UNA-USA San Diego

This timeline chronicles the important events in the history of the San Diego United Nations Association Chapter. From its founding in 1946 to its 70th Anniversary celebration in 2016, read along this timeline to learn more about this special chapter of the United Nations Association.

1945-01-16 00:00:00


The League of Nations Non-Partisan Association officially changes its name to the American Association for the United Nations two months before the UN is created. Executive Director Clark Eichelberger represents AAUN at the UN Charter drafting conference in San Francisco.

1945-04-25 23:52:46

United Nations Conference on International Organization

In 1945, representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco at the United Nations Conference on International Organization to draw up the United Nations Charter. Those delegates deliberated on the basis of proposals worked out by the representatives of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States at Dumbarton Oaks, United States in August-October 1944. The Charter was signed on 26 June 1945 by the representatives of the 50 countries. Poland, which was not represented at the Conference, signed it later and became one of the original 51 Member States.

1946-10-22 05:22:22

FIRST U.N. WEEK In History

AAUN coordinates the first U.N. Week, October 22-28, 1946 U.N week seeks to strengthening the understanding in local communities about the work and necessity of the United Nations. In collaboration with Local politicians and civil society members, AAUNA organizes events during the one-week commemoration to highlight specific work of U.N. and answer any questions.

1946-11-01 00:00:00


The San Diego Chapter of the American Association of the United Nations (AAUN) is formally founded by Mrs. Adele Outcalt.

1947-02-11 17:58:58

San Diego Chapter Affiliates w/ Region & Nation

Letter from Eichelberger, Executive Director of National AAUN thanking San Diego Chapter in joining the Southern California Region and the National Affiiliation

1949-05-22 01:47:26

San Diego Chapter Hosts UN Conference

This all-day conference highlighted upon the challenge of upholding democracy around the world. Francis H. Russell, Director of the Office of Public Affairs, U.S. State Department, spoke about the importance that a thriving economy plays in maintaining a strong and just democracy. Russell noted that the United States and other strong democracies, "must bring hope of economic betterment to the peoples of the world if democracy is to survive."

1950-10-20 17:54:05

UN Week Observed in Balboa Park

The San Diego Chapter of the AAUN hosts a dinner to observe United Nations Week along with 100 of its members. The event featured prominent speakers such as Dr. Clarence Osborne, State College Political Science Professor and Dr. Dean E. McHenry, Chairman of the UCLA Political Science Department.

1952-10-19 01:47:26

7 Year Anniversary of the U.N. is Celebrated in Balboa Park

San Diego Chapter of AAUN celebrated the 7th Anniversary of the United Nations at the House of Pacific Relations, Balboa Park in San Diego

1953-01-09 01:47:44

Written Chapter Report to Eleanor Roosevelt

AAUN San Diego President, Ralph Grove sends requested report to Eleanor Roosevelt on Chapter work.

1953-01-16 08:00:57

Eleanor Roosevelt's Response to Letter from Chapter President

Eleanor Roosevelt responds to AAUN San Diego President, Ralph Grove on his written report from January 9th, 1953 and urges Chapter to "cooperate with labor and rural groups and all groups that have an interest in the United Nations"

1953-02-28 06:38:08

UNA-USA SD Supports Scholarship Fund

"Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp" was presented in the Russ Auditorium on February 28th at 8:15pm, it was sponsored by UNA-USA San Diego. All proceeds went to the association's Mary Nicolls Scholarship Fund.

1953-07-01 00:00:00

Eleanor Roosevelt Opens Chapter's Headquarter in Balboa Park

Opened July 1st 1953 our headquarters in room 16 in the House of Hospitality in Balboa Park was made possible by financial support of "four friends". Eleanor Roosevelt oversees the opening and signs the official lease for the Chapter's Headquarter.

1953-08-07 10:44:37

Telegram Invite to Eleanor Roosevelt to attend UN Day Week

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1953-10-18 13:29:49

Cross Border UN Day Celebration | AAUN San Diego & RotaryTijuana

Local Chapter and Rotary Tijuana Chapter commemorate International Friendship during United Nations Week in 1953.

1954-04-03 00:37:36

Eleanor Roosevelt Speaks in San Diego

Eleanor Roosevelt spoke at Russ Auditorium on April 3 at 2pm for UNA-USA San Diego to aid in the nation-wide membership drive. Her topic was "Outlook for the United Nations". All proceeds went to sustain the non-profit educational services of the local chapter.

1954-04-03 07:42:06

Eleanor Roosevelt In San Diego

Eleanor Roosevelt and Clark Eichelberger appeared in Russ Auditorium in San Diego on 3d of April, 1954. Mrs. Roosevelt spoke on "Outlook for United Nations", sponsored by the San Diego Chapter. All the proceedings went to the educational programs of the Chapter.

