Timeline: South Sudan's first year

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2011-07-09 14:36:00

South Sudan celebrates a sweet separation

The world's newest republic enjoyed its independence day, but bitterness over the long struggle for freedom lingers on

2011-07-10 14:36:00

South Sudan marks statehood with football match

First national team plays Kenyan club in friendly, and pride and celebrations abound despite 3-1 defeat

2011-07-11 14:36:00

Independence celebrations

London-based photographer and photo editor David Azia documents independence celebrations in South Sudan

2011-07-14 14:36:00

Papers closed in north Sudan, journalists intimidated in South Sudan

North Sudanese government orders closing of popular Arabic daily paper Ajras Al-Hurriya and suspension of five English-language titles because owners and publishers are from South Sudan

2011-07-14 14:36:00

Separation has made me feel more Sudanese, not less

Nesrine Malik: Instead of retreating, diminished, we northerners must wish South Sudan well and embrace our new nation with optimism

2011-07-15 08:08:59

'My mechanic's overalls will make me a role model for other women'

Despite prejudice and opposition, four girls are training to become South Sudan's first female motor mechanics

2011-07-15 08:08:59

Providing safe water to South Sudan's returnees

The influx of people returning to what is now the Republic of South Sudan has put pressure on water sources. Tearfund is working with partners in the country to help ease the situation

2011-07-15 08:08:59

Lessons in diplomacy from the birth of a new nation

Carne Ross: Serious issues remain unresolved in the relationship between South Sudan and its northern neighbour

2011-07-18 08:08:59

South Sudan: the world's biggest development challenge

A new report underlines the daunting scale of the issues facing the world's newest country

2011-07-25 08:08:59

Macmillan ordered to pay $17m for corruption in South Sudan

Macmillan Publishers has been ordered to pay $17m and banned from World Bank tenders for at least three years for paying officials to win an education deal in South Sudan

2011-07-27 08:08:59

South Sudan: the learning begins

IPS: South Sudan's government has its sights set on the 2 million children who do not attend school

2011-08-01 08:08:59

Sudan's self-inflicted economic distress

To understand the obstacles the nascent Republic of South Sudan will face in the coming months and years, we must understand the intense economic distress currently being experienced in north Sudan after more than two decades of mismanagement, cronyism, profligate military expenditure and exorbitant self-enrichment

2011-08-01 08:08:59

Improving healthcare in South Sudan

The African Medical and Research Foundation has been working in Terekeka county in the state of Central Equatoria, about 175km north of Juba, to support healthcare in the region

2011-09-03 08:08:59

Breaking the cycle of violence

Despite the stability promised by South Sudan's independence, deep tribal conflicts make peace in the region a distant prospect

2011-09-05 08:08:59

Beer could provide lifeline for South Sudan's small farmers

One of the biggest challenges for small farmers and policymakers is to develop markets for drought-tolerant crops such as cassava. Beer could provide a solution

2011-09-07 08:08:59

South Sudan plans new capital

As if South Sudan, the world's newest country, didn't have enough on its plate, it has decided to relocate the capital from Juba and build a new city from scratch

2011-09-23 08:08:59

Sudan's widening arc of instability

Simon Tisdall: US efforts to prevent South Sudan becoming a failed state at birth risk being undermined by escalating border violence

2011-09-29 08:08:59

South Sudan facing severe food shortages, UN agencies warn

IRIN: Security issues, lack of rainfall and influx of northern returnees combine to cause shortages and push up prices

2011-10-05 08:08:59

Livestock critical to survival

IRIN: “There were so many, and now there are so few… It makes me sad when the animals die,” said Sezerina Sake, a young Mundari woman, as she looked on to the community’s cattle camp in Terekeka

2011-11-02 08:08:59

Demining for development as rebels re-mine

IRIN: In the South Sudanese town of Rokon, sniffer dogs practise finding explosives as an enormous demining machine churns up the soil in a nearby suspected minefield

2011-11-04 08:08:59

Britain urges Sudan and South Sudan to co-operate over resettlement

UK's international development minister calls on governments to help hundreds of thousands left in limbo following partition

2011-11-04 08:08:59

First things first

A flag, a name, a currency, a national anthem: when you start a new nation, there's a lot to think about. Zed Nelson photographs the people helping to create the world's newest country

2011-11-25 08:08:59

World must invest in two Sudans' future

Derek Plumbly: The governments of Sudan and South Sudan deserve real credit for the south's smooth transition to independence in July, but there remain difficult issues outstandin

2011-11-28 08:08:59

Sex workers risk violence, HIV in Juba's brothels

IRIN: In the tin warehouses at the back of Jebel Market in Juba, the business of sex is booming

2011-12-14 08:08:59

South Sudan showcases its foreign investment potential

Washington conference offers forum for President Kiir to outline fledgling country's development and investment priorities

