds reverberate around you.

2017-10-04 09:43:57

Collaborator Adriana Campos-Ojeda shares ON ALL Day 2017 mini-doc

Adriana Campos-Ojeda an Antelope Valley illegal dumping activist and filmmaker Newman met during the DEHSART project, recorded and edited this short video about the ON ALL Day event May 6th, 2017 marking the centennial of the Llano del Rio Cooperative Colony's last May Day in the Antelope Valley featuring exhibits by Anahata Mousai, Leora Wien, Dr. Dydia DeLyser & Paul Greenstein organized at four significant sites by Hinterculture co-founder Karyl Newman for PositionalProjects.org. The community history and place-making multimedia project in the Mojave Desert was made possible by a grant from California Humanities. Explore the digital exhibit at http://bit.ly/4AllonLlano made possible by Arts Connection, the arts council of San Bernardino County.

2018-02-03 09:43:57

Newman and collaborators to speak at LCA community meeting

Hinterculture co-founder Karyl Newman and Squaring the Circle collaborators feminist geographer Dr. Dydia DeLyser and Bread & Hyacinth's co-author Paul Greenstein will speak about the Llano del Rio Cooperative Colony at the Llano Community Association annual meeting.


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