1954-10-17 00:37:36

UN Week 1954

UN Week in 1954 consisted of a formal Opening Ceremony in Balboa Park, a UN Dinner at the House of Hospitality, an open house of the UNA-USA San Diego headquarters, and a performance of the documentary play, "The Story of Interdependence" in the Puppet Theater, in which State College students participated. The documentary play portrayed the story of the United Nations and was written by Blythe Morley especially for the 3rd National Conference of the US National Commission for UNESCO.

1954-12-30 10:44:37

Israel Delegate To UN To Give Talk At Florence

Arthur Liveran, member of the Israel delegation to the UN, gave a public address in Florence School auditorium on Wednesday, Jan. 5, at 8pm.

1955-01-05 00:00:00

Committee Created to Combat Hostility against UN

In an effort to combat hostility towards the UNA-USA San Diego, the members had a meeting to create a committee/task force including members from the League of Women voters, Young democrats, Unitarian Social justice Group, and a representative from State College.

1955-01-05 00:37:36

Arthur Liveran | Israeli Delegate to UN | Visits Chapter

Arthur Liveran, U.N. delegate from Israel discussed "Israel and the U.N." in Florence School auditorium on January 5. The speech was sponsored by UNA-USA San Diego.

1955-10-23 00:37:36

UN Day 1955

The Balboa Park Bowl, chaired by chapter president Henry W. Shelton was held in collaboration with the U.N.'s 10th birthday. One of the aims was to band together the cities non-profit organizations with service programs that could help each other succeed.

1955-10-23 00:37:36

UN Flag Placed Atop Mount Whitney

UNA-USA San Diego and the FOE Aerie No. 244 place a US and UN flag atop the highest US peak, California's Mt. Whitney, and at the country's lowest point in California's Death Valley.

1958-07-24 04:07:19

San Diego Resident named one of 7 Delegates to UN

Irving Saloman from the Escondido area was nominated by president Eisenhower to be on the US delegation at the UN along with seven other esteemed individuals.

1959-04-03 04:07:19

UN Delegate from San Diego addresses the County Republican assembly

Saloman said, "The United Nations is the only mechanism ever devised by man which stands a chance of making possible a more peaceful world." He spoke of the importance the UN has in the world and the great progress it helps fledgling countries to establish peaceful and prosperous governments.

1959-10-24 17:20:46

California Governor to Declare Oct 24 United Nations Day

32nd Governor of California, Edmund Gerald "Pat" Brown, Sr. (April 21, 1905 – February 16, 1996) declares October 24th the United Nations Day in California.

1960-08-22 06:38:08

Chapter Moves into UN Building in Balboa Park

Following the support of Eleanor Roosevelt, UNA-USA San Diego signed a lease for the current UN Building, and UNA-USA San Diego was able to keep its headquarters here in Balboa Park!

1962-10-21 00:37:36

UN Week 1962

UN Week in 1962 consisted of opening ceremonies at Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park, a UN Day Dinner and Culinary Art Show at the Balboa Park Club, and a speech by U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Adlai Stevenson in Los Angeles. About 1000 people attended the Opening Ceremonies on October 21 and over 600 attended the UN Day Dinner.

1963-07-02 00:37:36

UN-Organized "World Tuna Conference" Held in La Jolla

Scientists from all over the world attended the World Tuna Conference, organized by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN at the Art Center in La Jolla. Scientists fro Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Germany, Japan, Norway, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Chile, and many others attended. UNA-USA San Diego members volunteered at the registration desk at the airport and the information desk in the Art Center. Top man in FAO Fisheries Division, Dr. Donovan Finn, flew from Rome to head the Conference and spoke at UNA-USA San Diego's July meeting.

1963-07-26 15:53:05

Local UNA Serves On Varied Fronts

Mrs. Robert Eason, representing League of Women Voters, speaks in favor of the United Nations Association lease in Balboa Park at hearing. Audience of almost 1000 heard 30 pro and con speakers on renewal of lease.

1964-01-01 04:03:41

AAUN Merges with US Committee for UN and forms UNA USA

The American Association of the United Nations merged with the US Committee for the United Nations and formally created the United Nations Association of the United States of America that we know today.

1965-10-05 16:51:29

Mayor Curran's Involvement in UN Week Committee

Many interesting plans were helped by Mr. Kunzel and Mayor Curran's United Nations Week Committee. The first event of the month was the International Garden Party on October 5, 1965, sponsored by the United Churchwomen of San Diego. October 24, 1965, United Nations Day, was on a Sunday, so the banquet was held later in the week.

1966-09-01 00:00:00

Mayor Curran Gave a Luncheon in September

Mayor Curran gave a luncheon in September for the members of his United Nations Week Committee and nearly 100 people attended representing the clergy, military, academic, government, business, and other civic leaders, including the presidents of nearly every organization in the area. There were many other programs during UN Week as week. For example, one of the new features in 1966 was a competition among import-export companies this year for the best display in their windows or in their stores.

1967-08-01 00:00:00

Mayor's Metropolitan Committee for United Nations Week

Mr Blair - President of Chapter - has asked the mayor to proclaim a 10-day UN Week from October 22 through October 31 in order to include "Trick or Treat" for UNICEF in the publicity. So San Diego may have the longest UN Week in the country. We plan to retain some of our traditional events and add many new ones.

