ICCA History

ICCA History

A Modern History of International Association Meetings

1962-01-01 09:52:16

Talk about the Establishment of ICCA

The concept of ICCA was first discussed in 1962 at the ASTA Convention in Mexico by travel agents Moises Shuster from Mexico and Jean Claude Murat from Paris.

1963-06-16 10:06:42

First woman into space

Valentina Tereshkova from Russia

1963-08-23 07:30:32

1st ICCA President

Moises Shuster

1963-08-28 10:06:42

Martin Luther King

" I have a dream" - speech

1963-09-27 16:10:40

The seven ICCA Founders

In 1963 Moises Shuster and Jean Claude together involved five other travel agents from other regions of the world in their discussions, and the International Congress and Convention Association was duly founded in Paris.

1963-09-28 17:51:49

Member for 40 years

Fiorentino Travel Service

1963-10-01 09:52:16

Paris, France

1st ICCA Congress, attendance: 7

1963-10-01 09:52:16

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Rotterdam, 2nd ICCA Congress, attendance: 18, Congress free of charge

1964-01-01 09:52:16

Jean Claude Murat

2nd president, France, 1964 - 1968

1964-10-01 09:52:16

Athens, Greece

3rd ICCA Congress, attendance: 15

1965-10-01 09:52:16

Mexico city, Mexico

4th ICCA Congress, attendance: 35, first charged ICCA Congress

1965-10-13 00:00:00

First ICCA Logo

Membership steadily increased and the first ICCA logo was designed.

1966-10-01 09:52:16

Tel Aviv, Israel

5th ICCA Congress, attendance: not available

1967-02-25 00:00:00

First human heart transplantation

by Christiaan Barnard on Louis Washkansky who received the transplant from Denise Darvall

1967-07-24 12:11:42

First by laws

On the 13 Oct 1967 the first by laws of ICCA (in Dutch) were signed.

1967-10-01 09:52:16

Nice, France

6th ICCA Congress, attendance: not available

1968-04-01 00:00:00

Membership fee 1968

300 USD a year

1968-10-01 09:52:16

Moises Shuster

Mexico, 3rd president 1968 - 1972

1968-10-01 09:52:16

Jean Claude Murat

Unanimously elected as honorary president for life

1968-10-01 09:52:16

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7th ICCA Congress, attendance: not available

1969-02-25 00:00:00

Woodstock festival

1969-09-28 21:58:46

76 members

By now there were 76 member companies, including the first "Ancillary Services" member, the car rental company Avis.

1969-10-01 09:52:16

Budapest, Hungary

8th ICCA Congress, attendance: 85

1969-10-01 09:52:16

First Official Head office

ICCA established it's first official Head Office in The Hague

1970-02-25 00:00:00

Floppy disk invention

1970-10-01 09:52:16

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

9th ICCA Congress, attendance: 78

1971-10-01 09:52:16

Lisbon, Portugal

10th ICCA Congress, attendance: 67

1971-12-02 00:12:29

First Chapter

ICCA continued to grow, and the very first geographical Chapter was set up covering Latin America.

1971-12-17 09:52:16

Queen of the Netherlands Juliana, Prinses from Oranje Nassua

signs official papers

1972-01-01 00:00:00

Eight member categories

Membership now passed 160 companies from 41 countries, and a major restructuring of the association into eight Categories was approved at the annual General Assembly in Paris.

1972-07-01 00:00:00


Since 1972 ICCA's research department 'ICCA Data' has assembled information on the meetings of international associations taking place all over the world. The structure of this database perfectly suits the marketing information needs of suppliers (members) in the international meeting business.

1972-09-27 16:10:40

160 members from 41 countries

1972-10-01 09:52:16

Gilbert Garber

U.S.A., 4th president 1972 - 1976

1972-10-01 09:52:16

Paris, France

11th ICCA Congress, attendance: 92

1973-04-01 00:00:00

First Executive Director

John E Moreu was appointed as the first full-time, salaried Executive Director.

1973-11-25 18:11:29

Manila, Philippines

12th ICCA Congress, attendance: 83

1973-11-25 18:11:29

ICCA Headoffice

ICCA's Head Office moved from The Hague to Amsterdam, the city where ICCA continues to be located today.

1974-04-01 18:11:29

First semi-automated ICCA Data bulletin

The first semi-automated information system was introduced, making the sharing of ICCA data much simpler. Regular paper "bulletins" were sent to members with the latest information about specific international association meetings.

1974-11-25 18:11:29

Berlin, Germany

13th ICCA Congress, attendance: 195

1975-11-25 18:11:29

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

14th ICCA Congress, attendance: 162

1976-10-01 09:52:16

Alwin Zecha

Hong Kong, 5th ICCA president 1976 - 1980

1976-11-25 18:11:29

Monte Carlo, Monaco

15th ICCA Congress, attendance: 294

1977-04-01 09:52:16

First computerised database

ICCA joined the Information Revolution with the setting up of its first computerised database, a massive investment and commitment at that time for a relatively small trade association.

1977-11-25 18:11:29

Singapore, Singapore

16th ICCA Congress, attendance: 230

1978-11-25 18:11:29

Madeira, Portugal

17th ICCA Congress, attendance: 266

1979-11-25 18:11:29

Acapulco, Mexico

18th ICCA Congress, attendance: 263

1980-10-01 09:52:16

Ernst Stock

Austria, 6th president 1980 - 1986. Grave changes in the ICCA by laws occurred.

1980-11-25 18:11:29

Vienna, Austria

19th ICCA Congress, attendance: not available

1980-12-03 13:49:39

ICCA Headoffice

has 7 employees in the office

1981-11-25 18:11:29

Salt Lake City, U.S.A.

20th ICCA Congress, attendance: 207

ICCA History

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