Gridcoin Roadmap

Our roadmap explains what we have achieved to this point along with important milestones and features. We also express our future goals and milestones.

SourceSafe Testnet Branch + QA Process

Testnet Branch and QA process goes live. Ensure the Testnet branch is a separate codebase. All release candidates are tested through QA before merge into Prod.

Multiple Developers and Cross Training

Multiple developers on-board, cross-train backup devs for deployments, no central reliance on a single developer or single process.

Disaster Recovery

Ensure we have back up Web Developer and WebHost and SSL keys are shared, Code Config Manager, Document Repository/Deployment repository backup cross trained and ready to step in to relieve centralization of GRC.

Secure Foundation Reimbursement

Implement Multi-Sign transactions for Foundation Expenses: Require multiple signers to release foundation funds.

E-Commerce Gateway

E-commerce gateway instructions released, payments via GRC -> USD via debit card are now supported. Those using GRC debit cards may purchase items and the back office will transfer GRC->BTC->USD to execute payment. The E-commerce gateway is a REST snap in allowing payments in GRC to be processed as a BTC reimbursement in real time.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts refined and fully released: Allow GRC to come to a daily consensus for supported asset pricing (IE crypto prices, stock equity prices), and allow smart contracts to be settled in GRC based on the Asset price outcome at the deadline causing escrow to transfer to the smart contract recipient.

DAO Framework

REST Integration with DAO: Allow owner of DAO to store on chain assets, allow integration for deposit/withdraw from DAO within GRC RPC through RESTful URLs. Binary Superblocks

Binary superblocks store data more efficiently to save blockchain space. We have one per day consuming approx 100k. Research Age

Research Age allows more efficient and accurate payments to be made without continuously staking blocks. A client offline for a month for example still gets compensated for all historical RAC when the node comes back online. Payment is now AccrualAge*AvgMagnitude*MagnitudeUnit*COIN. Features

Added network traffic graph. Merged in cryptocoin security changes (DOS malleability, txout, txin, non-data, checkmultisig), added standard RPC features found in other coins.

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