The Heavenfield Timeline

This timeline shows the order of events that took place within the Heavenfield story.

The Standing-Point Field, or ‘Heavenfield’ as it has been dubbed, has cost countless lives in conflicts that have led the world to the very brink of war, and yet understanding of its reality, not to mention its very existence is still hotly contested by scientific communities across the globe.;xNLx;;xNLx;The discovery of the Heavenfield can be accredited to late 20th century Soviet scientists, researching into Extreme Upper-Order Particle Transmissions. The world they discovered has proven both beautiful and unpredictable, governed by shifting rules, and populated by haunted memories.;xNLx;

1963-03-18 14:41:16

Soviets work on Standing-Point

1963-03-18 21:01:51

Soviet Scientists begin work on Standing-Point

As early as the 1930s, Soviet Scientists were working on particle accelerators. In the mid-60s, and throughout the Cold-War era, it is thought that a project was put in place to study what would later become known as Standing-Point Theory.

1977-04-24 21:01:51

Russian Scientists Meet with Angel

In their early expeditions into the Standing-Point Field, led by Dr. Albrecht Henschel, the Soviet scientists made their first meeting with an Angel.

1977-04-30 21:01:51

Russian Scientists Learn of Final War

The Soviet team, led by Dr. Henschel learn from the Angel of the 'Final War', the precipitator to the end of humanity as we know it. It will begin in the Heavenfield, and Dr. Henschel determines that in an attempt to prevent it, no other humans should step foot in the Field.

1979-02-22 04:41:16

Exiles Expand their Array & Build the Fortress

1979-04-13 19:52:31

Exiles explore the Great Ruins that border the Fortress

The Exiles were given the location to build their Fortress by the Holy One they met. It's proximity to the Ghostfields and the Battle-plain beyond meant access to great artefacts, but first they had to traverse the Great Ruins, and the dangers that lurk within.

1979-04-13 19:52:31

Henschel Destroys Soviet Research

Those loyal to Dr. Henschel help him destroy the Soviet Accelerators and fake their own deaths. They dedicate their lives to protecting the Field.

1987-11-03 04:17:47

Russian Exiles Complete Hidden Array

After many years, Henschel's group finally completes a working Accelerator Array, hidden somewhere in the mountains of Eastern Europe.

1994-11-10 09:11:16

British Work on Standing-Point

1994-11-20 00:45:39

British build twin Array sites

British scientists, working alongside the military, complete construction of their Arrays. The first is at the Hayden Hill Military Base, the second, sister facility, is at the Maunsworth Research Centre.

2006-03-02 14:31:29

Otto's 16th Birthday

Otto joins Ukranian army on the day of his 16th Birthday, four months before he is recruited by the Exiles.

2006-06-17 00:45:39

Otto Kandinsky recruited into Exiles

While out on an army training manoeuvre, Otto Kandinsky and his squad are captured by Wraiths and taken back to the Exile Fortress.

2006-08-15 08:36:37

Exiles Complete Fortress

Work on the structure of the main Fortress building within the Heavenfield is completed, and, for the first time, troops are stationed permanently within the Field.

2006-08-16 21:36:37

Otto is chosen to train as a Wraith

Otto is selected to undergo training to become a member of the notorious Wraith squads. He is moved to virtual isolation within the Fortress with the other members of his 6-man squad, and begins his long and arduous training

2006-11-22 16:36:37

Otto encounters Maia

Whilst out on a training exercise in the Great Ruins, Otto suffers a suit leak and is exposed to the atmosphere of the Heavenfield. During this emergency he encounters a denizen of the Field, a girl called 'Maia', with whom he falls in love. This love for her is to dictate the course of the rest of his life.

2006-12-10 08:36:37

1st Ghost Incursion

2007-02-14 08:36:37

1st Ghost Incursion

Ghosts surround the Exile Fortress, drawn to the living that shelter within.

2007-02-24 08:36:37

Fortress is breached by several ghosts

During the testing of a new defence against the ghosts, several of the entities are drawn through an open airlock, and cause panic throughout the Fortress.

2007-03-02 12:25:38

Otto's 17th Birthday

The build-up of ghosts has reached an overwhelming level, and now the Fortress is completely surrounded by thousands upon thousands of ghosts. But Exile scientists manage to create energy beacons to draw the ghosts away. One week after the first test of a device caused a breach of the Fortress, Otto celebrates his seventeenth birthday, and Pavel, his squad leader tells him that the Field beacons may be the start of turning the tide against the ghosts.

2007-04-04 08:36:37

Wraith kill-squad assassinates British scientist

The Exiles continue a secret war upon the British Standing-Point project. Otto Kandinsky is assigned to observe a Wraith-Squad as they travel to Maunsworth and kill one of the scientists by Field-shifting into the everyday world and literally dragging their victim back into the Field''s deadly atmosphere.

2007-05-17 17:19:25

Major breach of the Fortress

A Field-transport carrying wounded soldiers from the Great Ruins crashes into the main airlock, causing a breach of the tank hangars and knocking out power to much of the Fortress. In the ensuing chaos, many ghosts breach the walls and there is a desperate battle for survival. Otto Kandinsky and his squad manage to seal the airlock and the Fortress is secured. After five days of bitter fighting the ghosts will finally be defeated and pushed back to the Ghostfields.

2007-07-03 08:36:37

Ghosts are defeated

The siege of the Fortress is finally lifted, as the Exiles draw the ghosts away using energy beacons. But, the final victory comes when Cold-Ones come in from the Ghostfields, devouring the ghosts until there are no more.

