Newark Bears History

The beginning of Newark’s rich baseball legacy pre-dates the Civil War. The game of baseball provided a universal language for the diverse immigrant residents of the city. During the Great Depression, baseball provided jobs as well as much-needed entertainment and a sense of pride among the hardworking people of Newark who, in the midst of great adversity, were able to enjoy one of the most successful minor league teams in baseball history. Newark was the home of several former minor league baseball teams, from the formation of the Newark Indians in 1902, and the addition of the legendary Newark Eagles of the Negro National League in 1936. A Federal League team, the Newark Pepper also played in 1915. The Newark Bears were introduced in the International League in 1917 and underwent many changes over the years as they made their mark in sports history and developed star talent who were promoted to the parent organization, the New York Yankees. Readers of Baseball America named the 1937 Newark Bears the minor-league team of the century. In 1950, the franchise was sold to the Chicago Cubs and was moved to Springfield, Massachusetts.;xNLx;;xNLx; It took nearly 50 years, but the city’s resilience, as manifest through baseball, led to the 1998 reformation of the Bears by former Yankee catcher, Rick Cerone. On July 16, 1999, the County of Essex opened the Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium as the new home of the Bears. The stadium name pays tribute to the city’s former Negro League Team, the Newark Eagles, formed via the merger of the Newark Dodgers and the Brooklyn Eagles in 1936. The talented team won the Negro World Series in 1946 and sent five players to the National Baseball Hall of Fame: Larry Doby, Monte Irvin, Willie Wells, Ray Dandridge, and Leon Day. Larry Doby made another significant mark in history by becoming the first African American to play in the American League. In 1948, the Eagles departed from Newark as the integration of baseball found increased success.

1860-06-04 15:31:39

Eureka Baseball Club of Newark

The Eureka Baseball Club of Newark first began playing other members of the NABBP (National Associations of Base Ball Players). They played at a field at Ferry Street and Adams Street in the Ironbound. The first game was held June 4th, 1860 where the Eureka’s lost to the Hamilton Club of Jersey City 35-18.

1861-10-17 13:15:06

Spring of 1861

a breakout of the Civil War halted the Eureka’s season, but did not completely stop it. Some records show a 5-3 season record for the ball club while references are made to other games without the results discovered.

1884-05-17 13:15:06

1884 Newark Domestics

1885-05-22 00:36:17


1886-05-20 00:36:17

1886 Newark Little Giants

1887-05-20 00:36:17

1887 Newark Little Giants

1888-05-18 00:36:17

1888 Newark Trunkmakers

1889-05-17 21:57:44

1889 Newark Little Giants

1892-07-19 12:05:28

1890 Newark Little Giants

1894-08-22 08:25:17

1896 Newark colts

1896-03-23 15:29:09

1899 Newark Colts

1900-05-17 13:15:06

1900 Newark Colts

1902-03-10 19:59:28

1902 Newark Sailors

1903-05-22 10:07:12

1903 Newark Sailors

1904-05-20 00:14:56

1904 Newark Sailors

1905-05-18 01:30:12

1905 Newark Sailors

1906-05-16 19:23:04

1906 Newark Sailors

1907-05-16 01:30:12

1907 Newark Sailors

1908-01-01 01:30:12

1908 Name Change

In 1908, the Newark Sailors changed their name to the Newark Indians. From the start, the team featured great pitching - in '08 Tom Hughes led the Eastern League in strikeouts, in '09 Joe McGinnity led in wins (29), games (55) and strikeouts (195) while allowing just 297 hits in 422 innings, in '10 McGinnity won 30 and Rube Waddell went 5-3 and McGinnity continued as player-manager for two more years. In '13 the team won the International League pennant but they slipped from there and by '16 were in last place in the IL.

1908-05-22 01:30:12

1908 Newark Indians

1909-05-21 11:17:09

1909 Newark Indians

1910-05-20 11:17:09

1910 Newark Indians

1911-05-18 11:17:09

1911 Newark Indians

1912-05-16 11:17:09

1912 Newark Indians

1913-05-22 04:08:15

1913 Newark Indians

1914-01-01 16:46:57

1914 Newark/Long Branch Cubans

1914-05-21 01:31:57

1914 Newark Indians

1915-05-20 01:31:57

1915 Newark Indians/Harrisburg Senators

1916-05-19 06:29:01

1916 Newark Indians

1917-05-17 21:41:43

1917 Newark Bears

Thomas Joseph Needham (Deerfoot) was the 1917 team manager that had also played with the Beaneaters, Cubs, Doves, and Giants from 1904-1914

1918-05-23 21:34:57

1918 Newark Bears

1919-05-23 05:16:39

1919 Newark Bears

1921-05-20 05:16:39

1921 Newark Bears

1922-05-19 05:16:39

1922 Newark Bears

1923-05-18 05:16:39

1923 Newark Bears

1924-05-23 05:16:39

1924 Newark Bears

1925-05-22 05:16:39

1925 Newark Bears

1926-11-20 19:58:57

1926 Newark Stars

Class Negro Majors 1926 Eastern Colored League

1926-12-24 19:58:57

1926 Newark Bears

1926-12-24 19:58:57

1945 Newark Eagles

1927-07-22 03:34:49

1927 Newark Bears

1928-05-18 19:58:57

1928 Newark Bears

1930-05-01 00:00:00

1930 Newark Bears

1931-05-18 19:58:57

1931 Newark Bears

1931-07-22 03:34:49

1931 Newark Browns

1932-05-18 11:17:09

1932 Newark Browns

1932-05-21 11:17:09

1932 Newark Bears

1933-05-18 11:17:09

1933 Newark Dodgers

1933-05-20 11:17:09

1933 Newark Bears

1934-05-16 11:17:09

1934 Newark Bears

Newark Bears History

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