Amalgamated Security Services Limited

This year Amalgamated Security Services Limited celebrates 32, but the company’s roots extend well into the late 20th century, and have earned a Caribbean reputation for developing and incorporating innovative and effective solutions to challenging security related problems. Explore this timeline to discover Amalgamated Security Services Limited and its mark in security services.

Founded in 1983, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) is a well established, Caribbean-based, privately owned Security and Risk Management Company.;xNLx;;xNLx;We have a wealth of knowledge in Private Security and the supply of security personnel and life saving products, with a high-profile client base including many government agencies, and private and public companies throughout the Caribbean.;xNLx;;xNLx;"Our extensive knowledge base in state-of-the-art and best practice which include security products and services has allowed us to become the largest single provider of a wide range of security-related services and products in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean."

1983-12-12 00:00:00

Aboud Security Service Formed

Aboud Security Service, formed in 1983, was born out of Michael Aboud’s vision and determination to establish a company that will provide innovative and exclusive solutions tailored to the security industry and its clientele. Operating out of Sea Lots with just a handful of officers and one vehicle (black escort), Michael Aboud chose to change the name to Amalgamated Security Service Limited, in 1986 and move its office to Kelly Kenny Street, Port-of-Spain. At this office, he opened a child care centre, the finance branch and the company’s sport and cultural club. He appointed George Phillip, as the first General Manager and hired Anthony Joseph as one of the first security officer’s under Amalgamated Security Service Limited. The company first banked with Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago, in that era.

1986-01-01 15:31:32

Michael Aboud established the K9 Division

Characteristic of his optimism and ambition, Michael established the K9 Division for home and commercial property protection as an addition to his line of security services offered to clients. He procured a mix breed German Sheppard, two (2) Rotweillers and a pitbull. He appointed k-9 Trainers as follows: Theophillus Philip Sherry-Ann Anthony Ottley

1986-02-02 15:15:03

Central Monitoring Station Launched

He also founded the first central monitoring station in the country with just one computer system, two phone lines and a server at its Kelly Kenny Street Office in Port-of Spain.

1986-03-03 10:30:08

Amalgamated Security Services Launches Cash-in-Transit Division

Later that year, Michael Aboud established the Cash in Transit division to provide secure and reliable transportation of money to/from any location in Trinidad & Tobago. He procured the 1st Armoured vehicle shown in the picture (middle) to facilitate this service. Subsequently as his clients grew, he procured the 2nd (from right) and 3rd (from left) armored vehicles also shown below.

1988-02-08 20:46:40

Amalgamated Security Services 1st Rapid Response Unit

He acquired a building on the 22nd Sept. 1989, at Romeo Street, Port of Spain and launched the first Rapid Response Unit, comprising of a team of four (Allan Cummings, Carl Duncan, Anthony Ottley and Sean Chavellie). This unit patrolled areas of Port-of-Spain and environs.

1988-02-10 02:35:51

Michael Aboud Established the Alarms & Electronics Division

Michael Aboud founded the Alarms & Electronics Division simply with one (1) vehicle, a technician named Richard Ali and an assistant named Kenrick Dookie.

1991-01-09 22:06:05

Amalgamated Security Services Conducts Self Defence Training

Amalgamated Security Services Conducts Self Defence Training

1991-12-21 07:10:38

Corporate Events - Annual Awards Ceremony

This year marked the first of many recognition awards function to be hosted by Michael Aboud in recognition to his staff for their dedication and hardwork. The East & South Division received the Area Proficiency Challenge Trophy.

1992-01-02 07:10:38

1st Security Marine Patrol Unit

In 1992, Michael Aboud extended its security portfolio by purchasing a boat named “Stingray” and launching the marine patrol unit subsequent to training completed by the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard in Basic Semenship and Sea Survival Techniques on 16th April 1992. In attendance was Stephen Lafleur (Marine Supervisor), Allan Cummings and Marine Officers.

1992-03-28 07:10:38

Amalgamated Security Services Limited Presents Technology in the Fight Against Crime

Michael Aboud hosted a seminar on Technology in the Fight Against Crime, in attendance at the seminar was Kenny Noor Mohammed Deputy Commissioner of Police, Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Force and Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service.

1992-05-29 07:10:38

Amalgamated Security Services Rapid Response Team Attend Training

Under the umbrella of training, the Rapid Response Team visited the USA to partake in the Rapid Response Training.

1992-08-21 07:10:38

Corporate Events - Annual Award Ceremony

At the company's Annual Awards Ceremony, the East Division received Area Proficiency Challenge Trophy.

1993-02-11 05:07:42

Amalgamated Security Services Limited Hires its First Alarms & Electronics Manager

Michael Aboud procured the assets of Universal Alarm Systems Ltd and hired Azard Ali on 03rd May, 1993 as Alarms and Electronics Manager of its Alarms & Electronics Division.

