20th Century Timeline (Lange example)

Exploring major themes such as Civil Rights, Cold War, and Culture.

"Scout launch vehicle". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Scout_launch_vehicle.jpg#/media/File:Scout_launch_vehicle.jpg

1950-01-02 14:04:40


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1957-11-03 14:04:40

Sputnik 2 and Laika

A small dog, Laika, was launched into space on Nov. 3, 1957 on the Sputnik 2 satellite. This first space vehicle with a living creature suggested the possibility of manned space flight--a first for the Soviet Union and a symbolic showing of technological superiority over the US.

1961-08-09 14:04:40

Khrushchev and Cosmonaut

Nikita Khrushchev symbolically met with the Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov at Lenin's tomb to show that the Space Race advances the goals of Communism as it leads the Soviet Union to new glory and strength as a world power.

1962-09-12 14:04:40

Kennedy Space Race Speech at Rice University

Kennedy astutely chose the location and audience for his "space race" speech: the technical institution of Rice University. Kennedy gave a rousing call "to be the first in space." He promised that Houston, in the next 5 years, would make this space dream a possibility.

1962-09-12 14:04:40

Kennedy Space Race Speech Video

Students of Rice University gathered in their stadium, listening to Kennedy as he challenged them to enter into the spirit of exploration to be the first in space. "Hopes for peace and security" rely on US being the leader (suggesting that the Soviet Union may be a "force for ill" if they win the Space Race).

20th Century Timeline (Lange example)

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