When Annie Met Obama

This is a timeline of the most epic love story in the history of New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District.

Annie is Motivated to Run

Annie fell in love with Obama's message of increased spending, bigger government, and government run health care. She decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives against Charlie Bass because, as she stated in the attached interview, she "wanted to support Obama with his agenda in Congress."

The Steering Committee That Started it All

Then-Senator Barack Obama named wealthy lawyer/lobbyist Annie Kuster to his NH Women for Obama Committee and planted the seeds of a relationship that would transcend constitutional duties and constituent responsibilities.

Just out of Reach

Sadly, Annie was unsuccessful in her first campaign for Congress, and missed her first chance to promote Obama's agenda.

Love Conquers All

With help from wealthy and and powerful liberal groups such as Emily's List and the Democrats Win Seats Super PAC, Annie finally fooled the good people of NH and won a seat in Congress. She was so excited about being able to help Obama, she publicly announced she had won her race, before her opponent even had a chance to concede.

Too Busy for Taxes

Annie was very busy supporting Obama in Congress, and barely making ends meet on her nearly $200,000 a year lobbyist salary, so she failed to pay all of her property taxes. Although this happened three years in a row, she happily explained to WMUR in the attached clip that "life is expensive." Annie clearly found it very amusing that she could raise taxes on her constituents and then not pay her own taxes!

Running for Obama Again

Annie decided to take a second try at being a voice for Obama in Congress, and decided to again challenge Charlie Bass for New Hampshire's 2nd District House of Representatives Seat.

A Magical First Vote

Annie voted yes for H.R. 41, which was the the first of many times she will vote the same way as Obama. In fact, Annie has voted with the Democratic Party 94% of the time, and was rated the most liberal member of the NH delegation by the National Journal!

The Kiss Seen Round the World

After Obama's State of the Union Address, Annie quickly rushed after the President and planted a kiss on his cheek. She was so proud of his message of increased spending and higher debt that she wanted to display her love for all the world to see.

Obama's Biggest Supporter

In the embedded interview with NHPR, Annie affirmed her love for Obama by declaring that she is "One of the strongest supporters of the president in the entire Congress."

Dead Set Against A Repeal

In the same NHPR interview, Annie further professed her support and adoration for the President when she insisted that with regards to Obamacare, she is "dead set against repeal" and would have voted for it if she had the chance.

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