2011-12-14 08:08:59

Refugees stream into Upper Nile state

IRIN: At least 1,000 refugees are arriving daily in South Sudan's Upper Nile state, fleeing conflict in Blue Nile state across the border, according to aid agencies

2011-12-16 08:08:59

Humanitarian needs must take priority in South Sudan, warn aid agencies

UN's warning of 'gathering storm of hunger' tempers focus on foreign investment agenda at two-day conference

2011-12-20 08:08:59

'I have seven children and they are eating nothing'

IRIN: More than 20,000 people have fled bombs and violence in Sudan’s Blue Nile state to Doro refugee camp in South Sudan to seek food and shelter

2011-12-23 08:08:59

The issues: Sudan and South Sudan

IRIN: After the independence of South Sudan, and with conflict continuing in border areas, here is an overview of what's being said about the two countries

2012-01-03 08:08:59

Fighting disrupts humanitarian operations in South Sudan

More than 20,000 people are estimated to have fled into the bush amid ethnic clashes. NGOs fear for aid efforts

2012-01-05 08:08:59

South Sudan appeals for humanitarian aid after fighting

Government declares disaster zone and calls for assistance as thousands flee from their homes to escape violence between ethnic groups in Jonglei state

2012-01-10 08:08:59

Explainer: violence in South Sudan

There has been fierce fighting between groups within South Sudan since the country gained independence in July last year. But what is fuelling the conflict?

2012-01-13 08:08:59

Conflict requires firm and coherent response

Sara Pantuliano: Domestic and cross-border violence threatens to destabilise both South Sudan and its neighbours; the global community must act

2012-01-19 08:08:59

Aid agencies are failing to connect

Michel Gabaudan: Bridging the gap between emergency humanitarian aid and long-term development aid is essential to help people survive disasters and get back on the path to self-reliance and dignity

2012-01-19 08:08:59

'I saw many people, women and children, being killed'

IRIN: Koko and his wife Akuer Alan lost everything in the recent dramatic escalation of ethnic violence in newly independent South Sudan

2012-01-23 08:08:59

'This child, who will look after him now?'

IRIN: Nyaluak Deng Awuol is caring for her orphaned nephew, five-year-old Ajai Mawut Garang, who is recovering from a gunshot wound in Juba hospital

2012-01-26 08:08:59

Oil dispute deepens as South shuts down wells

South Sudan says northern neighbour is stealing oil and charging too much for access to it pipelines

2012-01-29 08:08:59

The South Sudan dream is turning sour

Simon Tisdall: Rows over oil … Khartoum attacks on rebels with suspected Juba links … US double-dealing. Independence is proving tough

2012-01-31 08:08:59

beleaguered hospitals are out for blood

IRIN: A blood shortage caused largely by the misgivings and cultural taboos of potential donors is costing lives in South Sudan

2012-02-02 08:08:59

Global land grab could trigger conflict - report

Researchers estimate around 9% of South Sudan's land had already been leased or bought by investors before independence

2012-02-07 08:08:59

Chinese worker's body found

Chinese man went missing and 29 others were taken hostage in attack by Sudan People's Liberation Army on construction site. South Sudan denies accusations by North Sudan that it is arming groups in South Kordofan

2012-02-08 08:08:59

Trafigura linked to oil 'looted' from South Sudan

The controversial oil trader confirms that a tanker it bought is the subject of a growing diplomatic incident

2012-02-14 08:08:59

Briefing – life without oil

IRIN: How much oil production has been stopped and how quickly could it be resumed?

2012-02-28 08:08:59

Disarmament jitters in Jonglei state

IRIN: South Sudan’s plan to start collecting some 20,000 weapons from civilians in Jonglei state in March, by force if necessary, is likely to worsen the volatile security situation

2012-03-07 08:08:59

Restoring a new country's vision

IRIN: South Sudan has some of the highest blindness rates in the world and the only fully functioning eye centre is in the capital, Juba

2012-03-16 08:08:59

George Clooney arrested at Sudan protest in Washington - video

Actor protests over plight of people of Nuba Mountains, which sit indisputed Sudanese province of South Kordofan

2012-03-19 08:08:59

George Clooney isn't helping Sudan

Nesrine Malik: Clooney's well-meaning activism for the Nuba mountain people is rooted in a political culture that does not care for nuance

2012-03-20 14:36:00

Taking South Sudan to Shakespeare's Globe

Cymbeline performed in Juba Arabic as part of Globe to Globe strand of World Shakespeare festival

2012-03-21 14:36:00

World’s newest state offers little for thousands of returnees

IRIN: Coming home to what recently, and euphorically, became the world’s newest state is often the beginning of yet another chapter of struggle and destitution.

2012-03-27 14:36:00

Sudanese border region sees second day of fighting over oil fields

South Sudan accuses neighbouring Sudan of dropping bombs on area as Ban Ki-moon appeals both countries for calm

Timeline: South Sudan's first year

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