History of George Fox University

This timeline includes information about the history of George Fox University

1883-06-01 14:25:43

Discussion to Found Friends Academy

Original Quaker community, the Chehalem Monthly Meeting, begins discussion on creating a high school based on teaching traditional Quaker Christian values.

1885-06-01 14:25:43

Academy Building (later Hoover Hall) erected

A two story building of classrooms was built to accommodate students.

1885-09-01 14:25:43

Friends Pacific Academy Opens

Friends Pacific Academy begins its first academic year. Herbert Hoover is one of the students.

1886-06-01 14:25:43

Minthorn Hall was built

A two story structure as boy's housing , gymnasium, and worship space.

1888-06-01 14:25:43

First student expelled

A young male student was expelled for disciplinary reasons to maintain the school's reputation to keep any undesirable influences away from the students.

1890-06-01 14:25:43

First student graduates from the Academy

1891-06-01 14:25:43

Trustees of Pacific College

The Chehalem Monthly Meeting of Friends managed the Academy briefly under this name.

1891-09-01 14:11:30

Pacific College Founded

Pacific College opens its doors to its first fifteen students.

1891-11-01 23:50:31

First Crescent Published

The first edition of the Crescent was published, continuing to this day.

1892-05-07 14:25:43

New property purchased

the Monthly Meeting purchased land for the College to move to.

1893-05-07 14:25:43

Buildings moved

The college buildings were moved to the new college campus over the summer.

1893-06-01 14:25:43

Oregon Yearly Meeting of Friends Church

Iowa Yearly Meeting established the Oregon Yearly Meeting of Friends Church. The Newberg Quarterly Meeting handed over ownership of the College and Academy to the new Yearly Meeting.

1894-11-01 23:50:31

First Football Game played

The first football game was played against Willamette.

1895-06-01 14:25:43

Management to corporate stockholders

Management of the College and Academy was given to a stockholders corporation, the Oregon Yearly Meeting held some stock. The board held at least nine Quakers with management responsibilities.

1895-10-01 14:33:56

Gymnasium added to Pacific College

Gymnasium added to the growing Pacific College campus.

1896-02-13 13:36:28

Pacific College first Track meet

1896-05-07 14:25:43

Faculty kept the school from closing

The faculty of the college denied themselves most of their wages in order to preserve the school.

1898-01-01 00:00:00

Minthorn Hall

Constructed in 1887 after a Friends Temperance meeting established the need for a Quaker institution of education. It was named after Dr Minthorn and his wife, Laura. He was the Hoover family doctor and a friend of Jesse Edwards, and went on to become first superintendent of Friends Pacific Academy. It served as housing for the Academy, a secondary school. It was put on logs and rolled, pulled by horses to its present day site in 1892, and was named Kanyon Hall, for the wooded canyon nearby, but no one knows where the K came from. Herbert "Bert" Hoover lived in it for a few months while attending Pacific Academy. It's only purpose was a residence hall, with 16 girls on its first floor and 20 boys on its second, and a basement complete with kitchen and dining room. Furnishings were provided, but students cut their own fuel and lights. It underwent several changes over the years, eventually becoming an all girls dormitory, then in 1962 housing the psychology and education departments. It ceased serving as housing in 1969.

1898-08-01 20:09:39

Thomas Hester Introduces Basketball

During Pacific College's infancy in 1898, Thomas Hester introduced a new sport which he had seen played in a Portland YMCA. Only seven years old at the time, the strange new sport was known as basketball.

1899-05-07 14:25:43

New niceties

The students acquired hot and cold water and raised money for electricity.

1900-05-07 14:25:43

New president found

The position of president was offered to H. Edwin McGrew, an Iowan Quaker.

1900-05-07 14:25:43

President Newlin resigned

After being the college president for nine years, Thomas Newlin resigned his position.

1902-05-07 14:25:43

Endowment initiated for the College

Henry Mills deeded his home to create the endowment for the college.

1904-02-13 13:36:28

Basketball in the gymnasium

The college was unequipped for the students to play or host basketball games. The students and faculty were able to produce an extension for the gymnasium.

1904-05-07 14:25:43


Walter Miles was an orator from Pacific College. He won the national contest of the Prohibition Association of Colleges.

1907-05-07 14:25:43

Debate team success

1907-09-03 20:45:21

Majors Offered 1907-08

Classical course - classical languages and literature Scientific course - mathematics and science

1908-06-01 14:25:43

College personnel formed Board of Trustees

The Board was formed of 12 corporation members and the college president. The Oregon Yearly Meeting elected half the stockholders.