2007-07-18 14:10:09

Otto's first combat patrol - Hydra

Although still in training, Otto's squad are assigned to a combat patrol to fill in for shortages in trained troops. They are tasked with laying down energy beacons in the clean-up process to remove the last of the ghosts from the Great Ruins. But they encounter a patrol of ghosts and Otto is separated from his squad.

2007-07-23 06:56:36

Otto's squad Patrol the Ruins

The Exiles are desperately short of trained troops, so Otto and his squad are must fill in, patrolling the Ruins and eliminating any remaining ghosts.

2007-08-09 14:49:17

British achieve breakthrough

The British manage to achieve Standing-Point in small-scale experiments, proving the theory that matter can be shifted into the 'Heavenfield' spectrum. Work begins on a new Chamber to allow experiments upon a larger-scale.

2007-09-06 06:56:36

Otto's squad discover the Artist's Tower

Whilst out on patrol, Otto's squad discover a mysterious tower, not any any of their charts. They enter, and encounter one of the Heavenfield's strange, shifting realities, embodied by the terrifying Artist and his Muse.

2007-09-16 16:44:24

Otto, Tashya & Max

Otto and Natashya are sent back into the everyday world in search of Ilya.

2007-09-18 16:44:24


Otto recovers from his injuries.

2007-11-05 08:05:30

Otto patrols with regular army

Otto leaves the Wraiths and becomes a squad leader in the regular army, patrolling the Great Ruins.

2007-11-05 19:29:23

Otto patrols with regular army

Otto patrols with regular army

2008-03-02 13:50:44

Otto's 18th Birthday

2008-04-14 08:05:30

Otto Joins 3rd Katyusha Company - Training

Otto is chosen to command one of the newly-commissioned Field-Walkers, and begins his training back at the Fortress.

2008-04-14 16:39:29

Otto Trains as Walker Commander

Otto Trains as Walker Commander

2008-07-04 08:36:37

America begins work upon 3 Arrays

Using Intelligence gathered from their spies at Maunsworth Research Facility, the Americans commence work upon their own Accelerator Arrays. There are 3 sites planned: Fort Caulder, Williams' Airbase, and Devil's Rock Research Laboratories

2008-09-15 14:18:45

Walker Air-Lift trials

The new prototype aircraft are tested carrying the Walkers. Meanwhile Otto's squad patrols the Ruins, but finds the cramped environment unsuitable to vehicle combat.

2009-01-10 03:07:20

Otto sets out to build Outpost

Otto and his Walker squad are transported out to build and defend the outpost at the British Entry-Point of Hayden Hill.

2009-01-10 03:07:20

Exiles build outpost

Otto's squad are assigned to an expeditionary force sent out to build an outposts near the site of the British Array. These will act as a base and supply dump for the planned invasion force.

2009-02-28 14:10:09

Hayden Hill Research Facility achieves Standing-Point

British scientists achieve what is though to be the first ever Standing-Point Field. The Russian Exiles step up their attempts to infiltrate and sabotoage the British Research.

2009-03-02 13:50:44

Otto's 19th Birthday

2009-05-13 12:25:38

Hayden Hill Destroyed by Exiles

Working to infiltrate the British Research, Dr. Henschel's teams kidnap Dr. Edmund Keeler, a Head of the British Research. They convert him to the Exile's cause, and he helps sabotage the Hayden Hill Array, bringing about its destruction.

2009-05-28 12:25:38

Work moves over to Maunsworth

After the Hayden Hill Facility is put out of action, work is moved over to the sister facility at Maunsworth under the command of Dr. Grace Palmer.

2009-07-09 04:40:07

2nd Ghost Incursion

The Ghosts begin to force back the defenders from the Great Ruins, drawing ever-closer to the Fortress

2009-07-17 12:19:25

Exiles complete work on new Field Weapons

With the help of Dr. Keeler, the Exiles complete their program of weapons research to overcome the problems of conventional weapons in the Field. Soon a new army is created, with energy-based weapons, as well as vehicles and aircraft specifically designed for the Field's harsh atmosphere.

2009-07-30 01:27:49

Otto returns to Fortress

Otto is transferred back to the Fortress after 9 months guarding the Outposts. The 2nd Ghost incursion has begun, and the Ghostfields have almost swallowed up the Great Ruins.

2009-07-30 18:39:05

Otto waits at Fortress

Otto's Walker has a refit while preparations are made for an offensive upon Maunsworth.

2009-08-26 12:25:38

First British Expedition into the Heavenfield

After many experiments at Maunsworth Research Facility (a duplicate of Hayden Hill), the British team encounter a being from the Field, who assures them it is safe to travel through. The British take their first tentative steps into the Heavenfield.

2009-09-05 12:25:38

Sally Aimes abducted by Alexi

In an attempt to sabotage the British Standing-Point Project, the Exile Alexi abducts one of their scientific team and attempts to condition her mind in such a way that will cause an accident in the Field. But Sally Aimes proves resistant to the process and escapes. Alexi is forced to chase her and in the ensuing struggle he kills her. She is found by the authorities one week later.

2009-10-10 20:04:02

Otto revisits Schoolhouse

As the ruins are swallowed up by the Ghostfields, Otto sees his final chance to revisit the schoolhouse, and perhaps be reunited with Maia.

2009-10-30 22:04:25

Prof. Lambert assassinated

Professor Keith Lambert, a key figure in the British scientific team is assassinated by an Exile kill-squad in an attempt to halt the British Project.

2009-11-05 02:40:50

Demon Siege of the Fortress

Demon hordes lay siege to the Fortress. The only way in or out is via the Fieldships.

The Heavenfield Timeline

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