Puerto Ricans in the United States

A timeline of the diaspora, 1898 - present

This chronology is an attempt at creating an accessible, digital database of the history of the Puerto Rican diaspora. It is comprised mainly of relevant newspaper articles, legal documents, and historical photos and video. Newsworthy events concerning the island that have little to no impact on the migration and those Puerto Ricans residing primarily on the mainland have been deliberately excluded.* ;xNLx;;xNLx;;xNLx;*Though events that take place on the island do, of course, have a macrocosmic effect on the migration, this timeline will consist of more direct links between the island and the community in diaspora.;xNLx;;xNLx;For more information, please see ;xSTx;a href="http://centropr.hunter.cuny.edu/node";xETx;Centro's;xSTx;/a;xETx; web site.

1898-02-15 11:03:41

USS Maine Explodes

US Naval Ship Explodes in Havana Harbor

1898-04-25 00:00:00

War is Declared Between United States and Spain

Following the explosion of the USS Maine, the US government declares war on Spain.

1898-12-10 11:03:41

Spanish-American War Ends

The Spanish-American War ends.

1900-04-12 00:00:00

The Foraker Act

U.S. Congress passes The Foraker Act

1900-08-24 00:00:00

Gonzalez V. Williams

GONZALES V. WILLIAMS - Isabella Gonzales, born and raised in Puerto Rico arrives in New York in 1902. Her legal case helps clarify the status of Puerto Ricans.

1901-02-19 15:03:41

Puerto Rican Herald is Created

The Puerto Rican Herald, a bilingual newspaper, is established in New York by Luis Muñoz Rivera.

1907-03-02 22:30:23

The Expatriation Act of 1907

American women married to foreigners are stripped of their American citizenship and defined through their husband's foreign ties.

1913-01-01 05:51:23

La Prensa is born

The Spanish-language newspaper, La Prensa, begins publishing weekly.

1917-03-02 05:51:23

The Jones Act

President Woodrow Wilson signs the Jones-Shafroth Bill.

1918-01-01 05:51:23

Jesus Colon arrives in Brooklyn

Jesus Colon arrives in Brooklyn from Puerto Rico.

1922-01-01 06:36:23

Balzac V. Puerto Rico

Jesus M. Balzac, prosecuted for criminal libel in a district court of Puerto Rico, contended that his rights had been violated according to the Sixth Amendment.

1922-09-22 06:36:23

The Cable Act

The Cable Act reverses the Expatriation Act of 1907 which stipulates that a woman's citizenship is dependent upon her husband's.

1924-04-18 06:36:23

The Johnson-Reed Immigration Bill

The Johnson-Reed Immigration Bill of 1924 is passed.

1936-08-29 13:22:17

10,000 Puerto Ricans March In Harlem

10,000 Puerto Ricans march in Harlem

1937-10-06 09:36:41

Gilberto Gerena Valentin Arrives in New York

Gilberto Gerena Valentin, who would become a prominent politician and activist on behalf of Puerto Rican rights, leaves the island and arrives in New York. He is 21.

1940-01-01 13:22:17

The Nationality Act of 1940

The Nationality Act of 1940 is passed

1947-04-24 13:22:17

Conference Held to discuss Puerto Rican Migrants

Puerto Rican officials meet in New York

1947-08-10 13:22:17

Columbia University Plans Survey of Puerto Rican Migrants

Columbia University agrees to begin a survey on the migration.

1947-10-14 13:22:17

Columbia Submits Proposal on Planned Survey of Puerto Rican Migrants

Columbia University submits study proposal

1948-01-01 00:00:00

Manos a Obra Begins

Operation Bootstrap goes into effect in 1948

1948-01-19 13:22:17

Algernon D. Black's radio address on Puerto Ricans in New York City

Algernon D. Black addresses the growing Puerto Rican population via radio address

1948-01-20 13:22:17

Courses to be held in Puerto Rico for NYC school teachers

Ernest O. Melby, dean of the School of Education at New York University, announces courses will be held at the University of Puerto Rico

1948-01-23 13:22:17

Commisioner Nolan

1948-01-26 12:40:17

NYU announces special course in Puerto Rico

The NYU school of education announces a special course to be taught at the University of Puerto Rico

1948-01-26 13:22:17

Santiago Ortiz accepts invitation to conference on the migration

1948-06-16 12:40:17

Summary of Columbia University's Report on Migrant Population published

1948-10-27 12:40:17

NYT Letter to the Editor Refutes Ouna's Claims

1948-10-28 12:40:17

Osuna says Harlem Schools are NOT centers for delincuency

Osuna refutes claims and accusations made by

1948-11-01 12:40:17

Dewey's Election partly Attributed to Puerto Ricans

Dewey's win is partly attributed to Puerto Rican voters and his own pledges to help the community.

