Iowa State University Homecoming

100 Years of Homecoming Celebration

1912-11-15 00:00:00

Homecoming 1912

For the first time ever, Iowa State played in an official homecoming game in 1912. Athletic Council president Samuel Beyer proposed the idea of homecoming for Iowa State, and suggested that the game should be against Iowa State's longtime rival, the University of Iowa. These games were regularly well attended. Despite Iowa State's valiant efforts during this first homecoming football game, Iowa came away with a win, defeating us 20-7. This first homecoming went on to set many important traditions that follow us today. For example, many happy students and 150 returning alumni would forever experience the meaning of the original lawn display. For them it was a stroll around campus to meet huge "Beat Iowa" signs. The first homecoming would become the blueprint for many more years of fostering strong school spirit.

1913-11-01 01:46:35

Homecoming 1913

The second homecoming game for Iowa State was against the "Cornhuskers," the University of Nebraska. The game ended in a loss for Iowa State, 7-45. This 1913 homecoming game saw a great leap in alumni coming back to their Alma Mater, with 400 alumni returning. The evening before the game a special "Good Fellowship Evening" for the 'old grads' took place. The now well-established tradition of lawn displays followed suit -- returning again after the first homecoming -- and thus giving returning alumni and current students another outlet for homecoming spirit. Alumni were able to visit the new State Gym, which had been ready for students to use that spring.

1914-11-14 01:46:35

Homecoming 1914

The 1914 homecoming battle for Iowa State was once again, as was the very first homecoming game in 1912, against the University of Iowa. Iowa took away the win on 'old' State Field with a score of 6-26. For that homecoming day, much work went into building and promoting school spirit, especially with the large "Welcome to Our Campus" greetings. These banners welcomed seventy-five dedicated and supportive returning alumni that Iowa State appreciates all their efforts to make it back home to Ames.

1915-10-30 01:46:35

Homecoming 1915

Homecoming 1915 saw 250 returning alumni and a monster student pep rally (arranged by the Cardinal Guild and called the Pepperfest), thus making the celebration larger and even more spirited than the year before. The Cardinal Guild also arranged for the printing and distribution of songs at the Nebraska game, and for reserving a rooters’ section in the concrete bleachers (all rooters were to purchase rooters hats). The number of tickets sold for this 1915 game against Nebraska was unexpected. The first semi-official parade took place between the football game halves. 7,000 fans attended the game against the University of Nebraska (who were the Missouri Valley champions that year) which ended in a loss, 0-21.

1916-11-18 00:11:20

Homecoming 1916

Narrowly pulling out a win, and doing so in front of 12,000 spirited Iowa State homecoming fans, the University of Iowa beat us with a score of 16-19 in 1916. We fell just short of our first homecoming win against not only Iowa, but barely missed our first homecoming win ever. A huge Beat Iowa pep meeting saw 4000 Iowa State fans attend, the largest ever for a Beat Iowa pep rally. The Athletic Revival Campaign took place for the 1916 homecoming, in which all athletes of former years were invited to the homecoming celebrations. Former Cyclones visiting campus that weekend included the original football team. Almost every club, sorority and fraternity prepared to welcome alumni to campus. After the boisterous 4,000 person pep meeting, returning alumni could walk throughout campus and would have seen bunting of cardinal and gold on buildings in addition to the old classic slogan, "Beat Iowa".

1917-11-10 00:11:20

Homecoming 1917

With what must have been a great moment in 1917, Iowa State won its first homecoming game against Kansas State University with a final score of 10-7. That year, the student publication, "Green Gander", was the special homecoming guest. A smaller homecoming celebration took place that year on account of the war and because fewer alumni were expected to return as a result, but nevertheless the A-M-E-S quartet played at the alumni luncheon where everyone was updated on the college's wartime activities, and alongside that was an open air pep meeting in front of Central Building (now Beardshear Hall). Students had requested that an outdoor activity be scheduled, and their request was granted.

1918-11-01 09:30:03

Homecoming 1918

Flu epidemic, no game that year.

