Hak Ja Han Moon: The Heart of a Mother

1943-01-06 00:00:00

Hak Ja Han is Born

(Soon-ae Hong—Mrs. Moon's mother—speaks) Mother was born in the village named Sinli of Anju district in what is now called North Korea at 4:30 a.m. on January 6, 1943 [by the lunar calendar] when I was 30 years old.

1943-02-26 20:30:15

Hak Ja Han's Parents

(Soon-ae Hong—Mrs. Moon's mother—speaks) Mr. Han was my husband, and Hak Ja Han's father, but things did not go as smoothly as I would have liked.

1944-09-25 21:36:41

Spiritual Groups Receive Revelations

(Mrs. Moon speaks) I would like to talk for a few minutes on the background of my birth.

1948-02-09 14:49:39

Leaving North Korea

(Soon-Ae Hong —Mrs. Moon's mother speaks) When Mother was six years old, she and I were arrested by the communist regime in North Korea.

1950-04-09 14:49:39

Fleeing from the War

(Mrs. Moon speaks) At the time of the Korean War, many Koreans suffered a lot, but thanks to my uncle, I had relatively less trouble fleeing from the war.

1953-09-26 14:40:14

Life on Jeju Island

(Soon-Ae Hong —Mrs. Moon's mother speaks) I took her to Jeju Island, where we lived a very simple life—a life of prayer.

1957-04-10 23:55:32

Meeting Rev. Moon

(Mrs. Moon speaks) The first time I met Father, he looked at me and asked, "what is your name?"

1959-03-05 15:00:45

Attending Nursing School

(Rev. Moon speaks) When Mrs. Hong first began attending our church, she lived a very faithful life in Chuncheon [a city located east of Seoul] and raised her daughter strictly.

1960-04-11 02:25:17

The Holy Wedding

(Mrs. Won-pok Choi speaks) The Heavenly Blessing took place on April 11 by the solar calendar at the Cheongpa-dong Church.

1960-09-08 02:25:17

Accepting the Role of True Mother

(Rev. Moon speaks) Mother was very young when she was blessed, and she said that she had had no experience with men.

1962-04-11 02:25:17

Learning the Heart of God

(Won Pil Kim speaks) Father saw so many things from a different perspective.

1968-10-20 07:13:09

Developing a Heart for Others

(Rev. Moon speaks) I can imagine young people joyfully following her around, like kids in a toyshop!

1970-10-21 02:25:17

777 Couples join in Holy Marriage

The 777 Couples' Blessing was the first Unification Church Blessing to include international couples.

1975-02-08 02:25:17

1,800 Couples are Blessed

"You must realize that you are the most blessed couples in the world."

1975-08-31 23:32:04

The Way My Life Has Unfolded

(Mrs. Moon speaks) The ocean is wide enough to embrace the sky, and seems to become one with the sky when reflecting its light.

1975-08-31 23:32:04

The International Relief Friendship Foundation

The International Relief Friendship Foundation, Inc. (IRFF) is organized in 1975.

1980-02-07 15:53:30

Spellbound by Mother

(Rev. Moon speaks) I find myself somehow spellbound by Mother! I want to tag along with her whenever she goes anywhere.

1981-11-07 15:53:30

International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences

(Mrs. Moon speaks at ICUS, 1981) They say that behind every great man is a great woman. In this sense I respect you all very much.

1982-03-12 00:00:00

Rev. Moon's Court Case Prefaces Mrs. Moon's Public Ministry.

(Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican from Utah, speaks) Injustice rather than justice has been served. The Moon case sends a strong signal that if one's views are unpopular enough, this country will find a way not to tolerate, but to convict.

1982-06-28 15:53:30

Mrs. Moon's Letter to the Judge

(A letter from Mrs. Moon to Judge Gerard Goettel, the judge who presided over Rev. Moon’s court case) Throughout our life together, my husband has always encouraged me with his faith and his compassion.

1982-07-01 01:22:11

Blessing in New York

2075 couples (a large percentage of the American movement at that time) participated in a record-setting wedding at New York’s Madison Square Garden on July 1, 1982. This number eclipsed the previous record of 1800 couples married by Rev. Moon in 1975, which was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest wedding in history.

1982-10-07 15:53:30

The World Media Conference

(Mrs. Moon speaks at the 1982 WMC, whose theme was "Problems of Society and the Responsibility of the Media" and which was attended by 230 journalists and scholars from 73 countries.)

1984-01-02 20:17:34

The Passing of Heung Jin Moon

(Rev. Moon speaks) My wife is a woman of incredible strength, but the death of our second son, Heung Jin, was difficult for us.

1984-07-08 02:25:17

Ballet and the Cultural Arts

The Universal Ballet Company is founded.

1984-07-22 18:07:41

Rev. Moon arrives at Danbury Prison

(Mrs. Moon speaks) Let us repent and really renew ourselves so that in this time, not just by word but by deed, we can fulfill God's Will. Before I share a message from Father, I have my own message for you. That is, let us have a moment of true repentance. Let us repent and really renew ourselves so that in this time, not just by word but by deed, we can fulfill God's Will. That is my wish and message to you.

1984-09-19 18:07:41

Mrs. Moon Shares Openly

(Mrs. Takeko Hose speaks) I want to recount what Mother shared with the New York members two days after Father was incarcerated. She had said, "Father told me that I shouldn't cry, but I can't help being emotional."

