100 years of music

1900-01-22 14:01:10


jug bands skiffle country / folk blues new orleans classical

1910-01-22 14:01:10


dixieland jazz classical music musical theater opera classical blues chicago jazz swing/big band

1920-01-22 14:01:10


country music folk blues jazz broadway religious music military music march music cabarets vaudville soundtracks classic country / hillbilly

1930-01-22 14:01:10


big band swing jazz country/western music two folk music western swing honky tonk texas blues modal jazz electronic sound

1940-01-22 14:01:10


r&b pop jazz country music skiffle (revival) schlager bluegrass chicago blues jump blues modern gospel bebop musique concrete

1950-01-22 14:01:10


rock music tradtional pop country music r&b american and british folk (revival) rockbilly rock and roll surf rock brill building pop and crooners nashville / countrypolitn doo wop memphis / deep / southern soul west coast blues louisana / swamp blues hard bop cool and west coast jazz soul jazz / jazz funk free jazz / avant-garde mento space age pop

1960-01-22 14:01:10


contempory folk music british invasion motown r&b surf rock hard rock accapella acid rock and psychedelia folk rock progressive art and symphonic rock bubblegum and teenypop country pop country rock philly soul early funk and p-funk british blues and blues rock relipop and rock / ccm reggae rock steady muzak / elevator music

1970-01-22 14:01:10


rap punk rock disco/club funk/soul progressive rock krautrock death rock gothic rock power metal nwobhm (new wave of british heavy metal) glam / hair / pop metal anarcho-punk, crust, and d-beat punk xl glam/ glitter / shock rock pub rock and proto punk no wave singer/ songwriter (early) pop rock and power pop urabn country go - go lovers rock and uk reggae dub old skool rap pioneers easy-listening new age ambient synth / electronica bit music

1980-01-22 14:01:10


electronic pop hip hop/rap new wave hair metal dark ambient / dark industrial electronic body music (ebm) darkwave and coldwave noise music industrial rock and metal doom metal stoner and sludge metal death metal thrash and extreme metal grindcore post-hardcare emo and screamo skate punk and pop punk grunge dream pop and shoegaze post disco acid jazz reggae fusion and bhangramuffin (west coast) gangsta rap jazz rap freestyle and breakdance gabber hardcore techno / rave tech house hardtrance futurepop

1990-01-22 14:01:10


alternative electro-industrial gothic metal black metal math rock / math core skate punk pop punk rap rock/ funk metal asian pop trance blues reggae fusion deep house progressive house ibiza dream trance

2000-11-08 10:45:50


future pop metalcore minimal wave /sinth industrial (revival) synthcore crunkcore emo rock dance punk indie folk freak folk electropop nu disco electro swing nu r&b edm trapstep dubstep post-dubstep ghetto house acid core electro house vaporwave synthwave minimal wave

100 years of music

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