Crowdsourcing by World's Best Global Brands in 2014

This timeline shows how the world's most valuable brands (as defined by the Interbrand Best Global Brands ranking) used creative crowdsourcing in 2014.

Together with ones covering the previous ([before 2011](, [2011](, [2012](, [2013]( and following years ([2015](, this timeline intends to gather and display information about all crowdsourcing initiatives since 2004. ;xNLx;;xNLx;eYeka, the global market leader in creative crowdsourcing for marketers, will release [a full report based on the data of these timelines]( in February 2015. The report will describe how crowdsourcing has evolved and how companies are using it today for marketing & innovation.;xNLx;;xNLx;This timeline has been created by [Yannig Roth](, PhD student at [Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne]( and Marketing Manager at [eYeka]( (the initiatives on this timeline reflect the objective reality of crowdsourcing, and will not be biased by this appartenance to eYeka).;xNLx;;xNLx;In order to make it as complete as possible, you're eagerly invited to contribute by submitting crowdsourcing initiatives that have been missed. To get a contributor account and be listed as a contributor (or to send any other comment or request), just [drop me an email]( Thank you!;xNLx;;xNLx;Contributors:;xNLx;- [Yannig Roth]( (curator);xNLx;- [Luiz Fernando]( (contributor);xNLx;Notes:;xNLx;;xNLx;Crowdsourcing is defined as the process of posting a problem online, having a vast number of individuals offering solutions to the problem, awarding the winning ideas with some form of a bounty, and using this input for innovation, marketing or communication ([Brabham, 2013](;xNLx;;xNLx;Among the various forms of crowdsourcing that exist, we limit the scope of this timeline to [creative crowdsourcing]( i.e. distributed creative problem-solving. This leaves aside micro-tasks, data-sourcing or voting initiatives, focusing on crowdsourcing were peoples' creative problem-solving skills are sollicited. ;xNLx;;xNLx;The most common forms of such initiatives are innovation tournaments, idea contests, creative competitions or branded web-platforms for idea generation. Finally, we have limited the events of this timeline to crowdsourcing initiated and leveraged directly by brands for their innovation or marketing strategies. Sponsored initiatives (such as the [Sony World Photography Awards](, or the [Betacup Challenge]( have been left out.;xNLx;;xNLx;The world's most valuable brands are the 100 brands included in [Interbrand's Best Global Brands ranking]( Our basis is the 2011 edition of the ranking, and the timeline will be updated with new entrants of the subsequent rankings.;xNLx;;xNLx;The first version of this timeline has been [released]( on September 12th 2012.

2013-12-20 18:07:54

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2014-01-09 03:09:07

3M's "Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge"

3M's challenge asked for short videos communicating the science behind a possible solution to an everyday problem.

2014-01-15 02:25:59

Kellogg's "Rice Krispies Treatmaking Contest"

Kellogg's challenged consumers to create original Kellogg’s Rice Krispies treats recipes and digital photos on Pinterest.

2014-01-15 23:20:06

Kellogg's "Better Start to the Day" Contest on eYeka

Through videos and/or animations, Kellogg's tasked the community to "bring to life how Kellogg’s helps give kids a better start to the day!"

2014-01-15 23:20:06

Nissan Announces The "Project Titan" Project

Japanese automaker Nissan introduced the Project Titan to develop a crowdsourced version of its eponymous pickup

2014-01-17 23:20:06

eBay's "ebay Collections" Contest on eYeka

"Can you convince your busy friends to use eBay Collections by summarizing in one creative visual and one message?" the brief asked

2014-01-17 23:20:06

Bud Light's "Launch The Cool Twist" Contest on Zooppa

Zooppa hosted a contest for Bud Light, in which creators had to depict the reclosable "Cool Twist" 16oz aluminium bottle in :15 - :30 seconds films

2014-01-22 06:35:45

Sony's "WE ARE ONE SONY" Contest

Sony launched a contest tasking consumers to create videos (30 seconds max) that shows how football brings people closer together.

2014-01-23 03:12:52

Disney's "Radio Disney Music Awards" Contest on Creative Allies

Radio Disney asked people to create "original, commemorative artwork for the Radio Disney Music Awards, music’s biggest awards show for kids and families!"

2014-01-23 23:05:45

Sony's "Production Awards 2014" Contest

The Sony PROduction Awards 2014 has invited aspiring filmmakers from across the world to showcase their talent and win the latest Sony technology.