1919-11-15 01:51:03

Homecoming 1919

After missing homecoming 1918 due to the flu epidemic, Iowa State won its first homecoming game in 1919. In front of 7,000 fans, Iowa State had a victory, beating Kansas State University (46-0). Following previous years of customary homecoming events, there was a dinner, and once again the major pep rally called the Pepperfest. After missing homecoming 1918, and proving to master the homecoming game and its accompanying events, Iowa State saw homecoming solidify and continue as if the celebration of homecoming spirit had never ended.

1920-11-20 01:51:03

Homecoming 1920

For Iowa State's 1920 homecoming, another close loss (10-14) came from the University of Iowa. A record number 13,000 fans watched this game. Besides just the "Beat Iowa" pep meeting, members of the original football team which inspired the "Cyclones" attended the game and the original Iowa State quarterback (Bert German) gave an encouraging speech to fire up the crowd. Also part of the 1920 innovative homecoming spirit was a new battle cry, in which "Fight, Ames, Fight" became vogue. The civil engineers created a large "Fight, Ames, Fight" electric sign which lighted up each evening on Central Building (now Beardshear).

1921-11-19 04:55:05

Homecoming 1921

In homecoming 1921, for only the second time, the University of Nebraska met Iowa State. By a score of 3-35, Iowa State was defeated. The Greek community put on a great show for homecoming 1921, making welcome decorations for alumni. The two main celebration festivities were a large bonfire with music provided by A-M-E-S quartet, and a parachute drop of large banners for the newly featured homecoming Gala Festival.

1922-10-14 04:55:05

Homecoming 1922

In 1922, the University of Missouri was a new team we played in our annual homecoming game. For that first homecoming competition between the two teams, both played a hard fought battle. The game was close with Missouri wining with a low scoring game, 6-3. Homecoming 1922 saw elaborate decorations, with large banner arches and bunting. Kappa Sigma, Pi Beta Phi, and the Engineers all won their respective homecoming decoration contest divisions.

1923-11-17 04:55:05

Homecoming 1923

The 1923 homecoming was against the University of Nebraska. Although the outcome of the game was a win for Nebraska by a final score of 26-14, spirited activities took place that weekend. Building towards filling the stadium stands with 12,000 fans, the first pregame parade roused emotion and excitement for the homecoming game's 1923 spirit. A homecoming program was given out, highlighting some of the festive activities taking place for the celebration. Some of the activities 1923 included a snake dance, a monster pep rally, and a play(Captain Applejack).

1924-10-18 07:32:08

Homecoming 1924

Iowa State faced the University of Missouri on State Field in homecoming 1924. The outcome of the game was 0-7, with Iowa State losing in a hard fought game. One Iowa State fan remarking simply that, "We out played them." It was only the second time Iowa State faced Missouri in a homecoming battle. The game drew 12,000 fans to eagerly cheer on his or her favorite team.

1925-11-07 07:32:08

Homecoming 1925

The outcome of homecoming game 1925 was a tie, 9-9, between Iowa State and Grinnell College. There was terrible weather that homecoming day--with wind, sleet, and snow--making the football game difficult to get anything going. A homecoming skit called Grapenuts, along with music by Iowa De Luxe, entertained people for the homecoming celebration.

1926-11-13 17:21:36

Homecoming 1926

In homecoming 1926, Iowa State defeated Drake University by 13-7. Iowa State did this in front of a record breaking 17,000 fans. A number of the fans fluttered 3,500 cardinal and gold pom-poms around the stands. A parade full of floats cruised through and around campus. The double 'A' banquet and pep fest kept people full and cheerful prior to the game. And with class dismissed Saturday, the students enjoyed only a full day of football and dance, leading straight into Wright's Imperial eight piece Orchestra, which played late into the night.

1927-10-29 07:19:12

Homecoming 1927

Following our win over Drake University the year before, Iowa State beat Kansas State by a score of 12-7. This made two consecutive homecomings wins for Iowa State. Prior to 1927, Iowa State had never had back-to-back years of homecoming wins. At homecoming eve, over 3,000 people gathered for a pep meeting. Other nighttime events like a pow-wow and a bonfire were big hits for homecoming 1927 celebrations.

1928-11-03 19:09:03

Homecoming 1928

In homecoming game 1928, Iowa State University had its third consecutive win. For this great game, Iowa State fans saw their home team shutting-out their opponents, the University of Oklahoma, by 13 points. A splendid highlight for alumni in 1928 was that year's celebration decorations of a huge "A" arch on Welch Avenue and a smaller "A" on Lynn Avenue which spectacularly stood out.

