The Grab-Slamin Family

Pennsylvania positively bursts with Grabs, and the Slamins joined the clan through marriage with the union of Edward Grab and Theresa Slamin. This is a brief account of how the two families met.

1916-10-02 02:46:52

Birth of Robert Michael Grab

Son of George J Grab & Marguerite Starr Hook Grab; future father of Edward L Grab (and 18 others)

1938-12-26 17:14:43

Robert L Grab and Mary Lawless Mahon marry

Robert and Mary before they start in on raising 19 children (including Edward L Grab)

1956-06-01 17:14:43

The Grabs get vaccinated

Harrisburg's Mayor Ziegler looks on while the Grab children born up to this point receive their polio vaccinations.

1959-01-01 01:53:26

Who Do You Trust?

The Grab family headed by Robert Grab & Mary Lawless Mahon appeared on Johnny Carson's 'Who Do You Trust?' gameshow. The air date of the show is unclear.

1960-03-04 10:23:39

Edward Leo Grab born

Future husband of Theresa Ann Slamin

1968-12-27 01:37:53

Edward L Grab doesn't shoot his eye out

Ed successfully avoids shooting his eye out, allowing him to meet Theresa A Slamin several years later

1976-06-10 10:23:46

Edward L Grab & Theresa A Slamin meet

They met when the Grab boys ran down to the tennis courts after hearing that there were cute girls playing.

1981-06-01 23:51:55

Edward L Grab & Theresa A Slamin marry

Ed & Theresa marry

The Grab-Slamin Family

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