1993-03-10 05:07:42

Amalgamated Security Hosts a Seminar on Executive Security Awareness

Michael Aboud hosted a Seminar on Executive Security Awareness, in attendance were members of the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service including the Commissioner of Police.

1994-01-07 05:07:42

Amalgamated Security Services 1st Motorcycle Fleet

In 1994, Amalgamated Security Services Limited procured its 1st Motorcycle driven by Ricardo Laborde. The Motorpool Division was formed to manage the fleet of the company and located at its Chaguanas office.

1994-12-17 05:07:42

Corporate Events

Michael Aboud hosted a Christmas luncheon for staff where he recognized members of staff for their dedication and loyalty to Amalgamated Security Services Limited.

1995-01-19 05:07:42

Amalgamated Security Services Opens 1st Dormitory for Employees

On 03rd November, 1995, Michael Aboud procured a building located at 208 Eastern Main Road, Barataria where he opened the first dormitory for officers.

1995-12-15 05:07:42

Corporate Events - Annual Awards Ceremony

Michael Aboud hosted its Annual Christmas Dinner and Awards Function . At the function, he recognised staff for their loyalty and dedication to the company.

1996-01-04 04:58:32

Amalgamated Security Services Acquisition of Assets

Amalgamated Security Service Limited becomes Amalgamated Security Services Limited, signalling the beginning of a new era of ambition and growth. The new era began with the acquisition of properties located at Golden Grove Road, Piarco on 16th January marked for the Prison Transport Division and 15 Sanchez Street, Arima on 17th January as a dormitory. Later in the year, Michael Aboud also procured properties located at 44 Prince of Wales St. San Fernando on 11th April, 1996 where he opened the South Division and 06 Queen Street, Arima on 10th June where he opened the Arima Division.

1996-11-01 04:58:32

Commissioning of the Prisoner Transport Division and Official Launch of the Prisoner Transport System

Michael Aboud ended the year with the commissioning of the Prisoner Transport Division and Official Launch of the Prisoner Transport System on Saturday December 28th, 1996. The division was formally opened by Senator the Honourable Brigadier Joseph Theodore, Minister of National Security.

1996-11-01 04:58:32

1st Prisoner Transport Truck to Drive out of the Prison in Port of Spain

On November 01st, Amalgamated began providing official transport for prisoners from the prisons. 'Justice On Time', the motto inscribed on the new fleet transported prisoners from the Port of Spain prison, Women’s Prison, St. Jude’s, St. Michael’s and St. Ann’s institutions to attend court.

1996-11-01 04:58:32

Michael Aboud presents Model of Prison Transport Vehicle to Minister of National Security

At the Inaugural ceremony, Minister of National Security Brigadier Joseph Theodore receives a model of the new prison transport vehicle from Michael Aboud, Chairman of Amalgamated Security Services Limited.

1996-12-20 04:58:32

Fallen Officers

Crispin Sinaswee - Employee was fatally shot while on duty on a Customer's delivery truck in Pasea.

1997-01-01 04:58:32

Michael Aboud wins the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 1997 for Services, Retail and Distribution

Michael Aboud wins the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 1997 for Services, Retail and Distribution

1997-02-02 04:58:32

Honour Guards Marches at the Downtown Owners Merchants Association (D.O.M.A) Christmas Parade in Port-of-Spain Trinidad

1997-03-07 04:58:32

Amalgamated Signs 1st Employee Assistance Program

In 1997, Michael Aboud signed an agreement with Dr. Elder to provide services for its Employee Assistance Program established to resolve and assist employees grievances.

1997-04-16 04:58:32

Acquisition of Assets

Michael Aboud in his passion to the build an empire, procured buildings located at Barataria # 197 and 42 Prince of Wales Street, San Fernando on 29th January & 16th April , 1997 respectively. At the Prince of Wales building, Michael Aboud applied for a licence to run a private prison.

1997-09-24 04:58:32

Amalgamated (Antigua) Limited Established

He also established the Antigua Limited (Amalgamated Security Services Limited) on 24th September 1997.

1997-11-12 04:58:32

Sports & Cultural Club Activities

The Sports & Cultural Club of Amalgamated kept its first Beach Lime at Maracas Beach in 1998 which brought staff members together for a time of relaxation and unity.

1997-11-12 04:58:32

Fallen Officers

Evelyn Green - Officer Green was one of the first batch of female officers attached ot the Company Northern Division. She worked well beyond the call of duty and always performed her duty with distinction. She died while doing an extra duty at one of our Customer locations

1997-11-12 04:58:32

Training & Development

In 1997, staff partook in range practice shooting.

