Joseph Conrad vs. Heart of Darkness

This timeline follows the journey of Joseph Conrad through his life from traveling the Belgian Congo and his parallel character (Marlow) in his novella Heart of Darkness. The timeline also goes through the events that play out in Coppola's "Apocalypse Now."

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1857-12-03 12:26:50

Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad is born on December 3rd, 1857.

1874-10-13 12:26:50

Marseille, France

Conrad sets off to France to plan a career as a sailor.

1874-12-15 12:26:50

First Sea Voyage

Conrad began first sea voyage as passenger on a small barque.

1886-07-02 12:26:50


Conrad applied for British nationality.

1886-08-19 12:26:50

Britain Nationality

Conrad is granted British nationality.

1889-09-30 12:26:50

Almayer's Folly

Conrad began writing Almayer's Folly.

1890-05-01 12:26:50


Marlow begins telling the story on the Thames River in England. He is on his way to Brussles to sign a contract.

1890-05-06 12:26:50

Signing the Contract

Marlow is in Brussels to sign a contract for a job as a steamboat operator down the Congo.

1890-05-10 12:26:50

Most Traumatic Journey of Life

Conrad begins his journey to the Congo. Takes command of steamship in Belgian Congo.

1890-05-10 12:26:50

Marlow's Journey

Marlow begins his journey to the Congo to meet Kurtz who is suppose to be one of the best ivory getters.

1890-06-12 12:26:50

The Congo

Marlow is at the mouth of the Congo and is working his way to the Company's Outer Station.

1890-06-12 12:26:50

The Congo

Conrad reaches the mouth of the Congo.

1890-06-13 12:26:50


Conrad arrives in Matadi. This is where he starts his well known diary with descriptions of landscapes, people, and places.

1890-06-13 12:26:50

The Grove of Death

Marlow comes across a forest of trees where he finds natives in their last moments before death. Comparing this horror to that of the rusty machinery at the Outer Station.

1890-06-16 12:26:50

Journey to Central Station

Marlow makes a 200 mile journey up river to Central Station. It takes about 15 days to reach the station.

1890-06-28 12:26:50


Conrad begins his journey to Kinshasa and reaches it on August 2nd.

1890-07-01 12:26:50

An Unfortunate Road Block

Marlow reaches Central Station and finds out that the boat he was suppose to take to Inner Station where Kurtz is has sunk and it will take about 3 months to repair

1890-09-06 12:26:50

Captain for a While

Takes command of ship while captain is ill.

1890-10-01 12:26:50

Steamship Repaired

The boat has been repaired and Marlow forms a crew and starts his journey to Inner Station where Kurtz is located.

1890-10-03 12:26:50

Inner Station

After a few nights on the river and after being attacked by the natives. They finally reach Inner Station Happy that it has not been overturned by the natives and Kurtz is still alive.

1890-10-04 12:26:50

The Journey Back

The steamship is on its way back downstream. It breaks down and eventually Kurtz dies after being ill.

1890-10-19 12:26:50

Journey at an End

Conrad becomes ill and gives up his journey on the Congo.

1890-12-04 12:26:50

Journey Back

Conrad returns to Matadi on his way back to Europe.

1890-12-04 12:26:50

Back to the Sepulchral City

Marlow returns back to Europe.

1898-12-09 12:26:50

Heart of Darkness

Conrad begins writing his novella "Heart of Darkness" and completes it on February 6th, 1899.

1898-12-09 12:26:50

The End

The story is back to Marlow talking to the narrator on the Thames River in London.

1924-08-03 12:26:50


Joseph Conrad dies of a heart attack and is buried in the Cantenbury graveyard.

1954-11-01 12:26:50

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War begins in Vietnam,, Laos and Cambodia.

1962-07-01 12:26:50

Captain Willard's Journey

Captain Willard is sent on a mission up the Nung River to find Colonel Kurtz in the Cambodian jungle.

1962-07-20 12:26:50

Nung River

Willard and his crew meet up with Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore at a landing along the river.

1962-07-21 12:26:50

Capturing the Swells

Kilgore orders his men to attack and capture the town and beach near the opening of the river.

1962-07-25 12:26:50

Continuing up the River

During the journey they stop at the American outpost at the Do Long bridge (which is the last U.S. Army outpost on the river) which is currently being attacked.

1962-07-26 12:26:50


Willard and his crew are ambushed by Viet Cong.

1962-07-28 12:26:50

Kurtz' End

After being attacked by Montagnard villagers, Willard and his crew finally arrive at Kurtz' camp. Willard eventually ends up killing Kurtz.

1975-04-30 12:26:50

War at an End

The Vietnam war ends.

Joseph Conrad vs. Heart of Darkness

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