1929-10-26 01:02:06

Homecoming 1929

The 1929 homecoming contest was against the University of Kansas. After the homecoming winning streak of the previous three years, Iowa State lost with a score of 33-0. Roughly 6,000 fans attended the game.

1930-11-01 14:06:54

Homecoming 1930

In the 1930 homecoming game, by a score of 13-19, a single touchdown left 10,000 Iowa State fans short of a win in a hard fought battle against the University of Oklahoma. Homecoming decorations were a huge part of the celebration, but the largest part was the addition of a new event, the Pep Jamboree BBQ. With the help of 1,000 pounds of meat, the newly minted Pep Jamboree BBQ drew together close to 3,000 people to eat and marked a tradition of enjoying central campus food that follows us today. Other festivities were floodlights, a snake dance, and a bonfire.

1931-10-24 14:06:54

Homecoming 1931

Homecoming 1931 was a robust success, with Iowa State charming 10,000 homecoming fans to a 20-0 win against the University of Missouri. Part of the homecoming success that year might be attributed to the 5,000 tooters who attended the pep fest. The pep BBQ provided 3,500 people with 1,000 pounds of meat to fill up and add additional zest for cheering on and playing a part in a grand homecoming celebration.

1932-10-15 00:22:48

Homecoming 1932

On Iowa State's twentieth homecoming celebration, Iowa State lost to the University of Kansas by a score of 0-26. Despite the loss, the 1932 homecoming game and pep fest was full of fun for all: a boxing match was held, "Chuck" Cownie was pep speaker, and 2,200 people came to the pep BBQ.

1933-10-28 17:19:30

Homecoming 1933

Homecoming 1933 marked the first of a long tradition, known as the crowning of the homecoming pep queen. It was a great success with Martha "Sally" Jane Puckett as the first to take the honors. Another achievement for homecoming 1933 was the fruitful homecoming game Iowa State played versus the University of Missouri. Iowa State won the game 14-7.

1934-11-03 17:19:30

Homecoming 1934

For Iowa State and the University of Kansas, the outcome of homecoming game 1934 was a tie, 0-0. Martha Roberts was crowned homecoming queen and Beta Theta Pi took away lawn display honors.

1935-10-26 23:17:01

Homecoming 1935

In 1935 for the second year in a row, another tie would ensue for Iowa State and its homecoming opponent, University of Missouri: 6-6. Beverly Wertz took homecoming honors for pep queen. The pep fest saw Jim Wilson and Walt Weiss speaking to rile up homecoming spirit.

1936-10-31 23:17:01

Homecoming 1936

In a rainy 1936 game, and for the third consecutive homecoming year, Iowa State tied its opponent. This year the opponent was the University of Oklahoma by a score of 7-7. June Gaylord was named homecoming queen. During the homecoming game intermission, we saw the 1898 football team return for recognition. The pep fest saw 2,000 visitors, while the pep BBQ was on par with an equal success.

1937-10-30 23:17:01

Homecoming 1937

Homecoming 1937 saw us inviting the University of Missouri for a battle on Iowa State football grounds. Missouri won by a score of 0-12. Delores Swigert was the special lady that year, becoming homecoming pep queen. A snake dance, bonfire, and BBQ were some of the festive highlights for the weekend. As usual, the lawn display contest was a hit. A band called "Flashlight Show" portrayed an electric 'I' (for Iowa State) and put on a fantastic and spirited show for all.

1938-10-22 05:23:04

Homecoming 1938

Against the University of Kansas, with a record breaking crowd, homecoming 1938 was a great success for Iowa State, leaving all 15,000 supporters delighted to watch us win 21-7. The Cyclone team lost only one game that year, to Oklahoma. Kathryn "Kiff" Cooley was crowned homecoming queen. Crowd support was so organized that 1,000 students showcased a card section in the stands. A pep meeting full of 3,200 rooters set off a spirited celebration with balloons and megaphones. Following was a bonfire, fireworks, and floodlights which lighted the sky into the night.