2014-01-29 07:41:11

Discovery's "Discover The World" Contest On Magisto

Discovery sponsored a contest on Magisto in which the brand asked filmmakers to apply one of its latest editing styles, called "Traveler," to create videos documenting travel adventures, near and far

2014-01-31 23:20:06

Shell's "How I FRN" Contest

Shell invited simply people to submit a photograph or video that represents their experience of the Fuel Rewards Network™, or FRN™, program

2014-02-03 06:35:45

KFC's “#HowDoYouKFC” Contest

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) wantedt consumers to share thair pictures, videos or stories on social using both the #HowDoYouKFC and #Contest hashtags

2014-02-03 23:13:52

Panasonic's "Refre Series" Contest on RedRock

On Japanese crowdsourcing platform RedRock, Panasonic crowdsourced videos to promote its "Refre Series" massage products

2014-02-04 23:20:06

MasterCard's "Cash Passport" Project on Tongal

MasterCard used Tongal to get a 60-second video "that evokes a sense of fun but also ease & security aimed at young international travelers in the UK, generates awareness of the new Cash Passport and shows travelers all that they can use it for."

2014-02-06 03:12:52

Google's "Doodle 4 Google 2014" Contest

Eleven-year-old Audrey Zhang of New York was the winner of the seventh annual U.S. "Doodle 4 Google" competition, launched in 2014.

2014-02-06 17:13:14

Allianz's "Allianza Pro Pitch" Contest on Userfarm

Allianz, in partnership with Userfarm, launched a creative competition for the creation of videos on the subject of superstition

2014-02-07 23:20:06

McDonald's' "My McDonald's" Project on Tongal

McDonald's launched a video contest, with Tongal's traditional 3-phase model, inorder to create fun, authentic videos about My McDonald’s

2014-02-10 01:37:02

Danone's "Poster Design Contest" with Innovative Ideators

Designers were invited to showcase their creative talent and get associated with DANONE by designing a poster for its Danette ChocoSmoothie product.

2014-02-10 01:37:02

Danone's "Film Making Contest" with Innovative Ideators

Filmmakers were invited to showcase their creative talent and get associated with DANONE by submitting videos for its Danette ChocoSmoothie product.

2014-02-11 06:35:45

Chevrolet's "World Cup Experience 2014" Contest on Mofilm

Chevrolet was asking filmmakers to make a film that celebrates a place where football means everything, and makes the viewer feel the power of the game in this particular place

2014-02-11 23:05:45

Morgan Stanley's "University Photo Competition 2014"

After its successful inaugural year, Morgan Stanley's University Photo Competition was back, inviting students to submit two photos that represent the theme of "Sustainability."

2014-02-14 06:35:45

Bud Light's "Cool Twist" Project on Tongal

Anheuser Busch tasked the Tongal community to create a clever video for Bud Light's new Cool Twist bottle

2014-02-14 23:05:45

Nestlé's "Rolo" Contest on Mofilm

As part of its Cannes 2014 program, Nestlé sponsored a Mofilm contest for Rolo, asking filmmakers to ROLO is looking to bring back to life their “Do you love anyone enough to give them your last ROLO?” advertising campaign.

2014-02-17 06:35:45

Pepsi's "#LiveForNow" Campaign

Soft drinks maker Pepsi has launched a new campaign called Unbelievable, calling on fans to create and submit their “unbelievable” Vine clips that may just end up on the company’s outdoor billboards.

2014-02-18 06:35:45

Coca-Cola's "Moment of Happiness" Contest on Talenthouse

Coca-Cola has partnered with creative collaboration platform Talenthouse to showcase the submitted clips and help curate them into the final video, released in April 2014

2014-02-23 02:26:43

Budweiser's "____ is Hard, Ritas are Easy" Video Project on Tongal

Anheuser-Busch's Budweider (Bud Light) brand hosted a video project on Tongal, asking creatives to come up with videos for their "rita" flavored beer variations

2014-02-24 02:25:59

Heineken's "#15SecondPremiere" Contest

As part of its partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival, Heineken kicked off a movie-centered competition calling aspiring filmmakers to go creative and suggest a plot of a super short film for a chance to see it screened at the festival.

2014-02-25 14:26:43

Budweiser's "Bud Light Rita Mixology" Project on Tongal

Anheuser-Busch's Budweider (Bud Light) brand hosted a video project on Tongal, asking creatives to come up with videos for their "rita" flavored beer variations

2014-02-25 23:05:45

Nescafé's "Chinese New Year Gift" Contest on eYeka

Nescafé launched a design contest, tasking eYeka's community to create Chinese New Year gift packs that would attract young, educated Chinese during social gatherings

2014-02-26 07:41:11

IBM's "Watson Mobile Developer Challenge"

IBM launched a developer contest to spur innovation and accelerate mobile applications on its Watson cognitive computing platform.

2014-02-28 09:13:42

Cisco's "Cisco Security Grand Challenge" With NineSights

In collaboration with NineSigma, Cisco launched a challenge that offered up to $300,000 in prize money to members of the global security community who propose the best practical security solutions “across the markets being impacted daily by the IoT.”

