Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches

40 years ago in 1979 an iconic monument that had stood for 55 years that marked the entrance to old Fort Myers Beach was unceremoniously torn down. The nostalgia of Old Fort Myers Beach was greatly symbolized by those beautiful arches. Fort Myers Beach continues to grow and change, it occurred to a few of us that we could bring back a special part of Old Fort Myers Beach by Restoring Those Coquina Stone Arches.

We are Committed to bringing back the old Fort Myers Beach nostalgia as part of the new beach.

2016-02-29 01:36:57

Finding Pieces of The Old Arch

Paul Sessions and Steven Ray McDonald had actually start this process before our group was created. This was ultimately what started the interest in restoring the arches. Jacqueline Milliner has been contacting owners of suspected pieces of the original arch to solicit interest in donating them to our project. On 3/23/2016 Paul Sessions 99%bsure he has located the original arch, will soon be in contact with the Grandson of the original contractor who removed the arch

2016-03-07 18:13:30

Media Blitz

In addition to trying to find supports on facebook for our cause, we have also provided the local media with help from Jacqueline Milliner, Steven Ray McDonald and Amy Bennett Williams information on the story. The 3/13/2016 article generated interest for Rep Matt Caldwell.

2016-03-11 17:28:30

FDOT Regulations Covering Community Aesthtic Features

The learning curve for all of us has begins at FDOT and Community Requirements. This is an ongoing. We may have to revise our concept but we are looking into keeping the old arch in mind in any concept designs. Paul is activity seeking an individual that may be able to help us determine the FDOT requirements to be included in an engineering plan. Some of these regulations are as clear as mud.

2016-03-18 01:36:57

WINK News runs a spot on our project.

Wink News picks up our plans and story. Group Members Paul Sessions and Jacqueline Milliner rocked. Good job guys.

2016-03-23 01:36:57

Utilities Marked

Paul Sessions has utilities marked. As part of the pre-engineering utilities have to be marked and shown on plans. Paul has started that process

2016-03-29 01:36:57

NBC 2 Runs Our Story

Paul Sessions and Jacqueline Miliner are interview for NBC 2 news.

2016-03-31 01:36:57

Project Kick-Off Meeting

Paul Spearheads the Kick-Off Meeting

2016-04-05 01:36:57

Concept Engineering Drawings Created

Concept Engineering Drawings submitted to the group

2016-04-06 01:36:57

Fort Myers Beach Talk Runs Story

Fort Myers Beach Talk runs story on Arches.

2016-04-07 01:36:57

Island Sand Paper Article

The Island Sand Paper runs an impressive heart string tugging article about the arches.

2016-04-09 07:31:33

Artist Rendering Request

Our group is soliciting an artist rendering from the local community. We wrote a letter to Lee County Alliance for the Arts.

2016-05-28 01:36:57

Look Ahead Request Sent to FDOT

To: FDOT District One Design Engineer May 28, 2016 Bernie Masing, P.E. 801 N. Broadway Avenue Bartow, Florida 33830-3809 (863) 519-2543 Cc: Paul Sessions Founder, Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches From: Steven Ray McDonald Assistant Project Manager Friends of Restoring Fort Myers Beach Arches 2628 Canyon Crest St Sierra Vista, AZ 85650 Subject: Restoration of the Fort Myers Beach Arches Dear Mr. Masing, Would it be possible for you to perform a courtesy look-ahead review of conceptual engineering drawings that will be included in our eventual submittal for a Community Aesthetic Feature Agreement? We request this action to placate any potential show stoppers? Our rapidly growing 350+ member group is committed to “Restoring Fort Myers Beach Arches”; we have a Facebook group with the same name. Feel free to join our group if desired as a citizen. We have enjoyed historical society, local residence, media and political support for our venture. We will soon submit an Agreement Request for a permanent standalone artwork to replace the historic Fort Myers Beach Icon the Fort Myers Beach Arches. Our current proposal location is no less than a few hundred yards from where it once stood when it was removed in 1979 on south end of the corner at San Carlos Blvd (SR 865) and Main St in Lee County. They stood as the gateway to Fort Myers Beach from 1924-1979. We have located all the coquina remains of the original arch. We would like to include as much of the original material as possible in the new proposed arch. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated by the community of Fort Myers Beach and our group. We look forward to working closely with you. Thanks. Sincerely, Steven R. McDonald Assistant Project Manager Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches

2016-06-10 01:36:57


FDOT is talking a look-ahead at our proposal for the arch. They are looking into the feasibility of replacing the arch with our projects dimensions and location .

