Modern Poetry

Modern poetry in relation to English Literature

1842-03-18 17:04:38

Stephane Mallarme

b. Paris, France, 1842

1854-10-20 15:44:30

Arthur Rimbaud

b. Charleville-Mézières, France

1857-10-15 03:52:02

Les Fleurs du Mal (Charles Baudelaire

1865-06-13 23:44:05

W B Yeats

b. Sandymount, Republic of Ireland

1865-11-26 23:44:05

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)

1874-02-03 11:12:01

Gertrude Stein

b. Pennsylvania, USA

1874-02-09 06:55:21

Amy Lowell

b. Massachusetts, USA

1874-03-26 06:55:21

Robert Frost

b. San Francisco, USA

1879-10-02 04:54:34

Wallace Stevens

b. Pennsylvania, USA

1880-08-26 06:02:56

Guillaume Apollinaire

b. Rome, Italy

1882-11-18 08:49:31

Wyndham Lewis

b. Amherst, Canada

1882-12-27 11:12:01

Mina Loy

b. London, England

1883-09-17 04:54:34

William Carlos Williams

b. New Jersy, USA

1885-09-11 23:44:05

D H Lawrence

b. Eastwood, England

1885-10-30 12:40:33

Ezra Pound

b. Idaho, USA

1886-09-08 08:49:31

Siegfried Sassoon

b. Matfield, England

1886-09-10 06:55:21

Hilda "H.D." Doolittle

b. Pennsylvania, USA

1887-09-07 11:12:01

Edith Sitwell (Dame)

b. Scarborough, England

1887-09-18 13:41:21

Blaise Cendrars

b. La Chaux-du-Fonds, Switzerland.

1887-11-15 11:12:01

Marianne Moore

b. Missouri, USA

1889-06-23 14:36:23

Anna Akhmatova

b. Odessa, Russian Empire (now Odessa, Ukraine)

1892-05-07 11:12:01

Archibald MacLeish

b. Illinois, USA

1892-08-11 11:12:01

Hugh MacDiarmid

b. Langholm, Scotland

1893-03-18 07:50:38

Wilfred Owen

b. Oswestry, England

1894-10-14 21:48:54

E E Cummings

b. Massachusetts, United States

1895-07-24 06:55:21

Robert Graves

b. London, England

1895-12-14 03:23:45

Paul Eluard

b. Saint-Denis, France

1896-09-04 23:44:05

Antonin Artaud

b. Marseille, France

1897-05-01 08:57:02

Un Coup de Des (Stephane Mallarme)

Stephane Mallarme publishes Un Coup de Des (A Throw of the Dice) in the magazine Cosmopolis

1899-07-04 02:54:09

Benjamin Peret

b. Rezé, Loire-Atlantique, France

1899-07-21 17:47:18

Hart Crane

b. Ohio, USA

1899-11-04 11:12:01

The Interpretation of Dreams (Sigmund Freud)

Published in Austria (in German). Published in an English translation 1913

1899-11-19 11:12:01

Allen Tate

b. Nashville, USA

1900-02-04 15:44:30

Jacques Prevert

b. Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

1900-03-01 04:54:34

Basil Bunting

b. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

1900-07-04 06:02:56

Robert Desnos

b. Paris, France

1904-01-23 12:47:25

Louis Zukofsky

b. New York, USA

1905-01-01 07:45:00

Einstein Proposes His Theory of Relativity (1905)

1906-04-13 17:05:58

Samuel Beckett

b. Foxrock, Ireland.

1906-08-28 03:23:45

John Betjemin

b. London, England

1907-02-21 12:40:33

W H Auden

Wystan Hugh Auden - England

1907-06-14 06:02:56

Rene Char

b. L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France

1907-09-12 21:49:08

Louis MacNeice

b. Belfast, Northern Ireland

1908-04-24 23:44:05

George Oppen

b. New York, USA

1910-12-10 17:47:18

Charles Olson

b. Worcester, USA

1911-02-08 17:47:18

Elizabeth Bishop

b. Worcester, USA

1913-03-29 14:59:42

R S Thomas

b. Cardiff, Wales

1913-04-16 14:59:42

Edmond Jabes

b. Cairo, Egypt.

1913-05-29 13:10:52

The Rite of Spring (Igor Stravinsky)

When first performed, at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées on 29 May 1913, the avant-garde nature of the music and choreography caused a sensation and a near-riot in the audience

1913-12-08 11:12:01

Delmore Schwartz

b. New York, USA

Modern Poetry

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