Housing Policies

An informative timeline from the Early Georgian period to Today covering policies, acts of parliament and regulated standards introduced to housing.

1744-01-31 11:55:59

London Building Act

The Act specifies new street dimensions and rates dependant on value and size.

1745-08-05 02:56:02

First building society introduced

1792-02-27 05:37:24

Surveyors club formed (later known as RICS).

1834-12-12 10:18:40

Creation of the Royal Institute of British Architects

1835-09-14 06:18:41

Municipal Corporations Act

Established the principal of elected town councils.

1836-12-16 20:58:43

Building Societies Act

The Act officially recognises societies for the first time.

1840-06-25 22:38:50

Bristol Building Act

1842-03-31 10:58:53

Building clubs allowed to become permanent building societies.

1844-07-05 19:58:57

Metropolitan Building Act

1848-07-15 17:19:04

Public Health Act

The Act creates public boards of health.

1851-04-22 22:59:09

Labouring Classes Lodging Houses Act

First Act to permit local authorities to provide housing.

1866-05-29 18:59:35

Labouring Classes Dwelling Houses Act

1867-06-01 12:19:37

Vote to Urban Labourers

1868-03-03 06:19:39

Vote to Rural Labourers

1868-03-03 06:19:39

Artisans and Labourers Dwelling Act (Torrent Act)

Authorities given the power to demolish individual unfit houses with no compensation for owners (amended in 1879 to provide compensation).

1868-03-03 06:19:39

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Established

1872-03-13 03:39:46

Public Health Act The Act created urban and rural sanitary authorities

1875-03-21 07:39:51

Public Health Act

Established principles for the purchase of land by local authorities and specified minimum back yards and rear access.

1875-03-21 07:39:51

Artisans and Labourers Dwelling Improvement Act (Cross Act)

Permits local authorities to purchase and clear areas of unfit housing.

1885-10-15 10:40:10

1885 Housing of the Working Classes Act

Allowed county districts to get loans from the treasury and granted authorities power to shut down unhealthy houses.

1888-04-21 18:00:14

Electrical Lighting Act

1890-07-28 03:00:18

Public Health Act of 1875 extended

1896-08-11 11:00:29

Housing of the Working Classes (Lanes Act)

Consolidates and amends earlier regulation. It dealt with areas of unfit and unsanitary housing, individual unfit houses and gave local authority powers to build housing for general needs.

1900-05-22 10:00:36

Housing of the Working Classes Act amended

1909-06-13 22:00:52

Housing and Town Planning Act

Housing and Town Planning Act accepts principles relating to the picturesque; ends obligation on authorities to sell houses in redevelopment areas within ten years; provides powers for authorities to prepare town planning schemes.

1914-06-26 12:41:00

Creation of Royal Town Planning Institute

1915-09-29 04:21:03

War restrictions Act

Emergency legislation which fixed rents at their August 1914 levels as a result of rent strikes by the working class.

1919-10-09 01:41:10

Housing and Town Planning Act (Additions Act)

Introduction of exchequer subsidies for Local Authority Houses. Local liability fixed at 1d rate. Exchequer met any remaining deficit (this was withdrawn in 1921).

1919-10-09 01:41:10

Addison Act

Funds housing for the working classes.

1919-10-09 01:41:10

Subsidised and universal housing introduced

Extended superior family housing to a select portion of the working class.

1923-04-18 02:21:16

Housing Act (Chamberlain Act)

Intended mainly to stimulate private contractors. The Act was withdrawn in 1924.

1924-07-20 18:01:18

Housing (Financial provisions) Act, (Wheatley Act)

Introduction of a new higher subsidy with mandatory rate, (withdrawn in 1933).

1926-04-25 06:21:21

Electrical Supply Act

Under which the National Grid is set up.

1935-02-14 19:01:37

Housing Act

New subsidies to help with overcrowding.

1944-09-08 04:41:54

Dudley Report is used after the second world war

The report provided guidance to local authorities on minimum standards (similar to the Tudor Walters Report of 1918).

1946-06-13 17:01:57

New Towns Act

One in five dwellings under the New Towns Act is owner occupied the rest are rented directly from the development corporation.

1946-06-13 17:01:57

New Towns Act - Passed by Parliament

Plans decentralisation from congested urban areas to provide self-contained and balanced communities.

1947-09-16 08:41:59

Town & Country Planning Act

1958-04-12 10:42:18

‘Design and Economy’ Report

Lowers basic standards for housing.

1960-04-16 21:22:21

Noise Abatement Act

1961-04-19 14:42:23

Parker Morris Report

Minimum housing standards introduced

1961-07-20 13:02:24

Land Compensation Act

1973-02-16 07:22:44


Policy states that 50% of new housing is rented and 50% is owner occupied.

1974-08-21 22:22:47

Control of Pollution Act

1980-03-05 08:42:56

The 1980s

National house building councils requirements featured space standards for both public and private housing.

1980-06-05 08:02:57

Parker Morris Report standards abolished

This was due to cuts in public expenditure.

1981-03-08 02:02:58

Disabled Persons Act

Inserted into the Town and Country Planning Act in 1990.

1982-06-10 18:43:01

Public subsidy is transferred from dwellings to individuals.

1983-09-13 10:23:03

Housing Corporation documents design and contract criteria

1984-06-15 05:23:04

Building Act (Building Regulations)

Approval required for most building work in the UK.

Housing Policies

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