Lifestyles and Technology

An informative timeline from the Early Georgian period to Today, demonstrating the effects that technological advances have had on our homes, lifestyles and living.

1740-01-01 00:00:00

18th Century cooking is done on an open range

1740-01-01 00:00:00

18th Century Working classes have food cooked at a bake house due to minimal cooking facilities in the home.

1740-01-01 00:00:00

18th Century Houses

Houses range between small with no supplies or facilities to large with basic kitchen ranges and bog houses...

1760-01-01 00:00:00


External walls of houses are built in brick or stone.

1760-01-01 00:00:00

Walls of most houses still are built with local materials.

1760-01-01 00:00:00


Late 17th Century buildings...

1780-01-01 00:00:00

Cooking Ranges

Ranges designed to control the fire for the required number of pots.

1810-01-01 00:00:00

Early 19th Century Houses

Small houses still have nothing while medium to large have kitchen ranges, bog houses and in more cases a cold water supply...

1812-01-01 00:00:00


First gas lighting utilities are established.

1830-01-01 00:00:00

Lawn mower is invented by Edward Budding.

1837-12-01 23:22:25

Invention of the adhesive stamp.

1840-11-01 21:43:47

In the House

Creation of bathrooms in the house as an additional room.

1840-11-01 21:43:47


Hot water systems are introduced into wealthier homes.

1850-01-01 00:00:00

Openable windows become mandatory.

1850-10-11 22:37:02

Mid-19th Century Houses

Small houses remain with nothing while medium and merger houses have improved kitchen ranges, a water supply and in larger houses a WC at the back...

1850-11-01 21:43:47

Washing and Toilets

Sanitation and behaviour within the home...

1850-11-01 21:43:47


Coal fires are the chief means of room heating...

1850-12-10 22:52:11

Range Design

Half closed ranges are in use with separate boilers known as coppers...

1851-12-10 22:52:11

Separate bedrooms for children

Housing reformers are beginning to advocate separate bedrooms for boys and girls.

1851-12-10 22:52:11

Removal of basements

Outside of London the removal of basements lower building costs considerably

1852-12-10 22:52:11


Gas gains acceptance in the home after the House of Commons adopts it.

1865-12-10 22:52:11

Water Supplies

Constant supplies of pressurised, filtrated water arrives.

1870-12-10 22:52:11


The design of coal burning ranges and open fireplaces is directed towards improving fuel efficiency.

1871-11-01 21:43:47


Bathroom hygiene improves...

1875-11-01 21:43:47

A Typical House

A typical 'by-law' house has three bedrooms, a cold water supply and a WC.

1876-12-10 22:52:11


Backs and gardens start to be used. The natural garden style returns.

1876-12-12 23:59:24

Late-19th Century

Smaller houses only have copper piped hot water and possibly gas. Only medium and larger houses have an interior WC.

1885-12-10 22:52:11

Gas and affordability

The introduction of the penny-in-the-slot meter enabled poorer families to pay for the gas in small affordable sums.

1890-12-10 22:52:11


The bathroom appears in the smallest middle class houses.

1890-12-10 22:52:11


Early 1890s Houses in Liverpool have complete WC provision.

1894-12-10 22:52:11

First electric kettle.

1901-12-10 22:52:11


For health -and due to the unavailability of servants- wooden floors and smaller carpets are introduced as well as less ornate dust-catching decoration.

1901-12-10 22:52:11

The difference in Houses

Medium and large houses have most services in place...

1901-12-10 22:52:11


Introduction of electricity changes the interior decor considerably...

1901-12-10 22:52:11

Culture and materialism

Pianos, Perambulators & bicycles are the most expensive and desirable items in a working class home.

1905-12-10 22:52:11


Inverted incandescent burners become available. Incandescent lighting by electricity actually predates its application to gas.

1907-12-10 22:52:11


Introduction of the incandescent bulb into the home.

1908-12-10 22:52:11


40% of households in Bristol use gas cookers.

1910-12-10 22:52:11

2% of British homes have electricity.

1912-12-10 22:52:11

The Belling company creates the classic 20th Century electric fire.

1914-12-10 22:52:11


Mass production of goods for the home grows in importance.

1914-12-10 22:52:11


Most medium to large houses are fitted with electricity...

1918-12-10 22:52:11

Tudo Walter Requirements


1920-12-10 22:52:11

Enthusiasm for the home bought husbands and wives together and caused domestic rivalries with neighbours.

1920-12-12 23:59:24

20th Century Houses

All houses improve in sanitation with hot and cold water, many with electricity, all with bathrooms of varying appliances.

1929-12-10 22:52:11

Radburn Layout

The Radburn housing layout is designed to segregate motor vehicle and pedestrian movements....

1937-12-10 22:52:11

The first automatic washing machine.

1939-12-10 22:52:11


Households diminish in size with the final decline of resident domestic servants.

1940-12-10 22:52:11

House Design

Council houses are the first to include bin storage areas in the design.

1945-12-10 22:52:11

Majority of houses have an electric vacuum cleaner.

Lifestyles and Technology

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