1997-12-01 04:58:32

Antigua Prison Operations

A revolutionary concept in the security industry, the Antigua Government gave ASSL the opportunity to control and operate the Antigua Prison (December 1997 to 21st Aug 2001).

1998-01-01 04:58:32

Archangel Ambulance Established

In 1998, Michael Aboud founded the Archangel Ambulance Business Unit. He appointed Mr. Andrew Hackshaw as the 1st Ambulance Manager.

1998-02-20 04:58:32

Marine Patrol Unit Seizes the 1st Ship

In 1998 Amalgamated Security Marine Patrol Unit seized the 1st Ship on the waters off the coast of Trinidad.

1998-03-13 04:58:32

Corporate Events: Annual Awards Ceremony 1997

At the awards function, Chairman Michael Aboud honored overall winners of annual awards and persons who contributed to the success in last year's retail sales and services category in the Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

1998-03-13 04:58:32

Amalgamated 'Antigua Team' Features a Career Guidance Exhibition

In the latter year of 1998, the ‘Antigua Team’ featured a Career Guidance exhibition in the Antigua Recreational Ground of arts & crafts made by inmates in the prison. In the picture are Prison Officers who were attached to the Antigua mission.

1999-01-07 01:46:49

Amalgamated Security Services Features Booth in the Concourse Grand Stand

In observance of Prison Service Month, Amalgamated Security Services Limited exhibited within its booth in the Concourse Grand Stand of the Queen’s Park Savannah pieces from Antigua Prison rehabilitation project.

1999-05-07 01:46:49

Amalgamated Security Services Sponsors Caribbean Correctional Association Inaugural Conference

In the midst of the year, Amalgamated Security sponsored the Caribbean Correctional Association Inaugural Conference which was held on June 17th to 18th, 1999.

1999-07-23 01:46:49

Corporate Sponsorships/Donations

NCBA Donation and Datta Home for the Aged

1999-12-10 01:46:49

Fallen Officer

Maximus Edwards - Employee was killed in a motorcycle accident.

2001-01-03 20:16:36

Corporate Sponsorships/Donations

The Prisoner Transport Division visited the St. Martin De Porres Church, Port of Spain where food items were donated to members of the community. In addition, Amalgamated donates wheelchair.

2001-03-22 20:16:36

Sports & Cultural Club Events

Cricket match The Sports & Cultural Club held its first cricket match for employees in 2001.

2002-01-10 20:16:36

Fallen Officers

Kevin Henry - Henry was on duty at Pizza Boys Glencoe, when armed assailants stormed the premises and fatally shot him. Ramesh Sankar - Sankar died in Company's car from a heart attack whilst on duty

2003-01-16 20:16:36

Amalgamated Supervisor Attains International K-9 Certification

Anthony Ottley, Supervisor III attached to Amalgamated Security Services Limited has successfully completed a professional level Training Program at the National School for Dogs Trainers, Ohio USA. Some areas of specialization within the program include basic and advanced obedience, tracking, personnel protection and police K-9 scent detection.

2003-01-16 20:16:36

Amalgamated Continues its International Certification Drive

Two officers successfully completed training at accredited institutions in the USA. Mr. Alwin Padia Ambulance Supervisor pursued the First Aid/CPR Instructor Course at the National Safety Council Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Ricardo Laborde Firearm/Courier Manager pursued the Pistol and Revolver Maintenance and Repair Course at the Smith and Wesson Academy in Springfield, Massachusetts.

2003-08-29 20:16:36

Sports & Cultural Club Events

The Sports & Cultural Club held its first Mr. & Ms. Amalgamated Pageant in 2003.

2004-01-01 20:16:36

Success Story of Archangel Ambulance

Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) recognised and applauded Andrew Hackshaw, for making the Chairman's dream into a reality by taking the concept of an ambulance service and turning it into Archangel Ambulance Service Limited.

2004-05-21 20:16:36

Training & Development

Amalgamated Security Services Limited continued its drive to remain the premier security company within the Caribbean region. Four of its officers awarded scholarships to pursue Tactical Training and Instructor Level Certification delivered by the world renowned National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) in Orlando, Florida.

2004-10-15 20:16:36

Amalgamated Conducts Training for St. George's University

Amalgamated Security Services conducts a two-week training security program for forty one members of the St. George's University Security Unit in Grenada. On Saturday, 18th December 2004 graduated at the Bell Lecture Hall. Course Director, Dr. Jason Hernandez, disclosed that the program was designed with the specific needs of the university in mind. He was particularly impressed by the high level of enthusiasm among the officers and commented that "they demonstrated a thirst for knowledge."

2004-10-15 20:16:36

Fallen Officer

Horace Nurse - Nurse was killed in a road traffic accident at Trincity Industrial Estate while on duty.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited

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