1910-01-01 15:12:51

Wood-Mar Auditorium

Wood-Mar hall was erected in 1910, and since then has become one of the University's most favored icons. The building was named after Amanda Woodward and Evangeline Martin, whose efforts toward fund raising made the building's construction possible. Wood-Mar was saved from demolition with the construction of EHS in 1993. Today, it houses engineering laboratories and classrooms, the provost's office, and a 270-seat auditorium.

1910-05-07 14:25:43

Drive for money to build a new building

Amanda Woodward and Evangeline Martin spent months appealing to donors for the college. This successfully gained them over 600 donors.

1910-09-01 00:00:00

First Athletic Director appointed

William Johnson was science teacher who was appointed to be the first coach and athletic director.

1910-10-15 00:00:00

Creation of the Auxiliary

The Auxiliary is founded by Amanda Woodward and Evangeline Martin to "enlist a larger constituency in the promotion of the interests of the college socially, and to aid in its better equipment for work, along such lines as may be found to be effective."

1911-06-09 09:35:15

Levi Pennington becomes president

Levi Pennington, one of the most iconic and longest standing presidents in the college's history, becomes president.

1911-08-01 22:52:49

Wood Mar Hall completed

$30,00 was raised under president Irving Kelsey for this new building.

1914-02-13 13:36:28

World War One

The college continued in their Quaker belief that war was against the teachings of Jesus. Enrollment declined but some students joined a relief service to assist war-torn areas rather than promote violence.

1914-02-13 13:36:28

College offers 3 majors

The college not only offered majors in classical and scientific studies but now in: 1) Sciences, 2) foreign languages, and 3) philosophy, Bible, history, and public speaking.

1914-09-01 00:00:00

Trefian Literary Society

For Pacific College women seeking literary fellowship and appreciation.

1916-02-28 19:39:35

First Basketball Victory

Pacific College defeated Oregon Agricultural College (Oregon State University) to obtain the State Championship.

1917-01-02 05:01:42

Baseball Team Undefeated

1917 baseball team was undefeated with Emmett Gulley, who would later become president of Pacific College, as pitcher.

1918-09-01 00:00:00

Old Pulpit Extemporaneous Speaking Contest

Irene Hodgin defeated eight competitors by speaking on "What a Pacific College Girl Expects of a Pacific College Boy."

1922-09-01 00:00:00

Women Athletic Association awards letter sweaters

Women could win the gold "Q" through success in hiking or tennis.

1925-09-08 18:13:11

Majors Offered 1925-26

(3 group areas - 40 credits required in a group) Group 1 -Philosophy and Bible, History and Political Science, Economics and Sociology, Psychology and Education Group 2 - Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Home Economics Group 3 - Greek, Latin, German, French, Spanish

1925-09-24 10:52:03

Enrollment 1925-26

Enrollment rises to 75 students

1925-10-01 10:52:03

General Education 1925-26

120 semester hours Two years physical training work, Bible (6 hours), Science (8 hours), Math (6 hours), Foreign Language (16 hours - one language), Psychology/Philosophy/Ethics (6 hours) History/Political/Social Science (8 hours), Public Speaking (4 hours), English (20 hours), Freshman Orientation required (no credit) 76 G.E. hours required

1925-12-12 00:00:00

Pacific recognized as a standard college

The U.S. Bureau of Education recognizes Pacific as a standard college.

1926-02-04 10:15:54

Sports Update

Football and soccer went back and forth in being instituted and then discontinued at Pacific College. Football won out in the 1931. In 1929 the soccer team went undefeated the entire year and only allowed 1 goal to be scored on them the entire season. The men's basketball team won the Willamette Valley Conference title in 1934-35 and again in 1936-1937. Women's basketball was introduced in 1937.

1929-10-01 20:31:51

The Prunepickers

During a time of financial crisis for the school a community member offered to let students come pick as many prunes as they could in one day as a fundraiser. The student body was able to pick $872.50 worth of prunes and thus the sport teams earned the name "Prunepickers" for some time following.

1929-12-12 00:00:00

Friends Pacific Academy Discontinued

The board decided that the preparatory school was a liability that they could no longer pay for.

1930-01-01 03:42:42

Joining the AAC and LACM

Pacific College joined the Association of American Colleges in 1930 and the following year joined the Liberal Arts College Movement.

1931-12-12 00:00:00

First Quaker representative to the United Nations

Elmore Jackson, a 1931 graduate, became the first Quaker representative to the United Nations and successfully negotiated the Friends Middle East refugee network.

History of George Fox University

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