Eisenhower Public Library District's 40th Anniversary

In 2013, Eisenhower Public Library District will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

Eisenhower Public Library District has been serving the communities of Norridge and Harwood Heights since 1973.

1941-08-25 05:08:02

Norwood Park Township Volunteer Fire Department

The Norwood Park Volunteer Township Fire Department was chartered on August 24, 1941. Before this date fires in the area were covered by the Chicago Fire Department.

1948-03-04 17:38:56

Village of Harwood Heights Incorporated

On March 4, 1948 The Village of Harwood Heights was awarded its official charter.

1948-12-04 04:04:54

Village of Norridge Incorporated

Through the efforts of the Annexation Improvement Club, Norridge was incorporated by referendum on December 4, 1948.

1955-01-21 10:59:01

Norridge Park District Established

The Norridge Park District was established by referendum in 1955 to serve the recreational needs of the community of Norridge as well as portions of Harwood Heights.

1956-01-13 08:47:14

Harlem Irving Plaza Opens

Harlem Irving Plaza opens in 1956 as a 45-store open-air strip mall. The mall is enclosed in the late seventies.

1958-02-01 02:28:56

Norwood Park Fire Protection District

The Norwood Park Volunteer Fire Department was reorganized as the Norwood Park Fire Protection District after a vote on February 1, 1958. The district went to 24 hour a day manned status in February of 1961.

1958-07-12 10:48:53

Referendum to establish Ridgewood High School Passes

A referendum was held on July 12, 1958 and the citizens of Norridge and Harwood Heights voted to establish High School District #234 and build Ridgewood High School.

1968-09-01 10:29:24

Friends Group Formed

The "Friends of the Library for Norridge-Harwood Heights" is officially formed to begin the process of starting a community library.

1969-05-01 13:09:41

Name the Library Contest

A "Name the Library" contest is held at the local schools. Permission is sought and granted from Mamie Eisenhower to name the library after Dwight D. Eisenhower as suggested by St Rosalie 6th grader James Scallion.

1972-09-01 13:09:41

Friends Group Receives Federal Grant

The "Friends of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library District" receive a federal grant to open a library to serve Norridge and Harwood Heights.

1972-10-01 13:09:41

Library Opens in Parkway Towers

The library begins serving patrons out of a small space on the ground floor at the rear of Parkway Towers, supplemented by a borrowed bookmobile which makes stops at the local village halls, schools, churches and some businesses.

1973-03-01 13:09:41

Referendum for Library Passes

A referendum for a library district supported from a portion of the taxes paid to the villages of Norridge and Harwood Heights is placed on the ballot and passes. The Dwight D. Eisenhower Library District is established.

1973-06-01 13:09:41

Library Operates Under Federal Grant

The library operates under a federal grant administered by the Suburban Library System.

1974-07-01 13:09:41

The Library Buys Bookmobile

The library buys its own bookmobile.

1974-09-01 13:09:41

Polish Collection Established

The Polish language collection is created at the library.

1974-10-01 13:09:41

Library Moves to CANTOS building

The library moves to larger leased quarters in the rear half of the CANTOS sheet metal factory located at 4652 N. Olcott Avenue.

1975-07-01 13:09:41

Eisenhower Becomes an Automated Library

For the first time, computers are used to check out materials to patrons.

1975-07-01 13:09:41

Library Purchases CANTOS Building

The library purchases the CANTOS sheet metal factory building and begins using the entire building.

1976-04-01 13:09:41

Bookmobile Service Discontinued

The bookmobile service is discontinued and the bookmobile is sold.

1979-02-01 01:18:58

Ronald V. Stoch, Library Director

Ronald V. Stoch is hired as the library's third director.

1982-07-01 13:09:41

Library Building Expanded

The library building is expanded and remodeled from 7,500 to 11,250 square feet.

1984-02-01 13:09:41

Computerized Card Catalog

Eisenhower Public Library District becomes the 8th library in the state of Illinois to offer a computerized card catalog to its patrons.

1988-01-14 03:59:39

New Fire Station

The Norwood Park Fire Protection District dedicated the new fire station at 7447 W. Lawrence in 1988, consolidating operations to one location.

1989-01-01 13:09:41

Island Within a City

The Library publishes the book Island Within A City: A History of the Norridge - Harwood Heights Area by Thomas McGowen.

1997-04-01 13:09:41

Referendum Fails

A referendum on the ballot to refurbish the existing library building or build a new library fails to pass.

1997-11-04 13:09:41

Referendum Fails

Another referendum on the ballot to refurbish the existing library building or build a new library also fails to pass.

2003-04-01 21:37:33

Referendum Passes

A referendum on the ballot to build a new library building passes.

2006-04-01 21:37:33

Ground Broken

Ground is broken to begin the building process for the new Eisenhower Public Library District buliding at 4613 N. Oketo Avenue in Harwood Heights.

2008-01-07 21:37:33

New Library Opens

The library's new 44,550 square foot facility is completed. The building is a LEED Silver-certified building. It is nearly four times larger than the previous facilty.

2013-03-01 07:13:01

40th Anniversary Gala

The Eisenhower Public Library District kicked off its anniversary year celebration with an after-hours gala at the library. The Alex Ross artwork for the dust jacket for The War of the Worlds was unveiled to the public.

Eisenhower Public Library District's 40th Anniversary

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