1984-11-06 13:37:59

The United Nations—A Landmark Speech

(Mrs. Moon speaks at the United Nations) November, 1984

1988-05-08 02:25:17

Gazing At Eternity

(Rev. Moon speaks) When I look at Mother and the children, I am gazing at eternity.

1989-11-03 19:24:30

Passing of Mrs. Moon's Mother

(Rev. Moon prays at the funeral of Soon-ae Hong, Mrs. Moon’s mother, on November 7, 1989.)

1990-04-11 22:02:06

Meeting President Mikhail Gorbachev

On Rev. and Mrs. Moon's 30th wedding anniversary, they have an unprecedented meeting in Moscow with Mikhail Gorbachev, the leader of the Soviet Union, and his wife, Raisa Gorbachev.

1991-12-01 04:35:09

Meeting Kim Il Sung in North Korea

Mrs. Moon accompanies her husband in another surprising meeting—with President Kim Il Sung of North Korea.

1992-04-10 04:59:39

Women's Federation and the World

(Mrs. Moon delivers the Federation's inaugural speech, "Unification of the World and the Responsibility of Humankind," in 113 cities in 12 countries, and in three different languages, within an eight-month period of 1992. In 1993, she speaks in 43 nations and in all 50 states of the United States. That fall Mrs. Moon addresses a rally of 50,000 women in Tokyo.)

1992-06-10 17:16:15

WFWP's first rally in Seoul, Korea

(Mrs. Moon speaks to the first national WFWP rally in Seoul, Korea.)

1993-01-07 15:49:29

The Power of Women Will Save the World

(Rev. Moon speaks) Throughout history, women have been persecuted, but I predict this will change. The coming world will be one of reconciliation and peace based on women’s maternal character, love and sociability. The time is coming when the power of women will save the world.

1993-07-28 17:16:15

Speaking at the United Nations and the United States Congress

(Mrs. Moon speaks) It is my great privilege to announce to you the establishment of the first True Family. My husband and I, together with our 13 children and 20 grandchildren, are absolutely committed to serving God and humankind.

1994-07-08 02:25:17

Parents' Day Established As a National Holiday

In 1994 Mrs. Moon encourages the establishment of a national holiday to be called "Parents' Day."

1994-08-31 23:32:04

Aewon—True Love in Practice

“True love sometimes means sacrificing yourself for a complete stranger.”

1998-04-01 04:59:39

The Way To True Love is Through Serving Others

Mrs. Moon conducts a speaking tour across America from April 1-16, 1998, speaking on Blessed Marriage and Family Life.

1998-04-10 02:47:22

The Seasons of Life

(Mrs. Moon speaks) The elder members of our church are the fruit that our Father gathered under the most difficult circumstances. They understand the depth of his suffering heart.

2002-02-15 17:16:15

World Culture and Sports Festival and the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace

(Mrs. Moon speaks at the Opening Ceremony of the 2002 World Culture and Sports Festival and of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace.)

2002-07-22 11:18:37

The Way of a Public Life

(Un Jin Moon speaks) As human beings, we all have wants and desires. For sisters, it might be jewelry or nice clothes; brothers might wish they had a sporty coup or even just a Volkswagen!

2004-05-21 20:30:15

Women and Peace in the Middle East

Mrs. Moon stresses the unique place of women in establishing world peace. The 2004 "Women Building Peace Through Heart-to-Heart Reconciliation and Service" in Jerusalem is especially important.

2006-04-28 22:22:21

Founding the Universal Peace Federation

After the UPF’s kickoff at the Lincoln Center in New York, Rev. and Mrs. Moon immediately begin a worldwide speaking tour of 120 countries.

2007-04-10 02:47:22

Living in the time of True Parents

(Mrs. Moon speaks) You are living in the time contemporary with True Parents – breathing the same air, walking in the same space, drinking the same water, sharing the same food.

2010-12-26 13:03:53

Awards and Academia

Besides having 14 children and over 40 grandchildren, Mrs. Moon has received the following awards and academic degrees:

2011-05-20 00:00:00

Speaking at the United Nations Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

Mrs. Moon speaks on "Building a World of Universal Peace at a Time of Global Crisis" during a world speaking tour that includes events at the British Parliament and the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

2012-07-16 22:34:52

The "Abel" Women United Nations

(Rev. Sun Myung Moon speaks) I would like to emphasize again that the priority of the Abel Women UN should be creating a true family movement that emphasizes living for the sake of others based on true love, and carried out in conjunction with education in proper values.

2012-09-03 01:29:01

The Ascension of a Beloved Husband, Father and Peace-Loving Global Citizen

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, dies of pneumonia-related complications at the Unification Church complex at Cheongpyeong, South Korea

2013-02-20 02:56:36

Mrs. Moon Invests in Education

(These are excerpts from the Founder’s Speech given at the Scholarship Awards Ceremony of the Wonmo Pyeongae [Eternal Parent’s Love] Foundation.

2013-02-23 11:12:27

UPF World Summit: An Assembly for World Peace

A total of 600 worldwide leaders, including former and present political and religious leaders, join the UPF World Summit, an assembly for world peace, and symbolically light candles and ring the “bell of peace.”

Hak Ja Han Moon: The Heart of a Mother

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