Key events in the development of the eXchanging Course Related Information specification

One of the advantages of having being involved with JISC for a number of years (as a project and a service) is the opportunity to reflect on some activities that we've been involved in for some time. We thought it would be interesting to take the long view of some of our involvement with XCRI and reflect on what has worked and why, and where we think these activities are going next.;xNLx;;xNLx;Image: Mark Stubbs middle earth map of course information

2002-07-17 04:42:48

IMS Enterprise specification 1.1

a standard format for transferring information about people (learners, staff, academics) between college systems (Student Records, VLE, Library Management System, etc).

2003-03-20 04:42:48

CETIS Enterprise SIG

Special Interest Group forming a community of practice.

2004-03-04 04:42:48

eLearning Framework

initiative by the JISC and Australia's Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) to build a common approach to Service Oriented Architectures for e-learning.

2004-03-31 04:42:48

IMS Enterprise Services Specification

Standard definition of how systems manage the exchange of information that describes people, groups and memberships within the context of learning.

2004-11-04 00:19:50

CETIS Conference 2004

Continued discussions begun at the Enterprise SIG around the issue of standardising course descriptions

2005-01-31 05:36:35

Pathways for Progression project

One of the JISC funded Distributed e-Learning projects aiming to map curricula to facilitate student progression

2005-03-15 04:42:48

XCRI Enterprise SIG subgroup formed

Group formed to investigate the practicalities of sharing course information

2005-03-15 04:42:48

Enterprise Information Integration project

Cross-institutional project at London Metropolictan University to integrate information from many of the university MIS systems, such as student records and finance systems using a service oriented approach.

2005-04-01 00:00:00

XCRI project (reference model)

One of the projects in the e-Learning Framework and Tools programme. Aimed to define a vocabulary and appropriate technology bindings (e.g. XML, RDF) for describing course-related information that encompasses course marketing, course quality assurance, enrolment and reporting requirements.

2005-04-01 05:36:35

COVARM: Course Validation Reference Model

Aimed to define a reference model utilizing a framework of services to support a canonical business process to support course validation.

2005-06-09 04:42:48

Enterprise SIG meeting

Continued to explore the theme of e-admin with a presentation from Paul Walk discussing a large project to integrate institutional information in London Met University, and a presentation from the JISC Information Environment Service Registry picking up on the theme of archiving identified the previous year.

2005-11-15 05:36:35

CETIS Conference 2005

XCRI gave a presentation at the Systems strand, along with COVARM, a project looking at course validation, and Pathways for Progression, a project developing a tool for creating records to describe courses.

2006-08-19 04:42:48

XCRI-CAP v1.0 released

XCRI community release a Lightweight Course Advertising Profile v1.0

2007-02-01 18:38:12

XCRI support project

Team made up of CETIS, ManchesterMetropolitanUniversity and KaiNao staff

2007-03-01 18:38:12

JISC Course management strand

JISC funded a number of projects to explore, describe and pilot new approaches to aspects of the course management lifecycle, from specification through validation to description and course advertising.

2007-03-28 18:38:12

XCRI aggregator engine launched

shows how its possible to deploy an aggregator setup that pulls in courses from several providers, and offers a user interface with basic features such as searching, browsing, bookmarking, tags and so on.

2007-10-01 18:38:12

JISC Institutional Innovation programme

Aimed to support existing institutional strategies by providing solutions to institution-wide problems, based upon proven practices, technologies, standards and services

2008-09-01 04:42:48

JISC Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design

Projects focussed on a wide range of systems and business processes that support curriculum activities

2008-10-01 04:42:48

Create Support, Synthesis & Benefits Realisation

Aimed to deliver Support, Synthesis and Benefits Realisation (SSBR) services to the JISC Institutional Innovation Programme and its constituent projects.

2008-10-13 05:36:35

CEN endorses European Metadata for Learning Opportunities (MLO)

CEN (Comite Europeen de Normalisation - European Committee for Standardization) endorsed both a Workshop Agreement and a commitment to develop it into a European Norm (EN) for Metadata for Learning Opportunities (MLO).

2009-01-21 04:42:48

XCRI-CAP 1.1 approved

The Information Standards Board (ISB), part of the UK's Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) approved XCRI-CAP 1.1 as the UK eProspectus standard

2009-09-07 04:42:48

XCRI meeting at MMU

An Enterprise SIG meeting with XCRI as a focus. Includes presentations charting XCRI development, activites and future directions

2011-04-30 05:36:35

CETIS joins Committee for BS for XCRI

BSI convened a panel to look at adding a UK "national annex and potential residual standard" to the MLO standard (EN 15982);

2011-05-11 18:38:12

BSI Committee: IST/43/-/8

BSI panel to look at adding a UK "national annex and potential residual standard" to the MLO standard (EN 15982)

2011-06-16 00:06:12

HEFCE announce key information for students (KIS)

From September 2012, Universities and Colleges will be required to provide Key information about each course for students (KIS) to help them choose what and where to study.

2011-06-27 18:38:12

XCRI eXchange 2011

Funded under JISC’s Institutional Innovation Programme, porvided a forum for projects working on initiatives using XCRI and XCRI-CAP

2011-09-06 00:06:12

Higher Education Acheivement Report HEAR

HEFCE announce HEAR - a report that will be issued to students in 2012/13 to provide detailed information about a student's learning and achievement to supplement the traditional degree classification.

2011-09-07 18:38:12

JISC Course Data funding call

Funding to help the HE and FE in HE sectors prepare for increasing demands on course data.

2011-09-30 01:43:40

BS EN Metadata for learning opportunities (MLO-AD) Advertising published

Metadata for Learning Opportunities - Advertising (MLO-AD) is a European standardized model addressing metadata sufficient for advertising a learning opportunity.

2012-02-29 04:42:48

XCRI draft British Standard

Two parts of a draft British Standard (BS), "BS 8581 - Exchanging course related information – Course advertising profile" released for public comment


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