1967-10-22 15:53:05

United Nations Week

This is the first time San Diego has been included in the annual tour of the American Broadcast Company foreign correspondents and this was the largest event of United Nations Week. Local sponsors are: Chamber of Commerce, League of Women Voters, Mayor's United Nations Week Committee, and Sigma Delta Chi.

1968-05-16 01:54:46

Society for International Development

UNA SD hosted a dinner meeting with the newly formed local chapter of the Society for International Development. Theme for the meeting was "Management on Two Continents - Europe and North America".

1969-07-01 01:54:46

Walk For Development

UNA SD was pleased by the national recognition San Diego's "Walk For Development" received in the Saturday Review as the biggest and most successful ever presented.

1972-01-13 06:38:08

Chapter's U.N. Gift Shop Opened

Board Members of the Chapter sought to increase revenue for the all volunteer organization. With the establishment of the U.N. Gift Shop located in the office building of the Chapter in Balboa Park - U.N. Building - it's revenue will support the extensive free programs offered to San Diego Community by the Chapter

1974-07-18 06:38:08

State Senate Represented in UNA-USA San Diego

James Mills (President pro Tempore, California State Senate at the time of the request) accepts the request to join UNA-USA San Diego board.

1976-01-27 15:17:17

Chairman of San Diego Chapter Retires

Willard Johnson served as president and chairman of the board of UNA-USA San Diego for 5 years. His mission was tackling world hunger and through this goal, working towards world peace.

1976-10-25 19:19:22

San Diego Chapter Celebrates U.N. Birthday

Nearly 200 people gathered to listen to speech by Senator James R. Mills speak about the significance of the United Nations on the international stage. He said, "It is a forum where nations can do battle with words. This is better than warring."

1977-10-24 15:53:05

United Nations Week

The activities of Mayor's United Nations Committee are so many and varied: international garden party, a UNICEF parade, a UNDDAY luncheon, a tour of ethnic art in Los Angeles and many other events.

1978-08-28 05:53:25

Human Rights Discussion at UNA San Diego Luncheon

Norman Cousins, former editor of Saturday Review and adjunct professor at UCLA, spoke of the role the U.N. has in protecting human rights around the world. He addressed the crowd of more than 300 and said such memorable remarks as, "We're more preoccupied with matters of destruction than we are with preserving life...We have to win the arms race, so we loose the human race."

1979-01-12 03:48:53

UNA San Diego Sponsors an exhibit at Community Arts Gallery

To mark the "International Year of the Child", the San Diego chapter sponsored an exhibit at a local art gallery with festivities for the opening. This was done in effort to increase the visibility of children in 1979 and all that needed to be done to ensure their welfare across the world.

1979-05-01 15:09:09

International Year of the Child Celebration

At the House of Pacific Relations in Balboa Park, amid the celebrations, a discussion took place about the medical and health programs available and how the creation of a children's park could serve the disabled youth.

1980-05-05 12:53:52

Hundreds Gather to Discuss the Improving Status of Women

The San Diego Chapter hosted a full day conference to assess the status of women globally and to see what still needs to be done. They discussed issues such as economics, health, living conditions, employment equality, as well as equal representation in family and religious settings, and affordable healthcare and housing.

1980-06-28 05:19:32

UNA San Diego President Attends UN World Conference for Women

R. Carrol Cannon and his wife, Nona Cannon attended the World Conference for Women in Copenhagen, Denmark. They offered a workshop on equality in the family and guidance for children toward equality. Nona Cannon organized many events leading up to their departure and achieved a sum of $3,000 dollars to help with travel expenses for her and her husband as well as many other San Diego who attended the conference.

1981-10-28 05:19:32

UNA San Diego Holds Round-Table Discussion

The round-table discussion in San Diego was part of an international series to discuss critical global issues and their impact on the respective countries, in addition to discussing the role of the United Nations in creating resolutions. Susan Goodwillie was a key person in coordinating the event in San Diego. As head of her Goodwillie Consulting Group she worked with government and private agencies in helping to improve the status of the third world.

1982-06-13 05:19:32

Anti-Nuclear Arms Race Picnic

A peaceful picnic was held in front of the UN San Diego building in Balboa Park. The program focused on peace as slogans of "Blow Up Balloons Not People" floated around on balloons protesting the nuclear arms race of the era.

1983-07-31 05:19:32

UNA San Diego Appoints Chairwoman of Local UNICEF Committee

Shirley Decourt Park was appointed Chairwoman of the San Diego UNICEF Committee, a UN Children's fund designed to give aid to children around the world.

1983-10-20 02:52:10

UNA San Diego Opens Exhibit Ahead of UN Water Decade Expo

San Diego Mayor gave a speech as he opened the exhibit addressing the international water and sanitation crisis. It comes before a 9 day UN Water Decade Forum designed to achieve the goal of bringing clean drinking water and improved sanitation by 1990.

UNA-USA San Diego

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