1939-10-28 05:23:04

Homecoming 1939

Against the University of Missouri, by a final 21-6 score, Iowa State lost homecoming 1939. Barbara Donald was named homecoming queen. The pep BBQ hosted 3,500 guests while a bonfire at night spurred the traditional homecoming rally spirit. Lawn display winner was Phi Gamma Delta.

1940-10-26 05:23:04

Homecoming 1940

Homecoming 1940 held a loss by Iowa State at the hands of the University of Oklahoma with a final score of 7-20. The crowning of a homecoming queen continued with Margret Anne Clark. Lawn display winners were Delta Sigma Phi and Chi Omega. The beginning of two new events hit off that year: 1) pajama relay, and 2) torchlight parade (where Yel-Jax and the Twisters showed their talents off).

1941-10-18 16:33:12

Homecoming 1941

Facing a tough University of Missouri squad, homecoming 1941 ended as a loss for Iowa State with a score of 13-39. Marian Allen was named homecoming pep queen. Although the homecoming spirit was slightly dampened from a loss, 1941 was still filled with many more spirited events. A torchlight parade, pajama relay, bonfire, pep rally, and pep BBQ stood out as cornerstones for the celebration spirit -- thus keeping homecoming spirit strong enough to withstand anything.

1942-10-31 16:33:12

Homecoming 1942

To bring home a win for homecoming 1942, Iowa State University had to pass a tough test against the University of Oklahoma. Unfortunately for Iowa State, they missed the mark, getting beat by Oklahoma, 14-7. However, Helen Arnold stole the show as pep queen. 1942 was a year when the nation was facing mounting rations, so for homecoming BBQ, the traditional "Hamburgers for Homecoming" became "Wieners for Wartime". Also, part of the wartime effort was to relinquish lawn display duties to save on supplies. For the pep fest, sailors marched into East Stadium. All these events rounded out a more than traditional homecoming celebration.

1943-11-06 11:37:12

Homecoming 1943

Iowa State suffered a fatal loss in homecoming game 1943. Facing their near South rivals, the University of Missouri, Iowa State went down 25-7. Elizabeth Ann Butler became pep queen. Following previous year's restrictions, once again in homecoming 1943, any elaborate design had to be reduced on lawn display decorations. No Friday BBQ was had because of war.

1944-11-04 05:33:00

Homecoming 1944

The tough University of Oklahoma team narrowly pulled out a win against Iowa State University in homecoming 1944. In front of an 11,000 person crowd, the score turned out to be a slim loss for us with a score of 7-12. Olive Kelsey secured pep queen honors. Decoration winners went to Delta Delta Delta's "Tribune" and Theta Xi's "Skunk". A new event was added in 1944: A Pile of Scrap Metal.

1945-10-20 05:33:00

Homecoming 1945

After going down six straight homecoming games, Iowa State University pulls out a memorable win against old time football enemy, the University of Nebraska (27-7). Homecoming queen, Betha Giffei (pictured on the left), is posing and seated between her homecoming attendants.

1946-10-26 17:22:52

Homecoming 1946

Homecoming game 1946 brought Iowa State together despite the loss to the University of Oklahoma by a score of 0-63. In that same year Iowa State created the 630 club to foster more support for athletic teams. Despite the loss, the spirited activities of homecoming 1946 provided fun for all: decorations, the pajama relay, bonfire, pep BBQ, and pep dance. The pep dance music was hosted by Frankie Masters and his Orchestra. Homecoming queen was Mary Bess Shelledy.

1947-10-25 17:22:52

Homecoming 1947

In 1947, Iowa State met the University of Missouri on our home turf with a loss (7-26). Mary Alice Johnson was crowned homecoming pep queen. That year, homecoming had a theme of "Your Big Date with Iowa State". Letter winners of 1922 were honored. Still, traditional activities like decorations, pajama relay, bonfire, pep rally, and pep BBQ received plenty of attention. Colored cards were a big part of the decoration project. Tex Beneke and the Glenn Miller Orchestra, in addition to the pep proms (where 30 musicians played), all provided musical entertainment for homecoming goers.

1948-10-16 17:22:52

Homecoming 1948

For the first time ever, in 1948 Iowa State had the University of Colorado meet them at its annual homecoming battle. Iowa State won by a score of 18-7. Mirm Keilman was homecoming pep queen. The lawn display winners were Sigma Chi and Alpha Gamma Delta. This particular year the pajama relay (with a picture of it on the left) had a staggering 3,000 person crowd. A parade, bonfire, pep dance, and pep BBQ were all a part of the homecoming festivities. The Dick Lewis Orchestra, and Ellial Lawrence and his Orchestra fashioned up good music for the homecoming dance.