2014-02-28 23:05:45

Bud Light's "Up for Whatever" Pilot Project on Tongal

Budweiser sollicited select members of the Tongal community to come up with a Pilot for a web series "that shows us you never know where your next adventure will take you""

2014-03-06 23:05:45

Budweiser's "Bud Light Cinco De Ritas" Project on Tongal

Anheuser-Busch's Budweider (Bud Light) brand hosted a video project on Tongal, asking creatives to come up with videos for their "rita" flavored beer variations

2014-03-07 23:05:45

Chevrolet's "Hispanic Heritage" Contest on Mofilm

As part of its Cannes 2014 competition, Mofilm hosted a contest for Chevrolet, in which the brand was looking for films that demonstrate "how football facilitates moments of re-connection to Hispanic heritage and culture."

2014-03-13 03:12:52

Avon's "Light Manipulation" Contest on Mindsumo

Avon asked members of the Mindsumo platform to "propose how light manipulation technology can be translated to a cosmetic/skin care product for perfect skin."

2014-03-14 23:05:45

Budweiser's "Bud Light Ritas Unexpected Fun" Video Project

Bud Light launched a Tongal project to create a 30-second Video (with a 15-second cut down and an extended Director’s cut up to 90-seconds) that shows how much unexpected fun Ritas can deliver

2014-03-17 23:05:45

Coca-Cola's "This is AHH" Project

Coca-Cola asked its fans to submit short videos about "What does "AHH" feel like to you?" The brand asked social media users to post their videos (15 seconds or less) on social media with the hashtag #ThisIsAHH or upload it to

2014-03-20 23:05:45

Duracell's "Never Stop Playing" Contest on eYeka

Duracell tasked the eYeka community to create "social" videos that show how Duracell batteries enable kids to be active longer and have more fun (by dramatizing the amazing longevity of Duracell in toys)

2014-03-24 23:05:45

Nissan's "Real Owners, Real Answers" Campaign

Nissan's "Real Owners, Real Answers" digital campaign utilizes crowd-sourced video responses from Nissan LEAF owners to answer common questions about life with Nissan's innovative 100 percent electric vehicle

2014-03-31 23:05:45

Coca-Cola's "Recycle Challenge" on OpenIDEO

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) invited ideas on "how to establish better recycling habits at home" through the launch of a recycling challenge in partnership with OpenIDEO

2014-04-02 01:51:22

Volkswagen's "Kombi Last Wishes Campaign"

The world's last Type 2 (also known as Kombi) was produced in Brazil in December 2013. To pay tribute to this international icon, Volkswagen Brasil launched a campaign in which users were invited to tell stories they had lived in a Kombi

2014-04-08 14:39:12

Santander's "Barcelona Com 200 Reais" Contest On It's Noon

Santander call opened challenging users to find creative ways to go to Barcelona with only 200 reais.

2014-04-08 14:39:12

Santander's "Banco Do Zero" Contest on It's Noon

"If you could create a bank from scratch, how would it be?" On Brazilian crowdsourcing platform It's Noon, Santander invited consumers to imagine an entirely new bank

2014-04-09 03:09:07

Budweiser's "#KingOfCheers" Competition

As part of Budweiser’s Rise As One campaign, fans were being encouraged to create video content of their best football cheers and celebrations using Vine or Instagram, and to then share them on Twitter using the hashtag #KingOfCheers.

2014-04-10 23:05:45

Coca-Cola's "Positive Conscious Choice" Contest on Mofilm

As part of its Cannes 2014 festival, Coca-Cola tasked the Mofilm community to make films that bring to life the stories of people who have made positive conscious choices "to be exactly where they want to be"

2014-04-14 00:39:07

Prada's "Prada Journal" Contest

Italian fashion label Prada hosted its second annual Prada Journal competition that asked consumers to submit short stories that use the brand’s eyewear as the starting point for approaching a topic.

2014-04-14 09:32:15

Nescafé's "Life With Gusto" Contest

moms across the country can enter for a chance to win the ultimate Mother's Day retreat by submitting a photo showcasing how she lives life with gusto

2014-04-15 13:52:58

MasterCard's "World Beyond Cash" Contest With Talenthouse

MasterCard launched the ‘World Beyond Cash’ campaign, asking students and young professionals from over 140 leading Indian colleges and institutes to submit their ideas of a world beyond cash

2014-04-15 14:10:58

GE's "GE + Saudi Aramco ecomagination" Challenge on NineSights

NineSigma, representing the General Electric Company and Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center, sought to significantly lower the cost of seawater desalination using innovative renewable energy processes or new materials.

Crowdsourcing by World's Best Global Brands in 2014

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