2016-07-12 01:36:57

FDOT Teleconference

A teleconference between Steven McDonald and Berney Masing FDOT Dist 1 Engineer and his assistance took place. The conference basic advised a further engineering package must take place. Designs must meet PMM requirements set in 2004. They also advise it my be submitted now or later. The teleconference also indicated a Lee County Government must submit the Community Esthetic Agreement to the FDOT. Members o "Restore FOrt Myers Beach Arches" Immediately started quarrying the Lee County Board of Supervisors for there support. A last ditch media blitz took place to try to keep the project relevant and in the forefront.

2016-08-02 01:36:57

Lee County Commisioners Meetings

Paul Sessions presents a power point presentation asking the commission for their support. This leads to a 8/8 meeting with District 3 commissioner Mr Kiker. He indicated that the plan for the arches remains is a display on Crescent Beach Park. This choice was polled by our members and our members disagree with that decision by a 8 to 1 margin. We are now discussing with our political supporters our next move.

2016-08-23 01:36:57

Mr Kiker Agrees to Arches on WINK

Mr. Kiker District 3 commissioner admits there is support for the arches in one form or another. Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches Awaits the results of FDOT SR 865 study and advertised meetings on this study/project.

2016-09-12 01:36:57

Rock The Arches Rock Festival

Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches has decided to conduct a Rock Festival to promote awareness for "Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches".

2017-08-12 05:28:34

We Can Raise Funds

Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches has been approved by the State of Florida as a Small Charity Neighborhood Association.

2017-10-02 00:00:00

Restore Fort Myers Beach, Inc Elections

Members of Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches have Elected officials to the following positions. President, Vice President and Secretary.

2017-10-05 01:36:57

Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches are incorporated.

Become Incorporated with state of Florida.

2017-11-10 01:36:57

NBC-2 Interview

Our VP Jane Luchi was asked to do an interview on NBC-2

2017-12-10 01:36:57

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

We were awarded a gift certificate from Bonita Bills. We create a prize rock and advertised a rockin event led by Pam Ruttkay.

2018-04-11 06:48:34

Island Sand Paper Rejuvenation Story

While the attention of Fort Myers Beach residents this week centered on whether there would be a new development in their future on the south side of the Matanzas Pass Bridge, a local group continues their efforts to replace a piece of the community’s past on the span’s north end! Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc., hosts a landscaping event to rejuvenate one of the last original stone arch elements on Thursday, April 19, then has its first large-scale fundraiser with a music festival at Bonita Bill’s Waterfront Café on Saturday evening, May 5, at 4 p.m.

2018-04-11 10:30:00

Observer Story Rejuvenation Of 1924 Tom Phillips Stone Monument

Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches Inc along with the South High School Future Farmers of America group, invite you to a landscaping event to rejuvenate the historic Tom Phillips Stone Monument. The monument is located at 796 San Carlos Drive, which is at the corner of San Carlos Drive on the west end of Main Street. The event will take place on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. and will include the placing of a plaque as well as new landscaping around the monument. All landscaping will be non-evasive and native plants" #RestoreFortMyersBeachArches #SWFL

2018-04-13 06:48:34

Fort Myers New Press Article About Rejuvenation and Rock THe Arches

Fort Myers Beach arches to rise again?

2018-04-17 18:12:17

Tom Phillips 1924 Stone Monument Damage

The 1924 Stone Monument at 726 San Carlos Blvd on San Carlos Island has experienced damage that may have unwittingly been caused by thousands of geochachers.

2018-04-19 08:00:00

WINK News Covers Rejuvenation Of 1924 Tom Phillips Stone Monument

Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches teams up with South High FFA to Rejuvenate the 1924 Tom Phillips Stone Monument.

2018-05-05 16:00:00

Rock The Arches

Rock The Arches was our first real fund raiser. It helped us raise $1471 and additional $139 was raised by theRock Of Ages rock painting challenge silent Auction. Together we 1610 dollars. Rock the Arches more than doubled membersip. It was a resounding success.

2018-05-09 03:54:00

FMB Rocks The Arches

Observer runs story about Rock The Arches

2018-05-22 01:36:57

Online Store

We have an online store. Find products for sale that benefit Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches.

2018-05-22 01:36:57

Petition to Assistant County Manager/BOCC

The Fort Myers Beach Arches were removed in 1979 and were a part of our earliest history. They stood as a great iconic unique legendary entrance to Fort Myers Beach for half a century. The remains of the Arches still exist, our group intends to restore them. We have worked with local authorities to try to make this come about. We need to convince them to submit our idea to FDOT in an official request to determine the feasibility of Restoring the Arches over the Road. Please sign the Petition to the Assistant County Manager, Lee County. Tell him you want your arches restored.

