Holocaust & Patterns of Genocide

From the Holocaust until today

1918-11-09 15:31:16

Birth of the German Republic & Armistice

German revolution overthrows imperial government and creates a republic. On November 11th, 2018, Germany signs armistice with allies, ending fighting in WWI.

1919-05-01 15:31:16

Adolf Hitler joins the German Workers Party

The German Workers Party would later become the National Socialist German Workers Party (the Nazi Party)

1919-05-07 15:31:16

Treaty of Versailles presented to German delegation

The "War Guilt Clause" of the Versailles Treaty forces Germany to accept responsibility for initiating WWI

1919-09-16 03:45:37

Hitler issues comment on the "Jewish Question"

Hitler issues his first written comment on the so-called Jewish Question.

1920-01-01 15:31:16

Nazi Party adopts swastika as flag

1920-02-01 03:45:37

25-Point Program

Hilter presents 25-point program to a Nazi Party meeting. Nazi Party members publicly declare their intention to segregate Jews from 'Aryan' society and to abrogate Jews' political, legal, and civil rights

1923-11-09 03:45:37

Beer Hall Putsch

Hitler and the Nazi Party attempt to overthrow the Weimar Republic.

1924-01-01 03:45:37

Hitler convicted of treason and imprisoned

Hitler’s attempt to overthrow the government in November 1923, the so-called Beer Hall Putsch, led German authorities to try—unsuccessfully—to deport the Nazi leader to his native Austria. Hitler (pictured here reading a newspaper in his cell in Landsberg prison) served only a short sentence for high treason; after his release he was prohibited from speaking at public gatherings in Bavaria until 1927

1924-06-01 15:31:16

Hitler convicted of treason and imprisoned

1925-01-01 01:32:25

Nazi party begins producing propaganda films to show in "film-mobiles" in rural areas

1925-01-01 20:58:49

Triumph of the Will

Nazi propaganda film, released in 1935, chronicling the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, Germany

1925-02-27 15:31:16

Hitler becomes leader of reestablished Nazi party

Recently released from Landsberg prison, where he served just 9 months for treason, Hitler quickly reestablished the Nazi Party, not as a revolutionary party to seize power by force in Germany, but as a political party campaigning to win votes in democratic elections. Hitler vowed to win elections, to gain power through majority vote, and then reform the German government, that is—to establish a Nazi dictatorship in Germany. Henceforth, Hitler used his authority over the party to bypass or override all ideological conflicts in his single-minded pursuit of power in Germany.

1928-01-01 20:58:49

Nazi Part wins 12 seats in German parliamentary elections

1930-09-14 03:07:23

Nazi party wins 107 seats in German parliamentary elections

1932-07-22 03:07:23

Hitler campaign speech

In a speech, Hitler attacks the Weimar Republic and pledges to dissolve the parliamentary system

1932-11-08 03:07:23

Franklin D Roosevelt elected President of the United States

When the Nazis seized power in Germany in January 1933, Roosevelt, less than two weeks into his administration, was preoccupied with the Great Depression and its consequences for the United States and the world. Nevertheless, the new president was well-informed about the Hitler regime and its anti-Jewish policies, and early on perceived Nazi Germany as a threat to vital US interests. As persecution of Jews in Germany intensified during the 1930s, however, Roosevelt did not include among his priorities an effort to respond to the growing refugee problem that Nazi policies created.

1933-01-30 22:55:30

Adolf Hitler appointed chancellor of Germany

1933-02-28 22:55:30

Reichstag Fire Decree

The Reichstag (German parliament) building burns in Berlin. Hitler used the event to convince President Hindenburg to declare a state of emergency, suspending important constitutional safeguards

1933-03-13 22:55:30

Creation of Reich Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda

The agency controlled the writing and broadcast of all media in addition to public entertainment and cultural programs.

1933-03-22 22:55:30

Dachau concentration camp established

1933-03-31 17:02:59

Decree of Berlin city commissioner for health suspends Jewish doctors from the city's charity services

1933-04-01 22:03:52

Anti-Jewish Boycott

Goebbels delivers a speech urging Germans to boycott Jewish businesses. He defended the boycott as an appropriate response to the anti-German "atrocity" being spread by the "international Jewry"

1933-04-07 17:02:59

Law on Admission to Legal Profression

Forbids admission of Jews to the bar

1933-04-07 17:02:59

Law for Restoration of Civil Service

The law banned Jews and other opponents of the Nazis from all civil service positions

1933-04-25 17:02:59

Law against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities

Limits the number of Jewish students in public schools

1933-05-10 01:21:16

Book burnings

Books deemed "un-German" are publicly burned throughout Germany

1933-06-07 17:02:59

New regulations give major tax advantages to films exemplifying the "Nazi spirit"

1933-06-14 17:02:59

De-Naturalization law

Revokes citizenship of naturalized Jews and "undesirables"

1933-07-14 19:44:33

Law for Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases

Mandates forced sterilization of certain individuals with physical or mental disabilities

1933-10-04 17:02:59

Law on Editors

Bans Jews and those married to Jews from editorial posts

1933-11-10 23:05:25

People's radio is developed to make mass radio reception possible

The People's Radio can receive only long wave, meaning that it cannot receive broadcasts from most foreign radio stations

1933-11-10 23:05:25

Triumph des Willens

(Triumph of the Will) Propaganda film shot at the Nuremburg Nazi Party Rally

1934-01-11 17:02:59

Executive order on Reich Tax Law forbids Jews to serve as tax consultants

1934-05-21 17:02:59

Army Law

Expels Jews from the army

1934-06-30 15:31:16

Röhm Affair

Hitler orders a purge of the top leadership of the Nazi Party paramilitary formation

1934-08-02 15:31:16

Death of German president von Hindenburg

German president Paul von Hindenburg dies. With the support of the German armed forces, Hitler becomes President.

1934-08-02 15:31:16

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1934-08-02 16:15:42

Death of President von Hindenburg

President Paul von Hindenburg dies. Hitler, with the support of the German armed forces, becomes President

1934-08-19 16:15:42

Hitler abolishes the office of president

Hitler becomes the absolute dictator of Germany

1935-05-01 23:05:25

Ban on Jehovah's Witness Organizations

1935-06-28 23:05:25

Revision of Paragraph 175

Facilitates the systematic persecution of homosexuals in Germany

1935-09-01 23:05:25

Nuremburg Laws

1936-04-03 23:19:18

Reich Veterinarians Law

Expels Jews from the veterinary profession

1936-08-01 16:15:42

Berlin hosts the Olympic Games

1936-10-15 23:19:18

Reich Ministry of Education bans Jewish teachers from public schools

1937-01-01 23:05:25

Degenerate Art Exhibition

This exhibition featured over 650 paintings, sculptures, prints, and books which had been confiscated from German public museums, including the works of some important 20th century artists like Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Emil Nolde, Georg Grosz, and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. The pieces were chaotically hung with accompanying criticism and derisive text, in order to clarify to the German people what type of art was considered unacceptable

1937-07-15 23:05:25

Establishment of Buchenwald concentration camp


1937-11-08 23:05:25

Der Ewige Jude

Nazi propaganda exhibit Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew) opens in Munich

1938-01-05 19:44:33

Law on Alteration of Family and Personal Names

Forbids Jews from changing their names

1938-03-18 19:44:33

Gun Law

Excludes Jewish gun merchants

Holocaust & Patterns of Genocide

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