Killer Lizzie

Lizzie Borden was a spinster in her small MA town. She was extremely close to her father but very wary about her stepmother. Lizzie had been caught doing some peculiar things such as burning clothes and attempting to buy prussic acid. Four years after she was acquitted, she was caught stealing art from a prestigious museum. It was then that she lost all credibility for her maybe innocence.

1892-08-04 19:22:54

The Death

Mr. and Mrs. Borden are "found" by Lizzie and a housekeeper at approximately 12:30pm. Their times of death were estimated to be between 10:40 and 11:30 am, respectively.

1892-08-05 05:22:22

Lawyer'd Up

Lizzie got her family's lawyer involved just in case she was suspected of foul play.

1892-08-09 05:22:22


Lizzie was arrested after she was accused of burning the dress she wore the week before. Although she claimed it was stained with paint it was later confirmed that it was stained with blood.

1892-08-22 05:22:22

Preliminary Hearing

Lizzie's preliminary hearing that seemed more like a witch-hunt than an actual hearing. For this reason, the judge postponed her case and let her return home while more evidence was being collected.

1893-06-05 05:22:22

The Real Hearing

Lizzie's trial began so late because it took researchers a few months to figure out that not all of the axes in the Borden's basement were covered in dust. One was covered in ashes that had been burned around the time of the murders. Lizzie did not take the stand other than to say "I trust that my defenders will speak truth for me. I am not guilty."

1893-06-20 05:22:22


Lizzie is found not guilty. Why?

Killer Lizzie

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