1949-10-15 17:22:52

Homecoming 1949

By a score of 25-21, in front of a record crowd of 19,500 fans, Iowa State University sneaked out a great win against Kansas State University in homecoming 1949.

1950-10-14 00:00:00

Homecoming 1950

In front of roughly 19,500 fans, Iowa State University homecoming 1950 was a high-flying battle against the University of Kansas which ended in a loss for the good guys (Iowa State, of course), 21-33. Miss Rita Dunn was appointed pep homecoming queen for 1950.

1951-10-13 00:00:00

Homecoming 1951

With a roaring crowd of 16,000 fans, Iowa State University struck a big victory in homecoming 1951, walloping Kansas State University with a score of 32-6. Doris Blair was given honors as homecoming pep queen. She is featured with the picture on the left, with her attendants.

1952-10-18 00:00:00

Homecoming 1952

The second ever meeting with the University of Colorado did not go over as good as the first. By a score of 12-21, Iowa State University lost to the Colorado Buffs during that 1952 homecoming game. Homecoming queen that year was Sue Moore, and for the first time ever a king was crowned (Gilbert Stanek).

1953-10-17 00:00:00

Homecoming 1953

Knocking off the University of Missouri (on our home turf), by a score of 13-6, people saw a great win for Iowa State in homecoming 1953. Pat Nelson was named homecoming pep queen.

1954-10-16 00:00:00

Homecoming 1954

With a victory for the visiting squad, a 20-0 loss ensued for Iowa State when we hosted the University of Colorado. During the 1954 homecoming celebration Cy was introduced to the world. The homecoming pep queen was Doris Woessner.

1955-10-22 11:28:01

Homecoming 1955

In the 1955 homecoming bout with Kansas State University, only a few points came between Iowa State winning in a 7-9 score. Mary Jo "Jody" Dondore was named homecoming queen and for the first time ever, Cy's favorite alumni honors were enacted. The winner was Orville Crowley.

1956-10-20 11:28:01

Homecoming 1956

The homecoming 1956 loss was the second worst that Iowa State ever had. It happened against the University of Colorado by a score of 0-52. June Brandmill was homecoming pep queen for homecoming 1956 and Waldo Wagner took Cy's favorite alumni honors.

1957-10-26 11:28:01

Homecoming 1957

For homecoming 1957 the score ended 14-10, with Kansas State University marginally beating us on our homecoming grounds. While Charles Shirey was given Cy's favorite alumni nods, homecoming queen for 1957 was Cathy Olson.

1958-10-11 11:28:01

Homecoming 1958

In the 1958 homecoming showdown, the University of Kansas scored only a single touchdown to defeat us, 7-0. The homecoming queen honors went to Marcia Christian, while Cy's favorite alumni status went to two folks in 1958: W.L. Hoak and J.D. Armstrong.

1959-10-24 11:28:01

Homecoming 1959

Iowa State University dominated Kansas State University with a huge win for homecoming 1959: 26-0. The 1959 football team would become known as the "Dirty Thirty" and were respected for their tenacity and for giving Iowa State its best season in twenty years. Marjorie Waage was voted homecoming queen and Carl Bluedorn was nominated Cy's favorite alumni. The 34' football team made a welcoming return.

1960-10-15 11:28:01

Homecoming 1960

Homecoming game 1960 did not go quite right. Iowa State University had the University of Colorado as guests in 1960, and with the annual homecoming game at stake, the home team got beat 21-6. The elected homecoming queen by the student body was Joyce Rice, and Cy's favorite alumni honors went to H.R. Hilstrom. The 1920 football team made came back for their 40th anniversary.

1961-10-28 11:28:01

Homecoming 1961

Kansas State University met us at our homecoming 1961, and for this bout the home team took away big cheers on an exceptional win: 31-7. Roberta Meyer was made homecoming pep queen while Cy's favorite alumni honors went to Leo S. Fitzpatrick. The 1931 football team returned for their 30th anniversary.

Iowa State University Homecoming

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