2018-07-12 01:36:57

We have a web page

We have our own web page now.

2018-08-23 01:36:57

WINK News Covers Story About Petition

WINK News covers story about petition and traffic light at San Carlos and Main St. Paul Sessions stands in front of camera representing the group he created.

2018-11-29 01:36:57

Observer 3D Imaging Story

Fort Myers Beach Observer runs article about 3D Imaging, Raise The Arches and Ride The Arches Poker Run

2019-01-05 09:00:00

We Raise The Arches

On January 5th 2019 Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches was granted to the original Arches. We began clearing 40 years of brush and trees. Many News stories are running about this event.

2019-01-13 09:00:00

News-Press Covers Raise The Arches

Fort Myers News Press Covers Raise The Arches.

2019-01-13 21:46:09

Fox 4 Covers Raise The Arches

Fox 4 Covers Lawrence Cremia and Jane Luchi at the Arches site. The Arches are dug from the past.

2019-01-26 09:00:00

Ride The Arches Poker Run

Bridgette's Place hosted the Ride The Arches Poker Run

2019-02-25 09:00:00

We go to the MPO

Our portion of the meeting is at 1:13:45, it leads to Cecil Pendergrass trying to create a working group between us and FDOT. Anne Hosford leads our group. The result was an effort by Cecil Pendergrass. He is looking into getting approval for a Lee County BOCC workshop between Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches Inc and FDOT to answer questions and about feasibility. Of course it has to be approved.

2019-03-09 09:00:00

Observer Covers Raise The Arches II

Jesse Meadows writes a great story on the front page of the Observer covering 3D imaging of the Arches at Raise The Arches II.

2019-04-27 04:00:00

2nd Annual Rock The Arches

2nd Annual Rock The Arches helps us meet fund raising goals for 3D imaging data. We raise over $1900 to go to USF IDEx.

2019-05-21 09:30:00

Ron Corbet Conducts Public Speak at Lee County BOCC

Ron Corbett (our hero) had a largely positive response to his public speaking engagement at Lee County BOCC meeting today. After many attempts to further our cause; Ron's message has struck a core. Lee County is scheduling a meeting among commissioners to discuss, restoring Fort Myers Beach Arches. We received a largely positive response/message from everyone at the meeting. Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass is vowing "We will get this done". Kiker Arches may become a reality.

2019-07-09 19:52:01

Working with Engineers and Construction Companies

$75K budget to cover construction and engineering without stonework. Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches Inc has been working to initiate fundraising and planning 3rd Annual Rock The Arches Music Festival at Lani Kai

2019-07-10 19:52:01

Location Found for Historic Arches

Location at Crescent Beach Park found for Arches

2019-08-05 11:11:43

Etched Brick Pavers Pitched to FMB

Our superstar Gayle Mason Oneil pitches our idea to FMB for an etch brick paver sidewalk fundraiser. Will readdress with FMB early next year. Gayle's conversation starts at 15:57

2019-09-24 11:14:45

Lee County Rejects Plan to Scale Model Of Arches In Crescent Beach Park

Initial discussion with Lee County Stake holders on placing FMB Arches in Lee County's Crescent Beach Family Park went no place. Lee County insisted on a 40 ft Arch, with no compromises. They also indicated there would be no other property offered by Lee County for this project.

2019-10-04 19:56:22

Compromise Reach Between Lee County and Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc.

Lee County offers 60ft of Crescent Beach Family Park for Construction of 60% replica of Arches. Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches accepts offer.

2019-11-19 10:16:22

FMB Town Council voted against 60% replica of the Arches

11-19-2019 Yesterday, sadly the Fort Myers Beach Town Council voted 4 to 1 against placing a 60% replica of the Arches in Crescent Beach Family Park. Today the Lee County Commissioners voted 5-0 to use Lee County resources to help Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc. find a suitable location for a new replica of the Arches. We continue fundraising for that eventuality.

2020-04-25 14:12:26

3rd Annual Rock The Arches - Posponed due to COVID

Our biggest and best fundraiser of the year was postponed by COVID-19. We have tentatively rescheduled our event for 25th of April, 2021.

2020-06-02 14:04:54

Rake The Arches, Rock The Arches

Local Artist John Boyd volunteered to do his artwork during this week long project. The events took place on different Estero Island Beaches Daily. This awareness raiser was totally conceived by John

Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches

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