1948-11-01 12:40:17

Dr. Jose N. Cesteros Endorses Judge Mullen

1948-11-08 12:40:17

El Comite de Accion Puertorriquena Plans a Meeting and Legal Clinic

El Comite de Accion Puertorriquena, the group ..................... plans a meeting and a legal clinic

1948-11-10 12:40:17

Comite de Las Sociedades Puertorriquenas Forms

Meeting is held in order to form the Comite de las Sociedades Puertorriquenas.

1948-11-12 12:40:17

Hygiene Meeting at East Harlem Health Center

1948-11-13 12:40:17

Puerto Rican and Hispanic community leaders discuss reopening center

Meeting is held to discuss the reopening of the Good Neighbor Center in East Harlem.

1948-12-02 12:40:17

3,000 Puerto Rican workers to be brought to New Jersey

1948-12-15 12:40:17

More Puerto Rican Workers to Ohio

1949-02-05 12:40:17

Senator and CIO join together to ban exploitation of migrant workers

The CIO and Senator Watchel join together to ban the exploitation of farm workers traveling to the United States from Puerto Rico.

1949-02-06 12:40:17

United States - Puerto Rico Labor Pact

The United States and Puerto Rico map a labor pact to prevent exploitation of farm hands migrating to the United States for work.

1950-03-18 15:25:35

Fundraiser Parade for Hispanic students of East Harlem

El Diario publishes an article about an upcoming arts parade held to raise funds for Hispanic students of Benjamin Franklin Prepatory School located in East Harlem.

1950-03-19 12:40:17

Harvard develops new program to teach english

Harvard develops an audio-visual learning program for teaching English to recent immigrants

1950-11-01 13:22:17

Attack on Puerto Rican Government Labor Office

An unidentified man throws two Molotov cocktails into the Puerto Rican Government Labor Office

1950-11-01 13:22:17

Puerto Rican Nationalists involved in Truman Assasination Attempt

Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola attempt to assasinate President Truman at his Blair House residence.

1950-11-21 12:40:17

Tuberculosis Increase Among Puerto Ricans in NYC

A 181% increase in cases of tuberculosis among Puerto Ricans in New York City. Increase contributed to "overcrowding , substandard living conditions and extreme poverty" among the Puerto Rican population.

1952-04-07 13:22:17

Puerto Rican Migration Sets Record

Puerto Ricans migrating to the United States set a record in 1951 based on a survey released by the Welfare and Health Council. The majority of those migrating to the United States move to New York City.

1952-04-08 13:22:17

Leaders of Scholarship Fund Meet With Mayor

Leaders of the Fondo de Becas Para Estudiantes Puertorriquenos meet with Mayor Vincent Impellitteri

1952-04-08 13:22:17

Hubert Humphrey's Statements on Puerto Rican Workers

1952-04-11 12:40:17

Puerto Rican Democrats Hold Meeting in Brooklyn

Democratic Committee of New York Puerto Ricans meets in Brooklyn.

1952-11-06 13:22:17

Young Puerto Rican Marine Dies in Korea

PFC Pablo Acosta is KIA in Korea.

1952-12-08 12:40:17

Algernon D. Black Writes Letter to NYT on Housing Struggles of Black and Puerto Rican residents

Algernon D. Black, chariman of the New York State Committee on Discrimination and Housing writes a letter to the editor of the New York Times highlighting the housing struggles faced by working class Black and Puerto Rican families and the issues surrounding a proposed housing program

1953-02-04 12:40:17

Hispanic Leaders Meet

Hispanic leaders of New York City meet to discuss problems facing the community. The agenda includes unity between Puerto Ricans and other Hispanic residents in the city, employment and other opportunities for Hispanics, legal assistence, juvenile deliquency, police action, etc.

Puerto Ricans in the United States

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