Creative and Design Thinking Tools for Everyone

Creative and design thinking tools for Everyone.

Creativity is essential. Everyone is essentially creative. This timeline is to crowdsource tools for 'Creative Mob's which opens the world of creative and design thinking to young people everywhere so they can lead more meaningful lives.

2012-01-01 10:28:29

HCD Kit from IDEO

HCD Human centered design method, free to download and apply. Developed by IDEO, global design thinking company.

2012-02-01 13:13:01

Standford Methods

Welcome to the’s Virtual Crash Course resource page! We know not everyone can make a trip the to experience how we teach design thinking. So, we created this online version of one of our most frequently sought after learning tools. Using the video, handouts, and facilitation tips below, we will take you step by step through the process of hosting or participating in a 90 minute design challenge.

2012-03-01 13:13:01

Co-Creation Method by Butterfly Works

Butterfly Works combine dsign thinking with co-creation for their own unique methodology. Co-creation is a guiding philosophy at Butterfly Works. We view the communities we work with in Africa and Asia, not as passive consumers of educational services and products but instead as active co-creators of solutions. Following this, any project we work on is co-created throughout, not a once off co-creation event but a series of collaborations that usually takes one to two years from start to completion.

2012-03-01 13:13:01

Service Design Tools

An open collection of categorised tools to support a design (thinking) process. Beautifully presented and easy to use.

2012-06-16 01:55:20

Design Thinking for Managers, book

Have you ever seen a 7-year-old make paper airplanes? Then you’ve seen design thinking. So why isn’t design thinking an established problem-solving tool in business? Because most of us receive more than a decade of formal education that focuses on a very different approach to problem-solving: prove the answer with data first, before you try it. With design thinking, you can nurture disruptive possibilities and unlock the zeal in your organization. And despite your education, we believe you can regain your natural fluency in design thinking quickly. This book will show you how.

2012-06-16 01:55:20

Creative Thinking is....

Straightforward, introduction and overview

2012-06-18 21:28:43

Design Methods from the Britisch Design Council

Designing new public services presentation I've had lots of requests from people who heard me speak at conferences in the US recently for a copy of my slides. The presentation sets out why we need a new generation of public services and a new(design-led) method of creating them. I talked about our two healthcare projects, designing for behaviour change and transformation design.

2012-07-01 10:28:29

Collective Action Toolkit from Frog Design

The Collective Action Toolkit (CAT) is a package of resources and activities that enable groups of people anywhere to organize, build trust, and collaboratively create solutions for problems impacting their community. The toolkit provides a dynamic framework that integrates knowledge and action to solve challenges. Designed to harness the benefits of group action and the power of open sharing, the activities draw on each participant’s strengths and perspectives as the group works to accomplish a common goal. Free to download.

2012-09-01 10:28:29

P.A.P.A. participating artists press agency.

P.A.P.A. is an instrument for world mapping gently fixing even the most stubborn pieces into a meaningful pattern. P.A.P.A. inspires a broad audience and informs specialist arenas as art, citydevelopment, politics and the news industry. Art+Journalism+Advertisement=Juicy activism Lets start making an image of the world together.

2012-09-01 10:28:29

List of Creative Techniques

Random Input Problem Reversal Ask Questions Applied Imagination - Question Summary Lateral Thinking

2012-09-01 10:28:29

Top Creative Thinking Books

The Three Basic Principles Behind All Tools for Creative Thinking: Attention, Escape, and Movement

Creative and Design Thinking Tools for Everyone

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